Ergathon! Support AHS Crew as they row from Charlottesville to Boston! In two hours, AHS will erg the distance, 900 km about 550 miles.

We're raising money for the Albemarle High School Crew of Charlottesville, VA fundraiser .


204% of $3,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Thursday, March 1, 2018


Founded in 2012, our crew has quickly become an Elite competitor amongst our peers. In six short years, our founder and head coach, Cathy Coffman, has taken novice rowers and turned them into champions. Aside from winning numerous Gold and Silver medals, our rowers have discovered a passion for rowing that will last a life-time. The rowing lifestyle takes dedication and grueling training sometimes in cold, wet and windy conditions. Our team is made up of an extraordinary group of students. Not only are our rowers exceptional athletes, they are supportive, intelligent, kind beings that strive to give back to each other, the community by volunteering their time at local food banks and nationally by raising money for Para-Rowing events.

What I'm Raising Money For

In addition to regatta fees, travel costs, training fees and ongoing organizational costs, rowing requires equipment. This year we are raising money for eight new oars costing around $500 per set and for two new SpeedCoach units costing $400 each. The SpeedCoach is a digital piece of training equipment that helps our coaches record speed strokes and heart rates.

Why You Should Give

It's simple. We rely on your support to keep our organization rowing. As a varsity club sport, our club is 100% self-funded with no assistance from our local school. Our existence is dependent on athlete fees, the support of our loved ones, followers, enthusiasts and on our community. We are very, very thankful for your donation. Albemarle High School Crew Boosters is a registered 501(c)3 and the tax ID is 47-2197483.

Activity & Updates

Karl Snearer gave $50.00


Phil & Linda Massie gave $50.00

To support the AHS Crew & our granddaughter Ryleigh. Go Team!

Carolyn Still gave $50.00

Ryleigh is my Granddaughter.❀️

dimitri h gave $75.00

Rebecca, Coach Coffman and all of them and a great team

Jason Rowe gave $100.00

DANIEL FULTON gave $100.00

Good luck, Crew Team!

Paul Snearer gave $50.00

Terry & Diane Fulton gave $25.00

Susan Guttman gave $25.00

Rashmi Jain gave $25.00

Robin Leiter-White gave $50.00

For a great crew team!

Paula and Michael Pergament gave $50.00

For Andrew’s rowing team!

Sean gave $50.00

For Andrews new team!

Hal & Elissa Macklin gave $10.00

To support Jesse Macklin's dreams.

Alden D Pierce gave $500.00

Go AHS Crew!!


Alden D Pierce gave $500.00

Go AHS Crew!!

Jessica Lee gave $100.00

Go Jake Go!

Jeff Lanterman gave $50.00

How can we not support Will?

walter owen gave $25.00


Adam Fehd gave $25.00

For the love of a good ERG.

ANTHONY gave $20.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

Go Dhara!

Chand Samaratunga gave $100.00

Relatives from MD gave $50.00

We want to help Dhara's Team

Anonymous gave $25.00

As Dhara's cousin, I want to help support her team.

Nilanga Liyanage gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $250.00

It takes courage, power and grace to row these miles.

zack publicly announced

Today is the Day!

AHS Crew will participate in their annual Ergathon from 2-4 pm today. A BIG thank you to everyone who has already donated to support our team and rowers! We truly appreciate your support!

fundraising_leader publicly announced

Today is the Day!

AHS Crew will participate in their annual Ergathon from 2-4 pm today. A BIG thank you to everyone who has already donated to support our team and rowers! We truly appreciate your support!


Tristain, Joeson gave $50.00

He is my brother and I love him!!!!!

Andrea Johnson gave $100.00

John Snearer gave $25.00

sibylle gave $50.00

Race hard, have fun

Stegs gave $100.00

sibylle gave $15.00

Go Rebecca Go

Sarah & Lee gave $50.00

A fellow rower gave $25.00

Go Joe!

Lucas family gave $50.00

Support cville rowing.

Libby & Gracie gave $20.00

To support Will and a great team :)

Candy and Everett Crosby gave $50.00

Great sport! Go Patriots!

Linda van der Linde gave $100.00

I love rowing and am happy there is a program here!

Joyce Wuensch gave $50.00

Keep up the good work!

Carol Thomas gave $50.00

I'm so proud of Emmy!

A fellow rower gave $100.00

So thankful for this great program!

Claude A R Ripley gave $25.00

Chris Wraight gave $50.00

Jean Emery gave $25.00

love my godson!

Carol Baillie gave $100.00

to support my grandson, Will

Anonymous gave $50.00

Jeff & Nora Monroe gave $100.00

To support a great program!

Lynette Wuensch gave $750.00

Emmy, We are very proud of your continued devotion to rowing and the AHS team. Here’s to another great season.


Suzanne Fredzess gave $100.00

Good luck Jake and Albemarle Crew!

Dianne Lewis gave $25.00

To help support Jake in his fundraising. I am friends with his Grandparents in New York State.

Alden and Cheryl Pierce gave $100.00

We love Albemarle rowing club

Hilary Kerner gave $100.00

To support cultivating youth rowing with excellent coaching!

dimitri h gave $100.00

because you are an incredible person

Ambre Hasson gave $50.00

I believe in you lil sis 😘

Fernanda Pizzo gave $25.00

Support Zack

Carrie & Jay Eisenberg gave $50.00

Rowing has given so much to our family and we want others to benefit from such a fantastic sport and community! Go Pats!

Ambre Hasson gave $50.00


Anonymous gave $50.00

AHS Crew Team was very important to my son's high school experience. It's an awesome sport and has an awesome coach!

Gabriel Giacalone gave $15.00

Arzouni Family gave $200.00

Zack and team .. keep rowing

A fellow rower gave $50.00

Great sport, great kid. Go Joe Go!

Anonymous gave $25.00

I am supporting rowing as my family has gotten so much from the sport. Joe is inspiring? Go team!!!

Janet Enright gave $50.00

Ann Nelson gave $75.00

For granddaughter Olivia Hall

Hogan and Kate Shelton gave $25.00

Sarah Southall gave $25.00

Logan, Christina & Giuliana Fisher gave $25.00

Good luck!

Bruce Jaggard gave $50.00


Santa Claus gave $100.00

Carole Giles gave $25.00

"You only fail when you stop rowing" I am so proud of you !

Gary and Maryann Murphree gave $50.00

Very proud of Zack. Keep on rowing!

Keith and Lizzie Croes gave $25.00

What a challenge! How can you not support this. Good luck!

John P Cann gave $100.00

I wish to support an affordable rowing program through which AHS participants are gain a foundation for direction in life, a respect for character, and countless values. These opportunities were available to me and I hate to think that the same opportunities would not be available to others because participation became prohibitively expensive. Running a volunteer program is hard enough without unnecessary cost burdens. Juniors are the future of the sport and is a valid enough reason to keep rowing accessible and welcoming to them, not to mention the benefits received from efforts of parents.

Erin cameron gave $50.00

Go zac and team!

David Piszker Jr gave $100.00

Zack is the man!

Jess Croes gave $50.00

Here is to another successful season! Go Zack and Crew!

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