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We’re the only team crowdfunding site safe and easy to use for fundraisers of all ages!

Piggybackr provides a complete fundraising platform for adults, youth, and children to raise money as a team or individually! We’re the only crowdfunding platform safe for children under 13.

We’ve helped our best teams raise nearly $300,000 each on our platform - but our platform makes it easier to crowdfund whether you’re raising $500 or $30,000!

We’ve been in business since 2011 and the average donation on our platform is over $106.

How much does it cost?

Setting up a fundraiser is free with ZERO upfront costs! We want you to succeed! We charge the lowest fees possible: 4% + standard credit card processing fees (2.9% + $0.30 per donation) for donations received through the platform. Total fees are 6.9% + $0.30 per donation.

How does it work?

Team leaders set up the fundraiser and invite team members to setup their own personalized page. Every team member learns how to tell their story and promote the fundraiser via built-in email promotion and social media. Team members unlock badges for setting up and promoting their fundraiser and have individual goals to help the team succeed!

Team leaders can encourage and post updates to the fundraiser. All funds across the team are collected in a single account but every team member gets credit for the funds they raise! We support sponsorships and rewards for both corporate and individual donors - that can range from a simple thank you, or having them upload a logo to add to your team T-shirt, or rewards that you can send to them.

What kinds of fundraisers do you support?

We’ve worked with families, teams, after-school programs, schools, and nonprofit organizations with fundraisers of all ages. We’ve had successful fundraisers for crew, football, and basketball team, robotics teams, cheerleading squads, academic and afterschool programs, field and service trips, and charitable initiatives!

We’re here to support everyone seeking to make their communities, schools, and families stronger and who believes that fundraising can involve children and youth to make them stronger.

Sports Crowdfunding

Fundraiser 874

$292,522 raised by The Oakland Strokes

School and PTA Crowdfunding

School crowdfunding

$9,765 raised by High Tech Elementart

Nonprofit & Cause Fundraisers


$17,926 raised by WXEL (PBS) TV Station

Personal Projects & Ideas


$14,325 raised by 11 year-old Amelia

Students & Education


$114,149 raised by SEO Scholars

Volunteer & Service Trips Funding

Volunteer service funding

$65,541 raised by Alternative Breaks