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We’ve helped youth, children, families, schools, and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. raise millions for people, causes, and events they care about.

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We have the lowest fees. Period.

We know you hate surprise fees, we hate them too. That’s why unlike the rest of fundraiser platforms we charge the same fee for every type of fundraiser: 4%

You choose whether you want to cover the fee or have donors pay. Either way, we have the lowest fees.

Signup Fee $0 * $0 *
Platform Fee * 4.0% 5.0%
Donor Fee 0% 0%
Processor Fee 2.9 % + $0.30 p/gift 2.9 % + $0.30 p/gift
Total 6.9 % + $0.30 p/gift 7.9 % + $0.30 p/gift

* Piggybackr and GoFundMe allow platform fees to be paid for by donors (which is why GoFundMe indicates a 0% platform fee). If you'd prefer not to have your donors pay, Piggybackr allows you to pay for fees to make it simpler for donors.

Lowest fees

We offer the lowest fees with zero upfront costs. You can cover the fees or ask your donors to cover them. We’re helping you raise money, not lose it.

Safe for everyone

Whether you’re an individual, a team, or an entire school or organization - everyone can join and help to reach your goal. Even kids under 13!

No penalties

We hope you reach your goal - but it doesn’t matter. You work hard to raise your money, and whatever you raise is what you keep.

Simple setup

Complete a form and connect your bank account with built-in fraud protection in less than 5 minutes and you’re all set! Yeah, it’s that easy.

Everything you need

We have built-in social and e-mail tools to promote your fundraiser. We also have a widget! Track progress across team members and donor history!

Choice of fee

You decide who covers the platform fees. You can cover the fees or ask your donors to include it in their donation. It’s your choice!

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