We are Crew! Help us pay for Crew Orientation camping!

We're raising money for the Brooklyn Collaborative Crew fundraiser led by Scill Chan.


33% of $10,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Friday, June 22, 2018


Brooklyn Collaborative is a public secondary school located in Red Hook/Carroll Gardens, NYC. We are a Title I public school, serving 678 students in Grades 6-12. We partner with EL Education and NYC Outward Bound Schools to provide our students with a learning environment that promotes high-quality teaching, high levels of student achievement, character development, and college access, readiness and persistence. Please see www.bcs448.org to learn more about our school. Please also see our page on Inside Schools to check out our statistics, including our 90% graduation rate (https://insideschools.org/school/15K448).

What I'm Raising Money For

Crew Orientation camping is a Brooklyn Collaborative rite of passage for Grades 6 and 9. These trips, including coach bus transportation, food, lodging, camping supplies, and a NYC Outward Bound staff member who accompanies each crew for the whole trip, cost our school over $45,000. This averages to approximately $200 per student for the 3-day/2-night adventure. Students travel in crew advisories and sleep in cabins ("birdhouses"), participating in a variety of activities including ropes courses and teambuilding initiatives that help them develop communication skills that they are able to apply in other settings, especially in school. This trip supports students in becoming more resilient, capable, and compassionate. The trip is FREE for students (we ask for a parent contribution of $20-50) and we do not turn away any student who cannot afford to pay. NYC Outward Bound provides students with equipment such as hiking backpacks, water bottles, sleeping gear, etc. so they have the complete authentic camping experience.

Why You Should Give

Due to a variety of factors, we are currently $99,000 in debt. This is the first year in a long time that our school has been in deficit! We're asking for your help to ensure that we can provide the same high quality programming to students, despite our budget deficit!

Activity & Updates

Tamika Miller gave $20.00

Support students camping fund


Tchotcho Boko gave $20.00


Deb Rothenberg gave $60.00

I'm proud and grateful to be a part of the BCS community.


Anonymous gave $100.00

Supporting the students and teachers of BCS


Ayshel Santos gave $50.00

I want to support a Crew! I think this is a great opportunity that is being provided for the students. Thank you BCS.


Mylinda Hull gave $40.00

For Sullivan Hunter and her crew mates


Alexandria Munoz gave $20.00

Individual Family Donation


Lauren and Dierre's Crew (Better World Day) gave $41.00

Proceeds from our lemonade stand !


Venus Dennison Murray gave $60.00

To support the school's mission of serving the BCS 6th grade crew.


Jacqueline Renaud-Rivera gave $60.00

I love my School


Kieva Washington gave $100.00

I am giving to support the efforts of a learning community that supports my child.


Darren Critz and Laura Goorin gave $50.00


Anonymous gave $60.00


Marvin Scarborough gave $250.00

To support Marcellus Scarborough and his crew.


Anonymous gave $120.00

Very proud to be a BCS parent and grateful to our fantastic staff for everything they do for our kids.


Victor Jaroslaw & Michele Drysdale gave $75.00


Brian and Barbara Bacchiocchi gave $100.00


Ellen Honigstock gave $25.00


April Blount gave $50.00

I am a proud parent of a BCS 6th grader and I support BCS!


Daniella Liebling gave $50.00

We are not camping this year (7th Grade :( ) but its an important part of BCS and the money is much needed!


YaaZadi Conde gave $40.00


Trade Loeffler gave $100.00

To support Crew.


Brett Crenshaw gave $25.00

In support of a school staff that deserve support and acknowledgement!


Julia albores gave $100.00

Crew camping


Akilah Rosado gave $150.00

I gave earlier this month and decided that I really wanted to support a crew so am giving again. I'd like this to go to Allison's crew if possible.


Reshonah Bennett gave $100.00

Support my son,other families and BCS, so they can continue to empower our children!!!


Veronica Cruz gave $40.00


Carol Foresta gave $60.00

I want to support Crew. I've been part of one and it's a terrific experience. It's helped me be part of a team. Most work in life requires knowing how to be collaborative. This is a great hands on way to learn how to be a valued member of a group.


Amanda Romani gave $60.00

BCS supports young people in growing as learners. BCS also supports growth as positive community members, independent thinkers, and leaders. Kindness and collaboration begins with crew. Crew orientation has a huge impact on individuals and crews. It is something that crews, including crew leaders, hold close always.


Susan Tucker gave $60.00


Chloe Tennyson gave $100.00

Going on this trip with my ninth grade crew was one of my favorite memories as a Crew Leader. I want all students to be able to share that experience!


Dianne de Mott gave $60.00

We fully support the mission and vision of this program. Budget cuts be damned!


Kelvin McQueen gave $100.00

My daughter attends the school.


Anonymous gave $60.00


Trade Loeffler gave $100.00

My son, Clark, is a 9th grader at BCS.


Carolyn Goitia gave $200.00

To cover for my son DAVID ADAMES and to help the school in dept and to have an other kid that parents cant pay have them go and enjoy


Anonymous gave $200.00

I'm giving because I'm privileged to be able to and because BCS is awesome.


Aurora Kushner gave $20.00

Brooklyn Collaborative is an amazing school!


Val Johnson gave $60.00



Robin Hall gave $250.00

My son is a student. I believe in the mission.


Anonymous gave $120.00

BCS is awesome. Sharing is even more awesome.


Sponsorship Levels

Level 4 - Crew Love!

Cover the individual family contributions for a whole grade! Please give generously! We are crew!

Level 3 - Support a Crew!

Cover the individual family contributions of a whole crew of students! Each crew contains 12-15 students. Crew Orientation camping is a wonderful experience that bonds crews together.

Level 2 - Support A Family

Please pay for your own family's contribution and cover the cost of other families in need! We are a Title I school, where 60%+ of our student body qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch status.

Level 1 - Individual Family Donation

This is the minimum individual family donation we are asking. If every family gives, this will go a long way!


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