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We're raising money for the Norcal Crew fundraiser led by Norcal Crew.


55% of $90,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Monday, December 11, 2017


Norcal Crew is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of youth through the sport of rowing. We introduce athletes to the water with camps and instructional programs for middle school students, while training over 100 high school athletes for competition on the national level.

What I'm Raising Money For

Over the past two years, Norcal has nearly doubled in size in the past two years. We have been working hard to provide the equipment our rowers need to train, and our coaches need to train effectively. The erg-a-thon is our chance to support those efforts. Our goal is to pull at least one million meters and raise $80,000, to bring in new oars, rowing machines, more boats for our athletes, and more launches for coaches.

Why You Should Give

Your donation enables Norcal Crew to continue it's mission of not only training athletes for the highest level of competition, but also to open our doors to any athlete who wants to be a part of the organization. We are currently able to provide a quality experience to anyone, regardless of their athletic background, natural ability, or financial situation, while still winning national championships in each of the past four years. We need equipment and support to be able to continue to provide this opportunity to all going forward.

Activity & Updates

Kareen Tavakoli gave $250.00

In support of my beautiful daughter Kiana.

Meenu Chopra gave $20.00

To support Dhruv and team

Anonymous gave $50.00

You are the best Kiana!

Carl and Nancy Patzer gave $100.00

Jack is our grandson and we're anxious to support him in his endeavors

Donna Ferrier gave $35.00

Supporting my nephew, Max Granoski and the entire crew team!

Jerry Su gave $450.00

Patricia Bransten Berkowitz gave $100.00

Watching Maya grow up!

Uncle John & Aunt Shanna gave $50.00

Good luck Pavvy! We love you!

Alan Bogomilsky gave $50.00

Kerry Meyer & Sheri Novack gave $25.00

Steven D Dahlgren gave $25.00

Supporting nephew Rikio

Joy Dahlgren gave $100.00

It sounds like a great program.

Terry Sprague gave $50.00

To support Andrea and the team!!!

Marcel Dignum gave $200.00

Go NorCal. Go Juliette !

Hilary Ley Hancock gave $50.00

Happy to support rowing/sports as a healthy lifestyle and essential part of young adulthood.

Alejandro Arnaiz gave $50.00

Scott LaForce gave $250.00

In honor of those past present & future

Anonymous gave $100.00

Best wishes to you and your team!

Minna Shore gave $45.00

So my grandson carries the rowing tradition, it's in his genes!

Sandra gave $40.00

To support Ricardo and his amazing team! I believe in them!

Mark Farley gave $25.00

To support Cathia Meredith

Jackson Keim gave $100.00

Believe crew is a great sport for physical and mental discipline.

paul lighterink gave $30.00

Anonymous gave $20.00

To support the initiative!

Christine Kim gave $50.00

I think rowing is hard work! If Lucas is willing to do it, I want to support him.

michael moore gave $250.00

Vincenzo Berghella gave $50.00

Love Beth!

michael moore gave $250.00

Kyvele and Ray Artinian gave $50.00

To support our amazing nephew

Taylor Tony gave $200.00

For JJ Hilbert, row, row, row!

Kenneth Oestreich gave $25.00

Paul, Sandi, Hailey, Marlee and Russell Mandel gave $25.00

To support Harrison Mitring!!!!

Anonymous gave $100.00

Great job Jack!

Christine & Chris Rimer gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

To support Norcal & Jack Patzer

Jonathan king gave $100.00

friend of family, happy to support young people getting out and about in the real world

Pranav Wankawala gave $50.00

Good luck Dhruv. Hope to see you at Paris Olympics 2024.

Gary & Debbie Rollins gave $100.00

Jane and Walter Barry gave $250.00

In honor of Alix Barry

Joe and Anne Welsh gave $50.00

Go Patrick and Robert Snedden!

Caryl J Athanasiu gave $100.00

to support my p-nephew.

Fern Bailey gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

michele Barry gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $40.00

So you keep making goals and crushing them!

Paul Gardiner gave $75.00

Brad Turner gave $100.00

Brad Turner gave $100.00

Rommy Kushner gave $50.00

Donald Carroll gave $375.00

For Isabel Consavari and the outstanding Norcal Organization

Shane gave $25.00

Clare Brown gave $100.00

Clare Brown gave $100.00

Grandma Dara LaForce gave $75.00

You passion for rowing and fitness is wonderful, Mark. Congrats on all your successes and future goals. G'ma Dara and G'pa Doug

Jing Li gave $450.00

Support Norcal Crew

jim and guila pollock gave $100.00

To support Amy in such a great adventure!

Kim Frysinger gave $50.00

I love the fact that these young girls are part of a sport that improves their health and well being!

Ray and Pam Gall gave $100.00

Supporting our grand daughter

Carol Tracht gave $100.00

In addition to Amy's passion for rowing and incredible athletic ability she displays perseverance, determination, stamina and is a team player! She see's herself as a winner. GO AMY!

Kathleen Santoro gave $200.00

Diana Rollins gave $100.00

Because she LOVES the sport and I am seeing her grow in her desire to make goals and achieve her goals.

Craig LaForce gave $100.00

Alexia Mullis gave $100.00

supporting a really great kid

Ada H Mullis gave $100.00

Supporting my spectacular grandchild, Jacob, and other young athletes!

Fakrai Family gave $50.00

Michelle Barovich gave $200.00

Go Charlotte!!!

Anise Graham gave $25.00

To support NorCal!

Dennis Woodside gave $250.00

Because rowing is fun.

Trish and Craig Kilby gave $100.00

Supporting our nephew and his love for this sport.

Julie Baum gave $50.00

To support Caroline Lammersen, and the rowing program.

Adam & Hela Allan gave $100.00

Crew Team

Phillip Meredith gave $10.00

Michelle Dewolf gave $270.00

To help the team with the equipment they need

Hema M Pombra gave $100.00

To help NorCal

Allyson Fisch gave $50.00

David M Feinstein gave $200.00

To support Maya Dow and Norcal

Maggie barovich gave $50.00

Go Charlotte. Proud of your hard work

Family I'm not listing 4 times gave $15.00

Family I'm not listing 4 times gave $15.00

Betsy Stein gave $50.00

Lyn C. Stein gave $100.00

Rob Stein gave $100.00

David Bromberg publicly announced



Default avatar

Anonymous gave $100.00

Liam is our grandson

Carla Matlin gave $50.00

Jeff Pollock gave $125.00

I am very supportive of Amy’s commitment to rowing.

Marie Kapelke gave $50.00

Susie Koslow gave $100.00

I'm so proud of Caroline and her dedication! You go girl!

The Barry Clan gave $250.00


Amy and Jason Yotopoulos gave $100.00

Louisa and Jeff Hilbert gave $300.00

JJ Hilbert is my son and we love NorCal!

The Bulanti Family gave $250.00

Grateful for Norcal Crew and proud of your hard work!


Anonymous gave $25.00

Ana Hsu gave $50.00

Go Rikio!!!!!

Adam and Jen gave $100.00

Brad & Michelle LaForce gave $75.00

Neil and Beth Blecherman gave $100.00

This rowing club is fantastic!

Mike and Brenda gave $150.00

To support Mattie and her team!

Will Stein publicly announced

NorCal Crew Donation

Please support my team!

Default avatar

Barbara Erny gave $50.00

To support underprivileged kids and give them a chance to participate on a team.

Amy French gave $100.00

Isabella works hard on all her activities and I want to support the team

Grandma Patte Moore gave $50.00

Go NorCal!!, for Mark LaForce

Karli Cleary gave $125.00

I love Ava!

Annie Pak Brenner gave $100.00

To support Lucas and Norcal!

The Lammersen Family gave $50.00

we love Michal!

The Lammersen Family gave $50.00

we love Robert! and he has no donations!

The Lammersen Family gave $50.00

Patrick is awesome!

Anonymous gave $25.00

support a friend

Brad gave $20.00

Maki and Mark gave $100.00

enjoy crew !

Freda & Allan Brender gave $50.00

for Harrison and all the others who want to challenge themselves - with passion and love for the sport

Todd & Courtney Power gave $250.00

SUSAN MARSHALL gave $25.00

Support Will Olson fundraising

Stephen Chan gave $25.00

The Gee Family gave $50.00

For Harrison's team.

The Popp Family gave $50.00

So impressed with your commitment and accomplishment!

Dolores florian gave $50.00

To help crew members

Anonymous gave $18.00

Stern Family gave $180.00

Greta to see your ongoing commitment and passion for the sport

Edmund Choo gave $250.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Barbara H Greene gave $50.00

Lou Carpine gave $50.00

To support the row club

Shideh Namini gave $100.00

Alba Alamillo gave $40.00

Ricardo is an excellent guy and we want to support him in a sport he loves ao much

Sandy Stewart gave $150.00

Because Mattie is awesome!

Juliette Dignum gave $20.00

Tara Westman gave $25.00

Because healthy young women mean everything for our future!

Debbie Honerkamp gave $200.00

Pietro Consavari gave $50.00

How could I not? Love water in all shapes and forms!

The Lammersen Family gave $100.00

We are so happy Lauren is enjoying crew!

Bill Otto gave $100.00

To support Amy

Anonymous gave $200.00

Julie O'Malley and Nick Hofmann gave $25.00

In support of Andrea Avillez and young athletes everywhere. You are an inspiration.

Richard Calderon gave $250.00

Richard Calderon gave $250.00

Glenda Stewart gave $150.00

Love my niece, Mattie, to pieces.

Melissa Germaine & David Klein gave $25.00

Alberto Mancera gave $20.00

Sports for inspiring!

Familia Escobedo gave $40.00

Go Rick!

Lois Giordano gave $25.00

to help my niece

Warren Park gave $150.00

To support my niece and her team members

kerry fitzpatrick gave $50.00

Go Norcal

Kim Snedden gave $50.00

Because both Patrick Snedden AND rowing are amazing! xoxox

The Holman Family gave $30.00

Way to go Juliette....keep on rowing!!

Christine Garcia gave $25.00

My Nephew rocks!

Earl Guss gave $100.00

I love Charlotte.

The Nix Family gave $25.00

You go, girl!

Aida Kedefors gave $25.00

A worthy cause and a great rower! Happy to help.

Steven Walsey gave $200.00

Supporting mu grandson Aden Walsey

Mori Family gave $25.00

it's a great cause and we love Andrea!

Alex Di Cesare gave $25.00

To support Andrea Avillez and the Norcal Crew

Sunh8r gave $100.00

Keep your beauty face out of the SUN! Go Caroline!

Jean Baker gave $50.00

For Andrea Avillez

Kyle & Jackie gave $50.00

Go Caroline!!

Karen Brehm gave $50.00

Great cause!

Jennifer Santoro gave $100.00

We support Julianne.

Carl Touhey gave $1,000.00

Christian Just Loves Nor Cal Crew!

Phil Carter gave $150.00

The program is awesome. Christian loves it. So did John. Happy to help the rowers succeed.

Zee Zee Matta gave $100.00

kerry fitzpatrick gave $50.00

Go Norcal!

Becky Bosch gave $25.00

We love Andrea!!!

Emily Matthews gave $100.00

Support Andrea Avillez!

Emily Matthews gave $100.00

Drew Riviello is my friend!

John Tam gave $25.00

deepika rayala gave $1,000.00

To support Ajay Tadinada and the Norcal Team... great team, great coaches.. Go Norcal :-)

Jennifer Ramberg gave $30.00

We're happy to support Amelia and her team.

Jocelyn Beni gave $50.00

Yeah Ava!

Geoffrey and Angie Haft gave $100.00

Heidi & Dick Alef gave $250.00

Lauren Kiachian is our granddaughter

Mike Anjedani gave $100.00

I believe in sports program through out. My children learned from it, excelled because of it and have become better people for their community.

Jennifer Muise gave $20.00

Love empowering young women

Bruce Carpenter gave $50.00

tracie kiachian gave $100.00

Caroline helped get Lauren interested in rowing!!!

Ed Rivera gave $50.00

I am a fan!

B. Gale Nill gave $250.00

Support Ava Honerkamp's passion for rowing

sandra howley gave $50.00

Susan Baker gave $250.00

The Herrle Family gave $50.00

Great job Dylan!!!!

Kelley Surdey gave $100.00

Caroline rocks!

Laura V Woodside gave $500.00

Go Elizabeth!

The 6-Pack gave $50.00

Go Caroline!!!

Emily Steinmetz gave $50.00

I love to see my granddaughter Emily slide along the water!

Shelley & Rick Obwald gave $50.00

Heather Quigley gave $50.00

To support Caroline Lammersen!

Benjamin Fisch gave $100.00

to support my daughter and her team

Jackie Kubicka gave $250.00

In memory of Lorraine O'Connor (please put her name on the oar ... she loved Norcal Crew and is watching from heaven)


The Lammersen Family gave $500.00

We are so proud of Caroline and her teammates. Go Norcal!

Anonymous gave $20.00

Because Amelia is such a great kid.

Barry and Linda Lammersen gave $100.00

So proud of you Caroline. Keep up the good work!

Jami Schott gave $100.00

We are so excited for you Caroline!!!!!!!!

Sheryl Greenspan gave $75.00

Much love from the Greenspan Family!

Eileen Phelps gave $50.00

Go Caroline!

John & Marlene Arnold gave $100.00

To support Austin and his crew members.

Dennis & Denice Gardemeyer gave $200.00

Meagen Eisenberg gave $50.00

We love Caroline

Grace Li & Dwight Lau gave $100.00

Have fun rowing !

Anonymous gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Great sport as a team work, work habit and physical and mental development.

Mary Kay and Bill Steadman gave $50.00

To support Caroline Lammersen

ChanHwe Lee gave $500.00

The students work so hard in Norcal! Happy to support the Norcal Crew.

The Deeters gave $150.00

We LOVE Caroline Lammersen!

laura poppink gave $100.00

To support Caroline

Barbara Bradley gave $100.00

for Laine

The Parker Family gave $25.00

The Connaghans gave $25.00

Way to go, Austin!

The Wands gave $50.00

Because Aden rocks!

Carol Winton gave $50.00

Because you're awesome!

Patricia Silverberg gave $50.00

Cuz we looovee Issac!

Patricia Silverberg gave $50.00

Cuz we looooveee Rhea!

Anonymous gave $100.00

Hope everyone experiences "the swing" (The Boys in the Boat)

David&Jennifer Walsey gave $100.00

Romy Silverstein gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $250.00

Tiffany and Chuck Hilbert gave $25.00

Sharon & Pete gave $30.00

To support Rikio and his teammates!

Joyce Brockmann gave $50.00

Amelia loves it

Sharon John Balero gave $100.00

To support our Grandson.

Dooley Family gave $2,000.00

Thank you Pam for leading our team with new direction, strength, and motivation. I know that our team will go far with you.

Dooley Family gave $250.00

Dooley Family gave $250.00

Dooley Family gave $1,000.00


Anonymous gave $31.00

English aunts wish you well & you've hit your target x

Muriel Carter gave $150.00

So proud of your commitment to crew!

Dooley Family gave $500.00

We hope you will always find a seat in a boat somewhere.

Kate Fickle gave $50.00

Love the teamwork required by rowing - it's a great life skill.

Jane Woodward gave $100.00

Dana Granoski gave $250.00

We support Max and NorCal! Go Max!!!

Marie Andros gave $250.00

Support for Tessa Tomkinson

Anonymous gave $20.00

Because both Amelia and this cause are AMAZING!

Anonymous gave $250.00

Thomas Bollyky gave $50.00

I am giving this gift on behalf of Margit Bollyky for her grandson Laszlo Bollyky

Anonymous gave $20.00

I love Amelia and want to help however I can.

Katie Hultgren gave $30.00

Liz Jones gave $20.00

The Paul Family gave $50.00

Go Ava!!!

Edwin Lutz gave $30.00

Support my grandson

Steven Hussey gave $100.00

To support the team

Faith McCoy Scriven gave $150.00

Faith McCoy Scriven gave $150.00

Teresa Flory gave $50.00

Giuliana Vitiello gave $60.00

Because we love Tessa :-) Max, Giuliana and Giorgia

Barbara Bogomilsky gave $100.00

Robert gave $59.00

Well done Tessa and team. Here’s $10 per 1000 for your first 5000m.

Robert gave $50.00

$5 per 1000 for your first 10,000m. Go Tessa. So impressive!

Sameh Boujelbene gave $50.00

Support Norcal Team

Gabrielle Higgins and Bill Steinmetz gave $500.00

Rowing has made Emily physically and mentally tough in a very friendly and supportive environment.

Jeremy & Silvia Kaplan gave $100.00

Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen Gallivan gave $25.00

For Patrick Snedden! Go Pavvy!!!

Harvey & Lydia Barish gave $100.00

For Emma Bogomilsky

Snyders gave $25.00

Cuz we want to support Spencer & Team!

Ethan Walsey gave $25.00

erg Forest erg

Meredith Walsey gave $100.00

We are proud of how dedicated Aden is to Norcal.

Maria Frantz gave $500.00

Go Caroline!


Esti BenDavid gave $18.00

Kate Fickle gave $50.00

Always loved the teamwork demonstrated by great rowing teams.

Roger wery gave $150.00

Katie Kelly gave $50.00

I'm proud of you Jaq!

Katherine and John Kelly gave $400.00


Rachel Nerg gave $250.00

To honor Nancy Berg


CJ gave $100.00

Charlotte Chapman threatened me with physical violence

Welsh gave $50.00

We love Eliza!

Jordan Dakin gave $40.00

So proud of you, Eliza!

Hunter Family gave $50.00

Richard & Mary Gallivan gave $50.00

For my favorite nephew

Lori & Ivan Brockman gave $500.00

Glenice Bess gave $100.00

To support Jack and his commitment to Norcal Crew.

Todd and Debbie Snedden gave $75.00

Cathy Hill gave $50.00

Hichem Sellami gave $150.00

In support of my beautiful daughter's drive for excellence...

Snedden Family gave $50.00

Go Patrick!!

Chong-Moon Lee gave $450.00

Help the team grow

shari and jerry wenker gave $50.00

Our nice Juliette is a rock star rower

Kara Woods gave $50.00

Wishing Juliette and the Norcal crew varsity women's team a rewarding racing season!

The Careys gave $100.00

We are proud of your hard work, Jackie!

Kelly Morehead gave $100.00

To support Jack, who has worked really hard at rowing!

Elizabeth F. Wilson gave $150.00

in honor of my neice.

Wafa Ketata gave $30.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

Support Nor Cal/ZJack Patzer

Bomin Kim gave $150.00

Want to support my wonderful niece in all her endeavors!

Anonymous gave $450.00

Dorra Fendri gave $30.00

Anonymous gave $40.00

Yo support the community

Karla Dailey gave $250.00

Karla Dailey gave $250.00

Port oar dedicated to Michael Dailey please

Anonymous gave $100.00

Houda Hadiji gave $30.00

To Support Amna Sallemi

Diana Darcy gave $20.00

Go Kiana and Norcal!

Myung Park gave $250.00

Our grand-daughter is on the team.

Dorra Sellami gave $150.00

Bob Braham gave $50.00

Liam was a terrific intern last summer at ClearStory. If he is committed to a cause, I'm fully supportive

Jocelyn H. Saiki gave $25.00

May he wind be at your back.

Jihyun Yu and Yong Su Kim gave $1,000.00

Go Ahna! We're all here to support you and the rest of NorCal crew.


Douglas Park gave $1,000.00

Crew is a wonderful team sport that teaches many important lessons.


Karen M Berman gave $100.00

Jonathan Blecherman

Herb Bull gave $200.00

I admire your dedication. You're so beautiful, Sarah!

Hal Berman gave $250.00

Jonathan is a swell lad and, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Ellie Fitton gave $50.00

We love Kiana and ROWING!

Lou and Mary Lou Montulli gave $20.00

Jillian loves her new team and sport.

Diana and Adam Miller gave $50.00

Row Jonathan, row!!! :o)

Anne Critchfield gave $100.00

We want to support Lauren and her sport.

Leslie Barish gave $100.00

Jane Schuette gave $25.00

I support team sports!

Grandpa Dave and Kathy gave $100.00

Because we love and support our grandson Mike!

Sarah Dedonato gave $100.00

For Grace and her Team!

Huned Botee gave $50.00

Huned and Vicky support you, Jacob! 🚣🏽‍♀️

Kristi Cannon gave $50.00

To support Austin’s passion

George Mulligan gave $100.00

Supporting my nephew

Will & Alex Krispin gave $50.00

John & Marlene Arnold gave $50.00

A great sport and glad to assist in funding. Have been neighbors to Austin for most of his life. .

Anita Yelland gave $300.00

In support of Norcal!!

Pete Mulligan gave $500.00

Susan and Eric Lier gave $500.00

Go NorCal!!!

Rodney E. Brown gave $25.00

Grace Chou gave $100.00

Happy to support your team and your club. Proud of you!

Lisa Guevara gave $50.00

We're all proud of you Jill!

Henry DeRuff gave $10.00

Go Spencer!! So glad you're enjoying crew so much!

Sharmila Mulligan gave $150.00

In support of a GREAT team!

Matt gave $20.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Mom, Dad, your brothers and Bear! gave $250.00

Because you're awesome and we love you!

Anonymous gave $100.00

To support Finn and the team!!

Virginia & Tom Steuber gave $100.00

Because Mike is a total badass! (Am I allowed to say that?)

Alan Bogomilsky gave $100.00

Barry Blecherman gave $25.00

Row, Jonathan, row!

Michael Strambi gave $500.00

Grateful for the Club!

SHARON J BERMAN gave $100.00


Sheila and Bill Danzig gave $50.00

To honor Jonathan Blecherman

Crystal Matye gave $50.00

Natalie Graham

Steve & Jessica Hope gave $250.00


Austin Newman gave $20.00

To support Norcal Crew

Rachel Nerg gave $250.00

Sponsor and oar in honor of Howard Berg

Alyce and Steve Kaplan gave $200.00

We want to support this cause.

Karol Kelley gave $100.00

Ruth and Mel Conway gave $50.00

Way to go, Max. Keep up your winning ways!

Joan and Allan Fisch gave $250.00

We love seeing how wonderful it has been for you be doing crew. love, Nana and Poppy

Anonymous gave $50.00

Valerie Schuette gave $50.00

Supporting Julianne

Jennifer Santoro gave $250.00

Monica Bosch gave $25.00

Go Jill!

Cloyce Anders gave $250.00

To support my wonderful granddaughter. An oar in her name. Charlotte Fisch.

Ruth Housenbold gave $55.00

I think it is totally awesome that you are rowing and I want to support you and your goals!

Anonymous gave $250.00

Dennis Woodside gave $500.00

Because rowing is fun

Jill Schuette gave $50.00

I love my niece Julianne and I want to support her team

Jennifer Santoro gave $200.00

Kathleen Kelly gave $100.00

To support my darling granddaughter, Jacqueline

Hozefa Botee gave $250.00

Break a leg! Or whatever they say for rowing.

Michael Newman gave $100.00

To support the team!

Natalya Crump gave $25.00

Because rowing is awesome, and everyone should have a chance to do it as a kid. And to keep Jake afloat.

matt shore gave $100.00

So Jake stays afloat.

Jay Wu gave $800.00

Supporting Norcal for teaching kids value, discipline and have a purpose for life.

Elizabeth Wolf gave $100.00

Go Spencer!

Tom+Melissa+Josiah+Zaiden gave $50.00

GO Dylan!!

Sheau-Lan Reed gave $500.00

Dedicate a seat

GranJan & GDad gave $50.00

Love grandson

The Nishikawa Family gave $50.00


Carol Copeland gave $100.00

To support my wonderful grandson

Darin and David Conway gave $100.00

To support Max Conway and NorCal crew. The donation will be matched by Google

Elizabeth DeRuff gave $25.00

Because we love Spencer!

Henry & Charlie White gave $50.00

Sonya Lunder gave $25.00

to support Natalie Graham!

Anita M Woodside gave $250.00

So pleased to be able to support my granddaughter's interest in crew

ellen hope gave $200.00

Because I love to watch Sarah rowing.

The Shelton Family gave $20.00

We're super proud of you, Dylan! Way to go!

Diane Gardemeyer gave $100.00

Bryce & Kristi Barnes gave $100.00

Because Laszlo is a Rockstar and we are excited to support this program!!!

Laura Sabahi gave $100.00

I'm so excited to see how much you are enjoying this. We are having the best time watching you. Go NORCAL!!!!

Cynthia Beart gave $200.00

Laszlo is our grandchild. He is benefitting from the exercise, discipline and team work that crew provides.

John and Amy Kelly gave $100.00

We love Laszlo Bollyky and are proud of his rowing!

Vic and Jen Parker gave $250.00

supporting Finn Callaghan and his team

Zach Kaplan gave $50.00

It's inspiring to see Finn pursue a wide range of interests. His character and ambition will take him a long way.

Trina and James Currier gave $100.00

Go Finn!!!

Jenna Bollyky gave $100.00

I love rowing, I love Laszlo and I love that Laszlo gets to row!

Jill Mehl gave $100.00

for Max Conway and his team

James F Blom gave $250.00

I love Finn and want to support him and his team. His maternal grandfather rowed at St Catherine's Colege Oxford. Love to see him compete in England sometime soon.

Mimi gave $75.00

Support for the team and sweet, strong Sarah Hope

Brian Albert gave $50.00

Because I want Max to go kick crew butt!

Marcy Albert gave $50.00

To support our awesome grandson!

Anonymous gave $10.00

The Padrez Family gave $50.00

Because Katie loved rowing as much as Elizabeth and is excited to see her with the same passion.

The Baker Family gave $250.00

Because Elizabeth is BOSS!

Laura Pratt Gregg gave $100.00

We believe that crew/rowing is a great sport and should be available to more people- young and older.

David Gerrity gave $100.00

Seems like a good idea.

Anonymous gave $200.00

Good for you, Elizabeth!

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsor a new truck!

Over the past three years, Norcal has grown to the point where we take two trailers to every regatta, and one of the trailers is the largest vehicle of it's class allowed on the road by the DOT. We need a new truck capable of pulling this trailer safely and efficiently, so that our equipment and coaches can get to the race course safely.

Sponsor a new engine for a coaching launch

In order to instruct, train, and keep their crews safe, coaches need launches with working engines. We are replacing old engines, and bringing in new launches to to be able to handle more coaches and more athletes.

Sponsor a new set of oars

Allow us to purchase a new set of cutting edge racing oars from Concept II, the leading oar manufacturer in the US. A full set of oars allows us to pass our current oars down the ranks, so that all of our athletes benefit. A full set contains 8 built-to-order oars. Each will be permanently dedicated to a name of your choosing, and a picture will be provided of your athletes with the new oars.

Support a squad lead coaching position

Support the position of one of our hard working squad leads, who are directing and developing the structure to bring our program and out athletes to the next level. We will provide a picture of your athlete with the coach you helping to make available to them.

Support an assistant coaching position

Support the position of one of the many assistant coaches that help make our program possible. We will provide a picture of your athlete with the coach you helping to make available to them.

Douglas Park
Jihyun Yu and Yong Su Kim
Dedicate a Seat

Have a seat in our racing shells dedicated to a person of your choice. We will have the seat dedicated, and provide a picture.

Dedicate an Oar

Have a oar dedicated to a person of your choice. We will have the oar dedicated, and provide a picture.

Jackie Kubicka
Nick & Ellen Hope
Rachel Berg and Andy Hewett
Rachel Berg and Andy Hewett
The Bulanti Family
The Barry Clan

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