2017 XCP Crew Erg-A-Thon Fundraiser

We're raising money for the Xavier Prep Crew fundraiser led by XCP Crew Team.


88% of $25,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Saturday, December 16, 2017


We are the Rowing Team of Xavier College Preparatory, home of the GATORS. We welcome all Xavier students, from freshman to seniors. We train to compete, we form friendships that last throughout our four years at Xavier and beyond. And we have FUN! GO GATORS!!

What I'm Raising Money For

This year’s Ergathon goal will be a total team effort to raise $25,000 and (hopefully) more for our Xavier Prep Crew Team. Some of our boats are 10+ years old and in need of critical maintenance and/or replacement. Exceeding our goal will also help to support additional scholarship opportunities.

Why You Should Give

Xavier Prep Crew depends on the generosity of our parents, families, and donors. All donations, regardless of the amount, help us maintain and buy our equipment, fund financial aid for our athletes, support our dedicated coaching staff, attend regattas, and operate day to day.

Activity & Updates

Pamela Nash gave $50.00

For Isabella Osborne!

The Reinalt-Thomas Corporation gave $500.00

For Caylyn Chipman!

Patrick and Sherry Kedrowski gave $50.00

On behalf of Samantha Cardinal

Jennifer Rainney gave $200.00

Go Becca!!!

Becky Pryor gave $190.00

For Paige Pryor!

Meghan Baillargeon gave $100.00

We love you Claudia and are so amazed at all your God given gifts and talents. You rock! :)

Anthony and Mary Venetucci gave $100.00

For Claudia Garcia!

Mandi Recuber gave $50.00

Daniel and Marci Kloss gave $50.00

For Rebecca Rainney!!

Tabbatha Wasson gave $325.00

Stephen and Cheryl Cortright gave $200.00

Supporting Sydney Cortright!

Lisa and Glenn Hawley gave $25.00

Go Lizzie Paddison!!

Kate Janson gave $100.00

Supporting Maya Amaro!

Armando and Elizabeth Terrazas gave $25.00

We believe in you Sienna!!! 💗🌞🌟

Steven & Martha Chung gave $80.00

For Claudia because she's a great teammate.

Anonymous gave $20.00

To support Claudia. Go Gators.

Paul and Ellen Schoonover gave $60.00

Supporting Paige Pryor!!

Lisa Payne gave $40.00

For Emily Pawluk!

Michael M. Sawers gave $30.00

Lauren Bucklin

Marcia Kriemler gave $30.00

Boa sorte minha querida NUK!

John E. Lee gave $20.00

In support of Mikayla and Xavier Prep Crew!

Carolynne Schmidt gave $100.00

Supporting Mikayla and her Crew Team!!

Anonymous gave $25.00

In support of Makayla Bode.

Shannon and Patrick Donaldson gave $100.00

Go Madeline Wickers!!

Ellen and Michael Holmes gave $150.00

For Madeline Wickers!!

Various Cash Donors gave $202.00

We all support Madeline Wickers!

Gail Willmore gave $50.00

Go Alyssa & Xavier Prep Crew!

William Wickers gave $50.00

Madeline Wickers

Stephanie & Franklin Quenga gave $25.00

For Taylor Killoren!

Rachel Adams gave $100.00

In support of Manuela Kremler and the Xavier Crew team. Keep up the awesome work.

Ann Baker gave $50.00

Go Paige Pryor!

Melissa Null gave $50.00

Rosemary F. Riel gave $200.00

Please keep me updated on your and your team's progress this year! Keep learning and supporting each other, and of course, have fun together <3 Tita Rosemary

John Ciak gave $100.00

For Lizzie Paddison!!

Gloria Barcelo Sariol gave $50.00


Stakweather Roofing, Inc gave $250.00

For Lizzie Paddison!

Dr. Ronald K. Walker gave $50.00

Supporting Samantha Cardinal!

Karen Magnoni gave $500.00


Maria Sandoval gave $25.00

James & Renee Osborne gave $1,000.00

We love Xavier Prep Crew! Keep up the hard work Izzy!!

Ana Archer gave $25.00

Seja uma vencedora Manu!!🏆🏆

Travis & Brandi Bowley gave $100.00

Supporting Isabella Osborne - Have a great year!

Renee Osborne (for Fe and Basilio Riel) gave $100.00

We love our grand daughter and support her endeavors. Love, Lola and Lolo

Richard Stanley gave $50.00


Phillips Family gave $50.00

We love you Izzy, Good luck!!!

Biggs Family gave $100.00

Go Izzy Osborn!

Marcia Kriemler gave $55.00

For my sister Manuela

LORI CORTRIGHT gave $100.00

Granddaughter is a member of the crew.

Seth Wise gave $100.00

You’re amazing, Grace! Love you!

Tiffany gave $20.00

Susan Baldi gave $40.00

Sam is a champ!

Diversified Design Construction gave $250.00

Go MacKenzie Go!!!!!!

Ana Kriemler gave $20.00

Manu querida, mesmo de longe torço por voce. Sucesso!!!

Celeste Olsen gave $50.00

for Hannah Geis

Chris Bowen gave $100.00

So proud of you, Callie!

Ryan and Jocelyn gave $25.00

For Taylor!

Tamara Bohannon gave $50.00

To support Lizzie Paddison

Abby gave $25.00

This is more than 50% of my weekly income. This is groceries for a week. Bon appetit

Kathy Polowski gave $50.00

To support a hard working Gator!

Kathleen Ross gave $25.00

Love, peace and rowing.

Schwartz Laser Eye Center gave $1,000.00

Go Maddy and Team!!

Anonymous gave $12.34

In support of Samantha Cardinal!!

Doreen healy gave $10.00

For Samantha Cardinal

Bob and Peggy Machen gave $500.00

Granddaughter member of team{Emmie Machen}

Sherrie Los gave $10.00

Ronnie smith

Georgia and Brooklyn Thomas gave $100.00

You are AWESOME !!! Row like the wind...

Pete,Maria, and Siena Spilotro gave $550.00

To support Nia Spilotro and XCP Crew !! Good Luck Nia !!

Marilia and Marco Kriemler gave $50.00

Boa sorte minha querida Manu!

Christine Borushik gave $100.00

In support of Alyssa Marino

Bruce Steele gave $20.00

Supporting Samantha Cardinal.

Sheila and Kelly Bryant gave $40.00

In support of Samantha Cardinal

Matt . gave $10.00

Samantha Cardinal

The Loft Family gave $25.00

For Manuela

Kyla D Bonnstetter gave $50.00

Taylor Killoren is on the crew.

Michelle G Borquez gave $25.00

I believe in my God daughter Seinna

Monica Reyes gave $25.00

Supporting Maya Amaro

Bridget and Ricardo Romero gave $100.00

For Hannah Geis!

Paula and Walter Gray gave $50.00

For Makenzie!

Mary Marino Trtee gave $100.00

Go Alyssa Marino!

Karric PC gave $50.00

To support Alyssa Marino!!

Cynthia and Joseph Fleming gave $25.00

Supporting Caylyn Chipman!

Stephanie and Tony Hamrick gave $50.00

In support of our friend Samantha Cardinal!

Lori and David Delos gave $100.00

For Alyssa Marino!

Mindy Lang gave $100.00

Izzy Osborne is a great kid so when she asks we answer!

JoAnn DePuy gave $50.00

My beautiful granddaughter!

Brenda and Jay Schwartz gave $300.00

Stay strong Maddy Schwartz!

Max Schwartz gave $50.00

In support of my sister Maddy Schwartz!

Marcia Kriemler gave $100.00

Manuela Kriemler

Areena Swarup gave $75.00

To support Sachi in for all her hard work and effort- keep it up!

Richard Armstrong gave $50.00

For Lizzie Paddison

Leann Johnson gave $50.00

Because Olivia Petrine rocks!!

Ronald and Nicolette Bonnstetter gave $25.00

Supporting Tayler Killoren!

C.A. and Dona Purcell gave $50.00

Supporting Emmie Machen!

Edgerton and Marlys Bronson gave $250.00

Supporting Lauren Bucklin!

Michael Cortright gave $150.00

Supporting Sidney Cortright!

Eric Brown gave $25.00

Supporting Emily Pawluk!

Alanna Colvin gave $15.00

Shreya and Shailja Sharma gave $100.00

We love Sachi

Robin Klassen gave $550.00

Sanjay Gupta gave $50.00

Supporting Sachi Sharma

Amita Gupta gave $50.00

Supporting Sachi Sharma

Marie and Charles Perry gave $100.00

Good Luck to Rebecca Rainney and her Crew!!!

Debra and Harold Ashton gave $150.00

Good Luck to Makenzie and her Crew!!!!

samantha chung gave $25.00

rachel chung

Wendy Dietrich gave $100.00

bc Lil' O is a fantastic cox and we want to support her!

Jeanine Schmalz gave $100.00

McKenzie, McKenzie, McKenzie!!!

Walter & Nina Payne gave $100.00

Good Luck Emily!

Mary Margaret & Phil McManus gave $110.00

Supporting our granddaughter Makenzie!

Keith and Vicki Maio gave $100.00

Good luck to Hannah Geis and her Crew!!!

Selena and Steven Petruzzi gave $100.00

For Isabella Osborne!

Peter and Gail Rich Ttee gave $50.00

To support Hannah Geis!!

Charlene Webb gave $50.00

For Alyssa Marino!!

Chad and Dory Gosar gave $50.00

Go Hannah!!!

Brian Bowen gave $100.00

Good luck!

Meghan Bowen gave $100.00

Good luck, Callie!

Donna Decker Design gave $100.00

A worthy cause!

Jim and Suzi Marino gave $100.00

Alyssa Marino

John & Kim Ashton gave $100.00

In support of Emmie Machen!

Hunter Ashton gave $100.00

Go get em Kenzie!

Scott D. McPherson gave $100.00

Support for Hannah Geis!

Diane Slogar gave $25.00

Support for Hannah Geis!

Cari & James Miller gave $100.00

Margaret & Pete Romero gave $50.00

To support Manuela Kriemler ‘ a crew member

Paul and Lauri Douglas gave $50.00

Go Lizzie Paddison!

Fourwinds Restaurant, LLC gave $50.00

For Maya Amaro!

Peggy Bocks gave $100.00

In support of Rebecca Rainney!

Gerald and Shannon Combs gave $25.00

In support of Isabella Osborne!

Randall & Eylene Macy gave $20.00

For Hannah Geis

Calvin & Pearl Geis gave $100.00

In support of Hannah Geis!

David Slogar gave $50.00

In support of Hannah Geis!

Marilyn & Arnold Hamilton gave $50.00

In support of Makenzie!

James & Mary Osborne gave $50.00

In support of Izzy!

John Killoren gave $10.00

For Tayler K

Leslie & Erika Borrego gave $250.00

In support of Makenzie!

Richard & Angela Pawluk gave $100.00

For Emily Pawluk!

Diane Dickens gave $25.00

In support of Samantha Cardinal!

Donald & Charlotte Osborne gave $50.00

In support of Izzy!

Judy Kling gave $25.00

In support of Hannah Geis!

Dina Cooper gave $50.00

In support of Samantha Cardinal!

Kathleen Smith gave $25.00

In support of Samantha Cardinal!

Lois Flynn gave $10.00

In support of Samantha Cardinal!

Matt Robinson gave $25.00

In support of Samantha Cardinal!

Beatrice Valenzuela gave $100.00

We love you Maya!

Richard Romero gave $100.00

Manuela is really enjoying Crew.

Laura Currier gave $100.00

To support Hannah Geis and XCP Crew

Laura Currier gave $100.00

Giving for Paige Pryor for keeping XCP Crew a neighborhood tradition!! Yay Paige!!!

Natasha Ter-Grigoryan gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

For Tayler Killoren

Michael & Paulette Porter gave $250.00

To support our granddaughter Alyssa and her team. Go Gator's!!

Rhonda Homberg gave $50.00

Lucy Cardenas gave $100.00

Gotta support our Youth!! Cheering for you Maya Amaro:)

Nick Bennett gave $100.00

Support for the energy and talents of Grace Driscoll & her team.

Gary B Heaps gave $100.00

Go Gators! Go Emily!

Fabrice & Misty Dechoux gave $25.00

In support of Emily Pawluk!

Debbie Babakitis gave $25.00


Amanda Batista gave $25.00

Go Rachel! You are awesome!

Joe Hart gave $50.00

Rachel ROCKS!!!

Ishan Dhawan gave $50.00

To support the Xavier Prep Crew

Marie Mills gave $50.00

To support Mackenzie

Cindy Ashton gave $1,000.00

For Makenzie!!

Lou Rudolf, MD gave $100.00

To support Sachi Sharma!

Vikkianna and Jared Thomas gave $100.00

In support of Emmie Machen!

Karen Killoren gave $100.00

For Taylor!

Michael and Elizabeth Brandes gave $75.00

For Lauren Bucklin!

Jim and Lynda Peterman gave $50.00

For Sidney Cortright's goal.

Jim and Lynda Peterman gave $50.00

For Lauren Bucklin's goal!

LL Brasher gave $25.00

Colleen Bowen gave $100.00

So proud of you, Callie! Good luck!

Paige Bowen gave $100.00

Love you, Callie!

Deepti Kumar gave $250.00

To support the challenges faced by the team!

Michele Bax gave $50.00

Because Tayler rocks.

Larry slogar gave $50.00

For my niece Hanna Geis

Jaclynne Brown gave $100.00

We are supporting Izzy Osborne - The Brown Family

Carole Ewen gave $100.00

Harold & I are supporting Grace Driscoll because we love her.

Traci Rehmet gave $25.00

Good luck this year!

John & Mary Lohmann gave $50.00

For Grace and the crew

Joe Valenzuela gave $100.00

Great job Maya! I am glad that you found something that you like. Keep up the hard work.

Wanamaker gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

On behalf of Tayler Killoren

Avalos Family gave $50.00

To support our sweet friend Tayler Killoren.

Jana Martin gave $50.00

In support of Makenzie Ashton-Borrego!

Linc & Stephanie Altdoerffer gave $100.00

Go Gators!

Martin & Andrea Sattler gave $100.00

To support Grace Driscoll & her XPC colleagues

Marci Hadley-Mairel gave $40.00

Samantha, I hope this can help you a little to achieve your dreams!

Grace Doemeny gave $50.00

Look forward to seeing Izzy & crewmates in San Diego! Aunt Grace & Uncle Larry.

The White House gave $25.00

To support Hannah and her crew!

The White House gave $25.00

To support my niece Hannah Geis and her whole crew!

Martha L. Batista gave $50.00

For my beautiful granddaughter, Rachel Chung!

The Alosi Family gave $50.00

To support our niece! Go Hannah!!!! So proud of you.

Michelle & Chris Zachar gave $100.00

We are supporting Rachel Chung! You go girl! :).

Teri Richards gave $100.00

To support Sachs Sharma

Sarah Izzo gave $50.00

To help out my friend/niece Rebecca

Stella McClintic gave $25.00

Great work, Rachel!

pamela bulger gave $50.00

For Tayler!

Monica Villalobos gave $100.00

For Maya Amaro...Girl Power!

Brooke Machen gave $175.00

Warren Chung gave $75.00

Suzie Jazwin gave $50.00

Go Olivia!

Felli Family gave $50.00

Support for Rachel Chung

Aimee Hahn gave $20.00

Best wishes to you & your team Samantha :)

Terri Bonnstetter gave $100.00

Go Tayler!

Fraser Henderson gave $100.00

To lend our support for Rachel Chung.

Samantha Cardinal publicly announced

Hello Family and Friends,

This year as a part of my sophomore high school I joined the rowing team. I was a part of the team for my freshman year and I fell in love with the sport. Th sport of rowing is still mostly dominated by men but we are one of few all young women's rowing teams in the country. Rowing is an expensive sport. Our team is still developing and we need your help. All of our costs are paid by the families and generous private donations from friends and family members. We are associated with the school we attend but our sport is not an AIA sport so we do not receive any financial support from them. Please prayerfully consider supporting us. Every dollar counts and will help us add much needed equipment and allow us to attend regattas for competition. Thank you very much for your consideration. We are thankful to have supporters like yourself. With much graditute, Sammy


Mary Alice Messenger gave $50.00

For my wonderful granddaughter Olivia Petrine Have a great year.

Lina Chung gave $50.00

Rachel Chung, my amazing niece!

Stan & Andi Chung gave $50.00

Support for Rachel Chung!

Scott Fischer gave $25.00

Support youth sports and activites

Henry J St. Germain Jr gave $100.00

Athletics of all types should be supported as it enhances comrade, promotes teamwork, and provides the basis for healthy fitness habits throughout life.

Cynthia Bronson Sweigert gave $50.00

I love Lauren! ❤️

Henry St. Germain gave $100.00

For XCP crew and Grace Driscoll

Barbara Kirschner gave $50.00

I believe in Rachel Chung. She's a great competitor and team player.

Marc Petrine gave $50.00

Xuan Driscoll gave $100.00

Constance St. Germain gave $200.00

In memory of Charlie Driscoll

Jameela and Dave Gardos gave $50.00

Lisa Chung gave $50.00

Rachel - you are awesome!

Verdi DiSesa gave $25.00

Claudia Arnold-Sawaf gave $100.00

Good luck for this season Rachel! Love your determination and commitment. Keep it up :)

Karen Nannen gave $50.00

Good luck to you and your crew this year!

Charlotte Riley gave $50.00

Because you deserve it. You're all an inspiration.

Tess Galasso gave $75.00

from your best friend Francesca :)

Elena Volfson gave $100.00

Go Team!

Phillip W Colvin gave $100.00

My Grand daughter, Samantha Cardinal suggested it.

Alex Smith gave $50.00

Scott Petrine gave $25.00

Good luck!

Martha Chung gave $250.00

In support of Rachel Chung!

Terry Petrine gave $50.00

Go Olivia ! Have a Great season

Constance Guardi gave $50.00

Go Olivia!

Paul Dudek gave $100.00

The Blaicher Family gave $75.00

Go Olivia! We think you're amazing. Love your dedication and passion for crew.

Linda frano gave $50.00

Supporting my granddaughter Olivia!!

Rebecca Albergo gave $25.00

XCP Crew Team publicly announced


October 27, 2017 at 6:00 pm. Location: Xavier Campus, Hart Plaza (outside of Founder's Hall). Please come out to support and cheer-on our team rowing on epic ERG machines! Again, thank you so much for your generous support.


Sponsorship Levels

Give $15,000 - Boat Naming Opportunity

Opportunity to name a boat and be featured on our website. Invitation to experience a ride on the Launch. Receive a gift.

Give $3,880 - *** Athlete Partner ***

It cost $3880 a year to be a member of Xavier Prep Crew. A donation at this amount can help an athlete who may not have the funds to participate in this life changing sport.

Give $2002 - In honor of XPC first year!

Founding team members and sponsors at this level will be featured on our website as legacy donors!

Give $1,000 - Olympic Champion!

Your generosity is hugely appreciated!! Ardent fans and family members of the sport.

Give $550 - Finish Line

Your generosity is hugely appreciated!! Ardent fans and family members of the sport. Receive an Under Armour Team Shirt!

Give $250 - Sprint

Your donation keeps our team, equipment, and staff up to speed. Ardent fans and family members of the sport.

Give $100 - Stroke Seat

Ardent fans and family members of the sport.

Give $50 - Engine Room

Our gratitude in helping keep our team, equipment, and staff up to speed.

Give - $25 - Power 10

Thank you for helping keep our team, equipment, and staff up to speed.

Top Members

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Makenzie Ashton-Borrego
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Isabella Osborne
Bear Qzklloifdplrfvswzs1h
Maddy Schwartz


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Rachel Chung
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Zoe Wasson
Bear Rbzgg2wfmw0ws5wkwx2c
Samantha Cardinal
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Sienna Terrazas
Bear Default avatar
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Sachi Sharma
Bear X4pv59cwq8zo0ofyl2r2
Tayler Killoren
Bear F1eifv3izxsz1ensdksr
Olivia Petrine
Bear L54mxyjfovsbqj6rkhwq
Madeline Wickers
Bear N19tph7j1wqrqoj2msjb
Mikayla Bode
Bear Srqhars2nfwo4lwlaero
Rebecca Rainney
Bear Ybci70ebtl6nxkqufueq
Maya Amaro
Bear Xbbietdu3bbbshsuqkub
Claudia Garcia
Bear N9il6edynhyqbu5lkjbp
Lizzie Paddison
Bear Ljiwusdtlqcpddiykm9r
Lauren Bucklin
Bear R3vuc2nngzcvgcyy1gif
Isabella Osborne
Bear Shhz3es72ylfn53wq1rt
Alyssa Marino
Bear Default avatar
Paige Pryor
Bear Qzklloifdplrfvswzs1h
Maddy Schwartz
Bear A0prycf6su2pjkmrhnql
Emily Pawluk
Bear Default avatar
Callie Bowen
Bear Yt8p3wf0fgout9uusaxz
Gia Magnoni
Bear S6brsevg7o2qflea9aeq
Makenzie Ashton-Borrego
Bear Default avatar
Nia Spilotro
Bear Rdcjt8klsnxngkpceuhu
Hannah Geis
Bear Default avatar
Bear Y3p3iapwgmcgawtswttn
Emmie Machen
Bear Ys4i5e1s2ajlclhvereb
Caylyn Chipman
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XCP Crew Team