Help Support our Team!!

We're raising money for the Norcal Crew fundraiser led by Norcal Crew.


101% of $90,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Monday, December 12, 2016


Norcal Crew is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of youth through the sport of rowing. We introduce athletes to the water with camps and instructional programs for middle school students, while training over 100 high school athletes for competition on the national level.

What I'm Raising Money For

Over the past two years, Norcal has nearly doubled in size in the past two years. We have been working hard to provide the equipment our rowers need to train, and our coaches need to train effectively. The erg-a-thon is our chance to support those efforts. Our goal is to pull at least one million meters and raise $80,000, to bring in new oars, rowing machines, more boats for our athletes, and more launches for coaches.

Why You Should Give

Your donation enables Norcal Crew to continue it's mission of not only training athletes for the highest level of competition, but also to open our doors to any athlete who wants to be a part of the organization. We are currently able to provide a quality experience to anyone, regardless of their athletic background, natural ability, or financial situation, while still winning national championships in each of the past four years. We need equipment and support to be able to continue to provide this opportunity to all going forward.

Activity & Updates

Dick Peery gave $250.00


Elma Gatchalian gave $20.00

Elizabeth gave $100.00

Sean...I couldn't be more happy that you found something you love to do and are good at. I hope rowing is a life long adventure for you.

The Carlin Family gave $50.00

Keep up the hard work Sydney!

Maureen Gottesman and Jason Rubinoff and family gave $50.00

Way to go, Harrison and Danielle! We are so proud of you and your commitment to crew and to your team. Hopefully this donation will help you achieve your fundraising goal!

Scott, Sue-Ellen, and Caroline gave $50.00

Yay Elley! We are so proud of you!

Emily & Ken Brakebill gave $100.00

Go Dylan!!

Lisa Ondracek gave $100.00

linda bullis gave $40.00

good luck james bauer and christain bauer

Dien Rentmeester gave $500.00

Go NorCal!

Steve & Jessica Hope gave $100.00

Keith gave $100.00

Happy to support such a positive activity in your life Serena. Go NorCal !

Lori & Ivan Brockman gave $450.00

The Feingold's gave $36.00

Good Luck with Crew!

Cecile and Walter Barry gave $200.00

We love you so much. Good luck on your math final!

Emily & Ken Brakebill gave $3,500.00

Go Dylan!!!

Saal-Dalma's gave $118.00

Love that you guys are so passionate about this!!

Christine Gertner gave $50.00

Rong Ou gave $50.00

Keep rowing Clement! - Your sister Sophia

Anonymous gave $300.00

Great work !

Julia poole gave $200.00

Great sport that children should continue participating in.

Shari Golan gave $40.00

Because Rosie's commitment to crew and her community is inspirational.

Arvind Purushotham gave $100.00

Ingelise Guy gave $25.00

Fontana's gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $250.00

The Lammersen Family gave $500.00

Go Nor-Cal! We are proud of Caroline and the entire team! Looking forward to a great spring season!

Mitchell Eckstein gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Betty Hung gave $200.00

Anonymous gave $150.00

Go Trey, go NorCal!

Khristine gave $500.00

support norcal

David and Lindsey Schlesinger gave $36.00

Good luck!

Kevin M. gave $100.00

Could I say no? Go Norcal! - Uncle Kevin

Anonymous gave $400.00

Crew teaches all the best values

Brad & Michelle LaForce gave $50.00

The Frenkel Family gave $54.00

What a great program! So excited for you!

Grampy and Gramma gave $100.00

A tremendous team spirited sport.

Janet Wattles & Mark Romano gave $35.00

Row, row, row your boat!

C&T gave $80.00

Good luck 

Alek klebaner gave $250.00

Seth Leslie gave $100.00

Good luck Jake!

Aunt Susan gave $100.00

To support my nephew Hunter

Anonymous gave $50.00

because I love Elley! :-)

Wayne Thompson gave $200.00

Go NorCal!

Stanley and Julie Chin gave $3,500.00

We're so thankful that Kimmi is part of the NorCal family!

Lori & Andrew Mackenzie gave $50.00

Claudia Mellen gave $50.00

To Liam, on behalf of Clark, for your comradeship, and your sense of humor!

Martin O'Malley gave $500.00

Go Nor Cal!

Jeff, Diana, Steven & Elizabeth gave $50.00

Hannah, you are an inspiration with your rowing!!!! We are cheering for you tomorrow.

Anonymous gave $130.00

Kiana is a star!

Chris higgins gave $50.00

Good luck Emily! Love uncle Chris and aunt Cindy.

Martin O'Malley gave $200.00

Go Ryan!

The MacLeod Family gave $250.00

You inspire us in many, many ways. You rock!

Anonymous gave $290.00

Go obsessive one!

Anonymous gave $10.00

Elizabeth Schenk gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Marge Finlay gave $5,000.00

We are so proud of what Ryan has been doing at NorCal since August. He went from never really doing much exercise to this rigorous activity. Mom & Dad

Claudia Mellen gave $50.00

To Bryce, on behalf of Clark, for really welcoming him into NorCal, and for making Everything Fun!!

Anonymous gave $20.00


Anonymous gave $250.00

Nana gave $80.00

Look forward to seeing you at the SD Crew Classic again!

Nana gave $100.00

Go Allie! Very Proud of you!

Isaac and Dara Mendyuk gave $100.00

Eliana is a superstar! NorCal is a great club. Thank you for helping kids pursue their rowing dreams.

June Jorgensen gave $200.00

Carol Jorgensen gave $100.00

The Tomlinson Family gave $50.00

Marci and John stevens gave $64.00

I love Bryce

Jon & April Carlson gave $1,000.00

Row fast, Mike!

Sandeep Puri gave $50.00

Power Ten, Clark!

Pawan Kumar gave $100.00

Good Luck Misha.

Lisa Voge Levin gave $50.00

Go Ryan!

Cathy Zhang gave $150.00

Support Norcal crew.

William Harnett gave $100.00

To support Clark, his teammates, and the great sport of rowing. Clark, call out those strokes, Uncle Bill and Aunt Patty.

Mary Severns gave $75.00


Jody and Bob Murphy gave $450.00

Kara and Skye gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $80.00

Chancellors gave $50.00

Happy to support Nitin!

Rebecca Walker gave $100.00

The Colons gave $25.00

We love and support you Emily!

Esther Belikoff gave $36.00

Pursue your dreams!

Carol Ross gave $50.00

Way to go Hunter! Best wishes for an amazing season!

UM gave $100.00

Great that you're enjoying rowing so much Andrew. I'm really happy to support you

Anonymous gave $75.00

We love Bryce!

McGreivy Family gave $100.00

For my grandson

Anonymous gave $3,500.00

Nana gave $100.00

Nana gave $50.00

Keep up the hard work!

Allen & Erin Baler gave $100.00

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

Anonymous gave $25.00

Roger Meike gave $250.00

Go Elise! Go Norcal!

Gary and Joanne Harpell gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

To support a great kid. Best of luck Maxwell!

Jeff Stein gave $50.00

Go Ali!

Richard Knoll gave $60.00

Anonymous gave $100.01

with love from Gma Lois

Ruth Avida gave $100.00

For Natalie.

Dayna and Tom Taylor gave $200.00

Because we love Louisa! Go Norcal!!

Grenny gave $50.00

Gratulálok. Örülök, hogy tetszik ez a sport. Sok sikert kívánok. Congratulations, I am happy that you like this sport. Good luck!

Talley Kenyon gave $50.00

So proud of your dedication and hard work. Keep on rowing!

Ken and Laura Barker gave $500.00

Shawn Carolan gave $50.00

Nitin Purushotham!

Dan and Devon Morehead gave $200.00

Sarah, You're awesome! Go NorCal! Dan+Devon

OESTERLING gave $20.00

Henry Mellen gave $100.00

Go, Clark, go!

Deon Goldschmidt gave $30.00

Go Jakie!!

Rusti Baker gave $100.00

Sarah Wright gave $25.00

The Clarks gave $50.00

Susan B Boynton gave $250.00

I'm happy to support this dedicated team of athletes and coaches! Have a memorable and competitive season. Good luck!

Melissa & Sriram gave $25.00

Have fun rowing! A great sport!!

Jonathan and Heather Bass gave $20.00

Scott W. Miller gave $250.00

My niece is very active in the sport and thinks very highly of Carolyn. I also work for her father. She is a great person!

Sophie Heerinckx gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $150.00

He is showing initiatives and commitment since he joined Rowing team! I want to see more from him as he grows with the team

Anonymous gave $20.00

Good Luck NorCal! Rowing is an awesome sport!

Angelo and Sia gave $50.00

Keep up the hard work Nick!

Michael and Elaine gave $100.00

wilson gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Go Jake!

Kendall Chapman gave $10.00

Your welcome, child

Tina Niu Smith (and Smith family) gave $25.00

Awesome Trevor! Good luck to you and team!

Sinan Karahan gave $25.00

Intuit Corporation gave $250.00

Matching Donation

Elizabeth Terzakis gave $25.00

Because Sean is awesome.

Elizabeth Terzakis gave $25.00

Because Nicholas is awesome.

Anonymous gave $100.02

with love from Gma Lois

Susan and Isaac Bass gave $100.00

Eliana is a great kid with a bright future!!

Terry Miller gave $500.00

To support Norcal Crew and Lindsay Miller

Hyman Bass gave $100.00

Michael & Kristen Frantz gave $50.00

Go after it Caroline!

Greta Kim / Roger Murff gave $50.00

Axel Ljungren

Deanna and Jim gave $50.00

Sally Coassin gave $60.00

Great young woman! I am proud of you! Xo

David Hou gave $100.00

The Loftermans gave $50.00

Go Axel!!

Michael Mitgang & Barbara Gottesman gave $250.00

We are so proud of you, Danielle & Harrison. We are dedicating an oar in honor of Danielle's last year of rowing with Norcal Crew. Go Norcal! Go Danielle and Harrison! Love, Mom & Dad

Anonymous gave $50.00

Jake is so passionate about Crew and his club. The club has been a fantastic place for Jake to learn about commitment, team work and great sportsmanship! Go Norcal!

Rong Ou gave $250.00

Go Clement go!

Scott Doughman gave $50.00

Great young man, great cause

Scott Doughman gave $50.00

Great young man, great cause

rajul kadakia gave $50.00

Scott Doughman gave $50.00

Great young man, great cause.

Vivek caroli gave $250.00

To support Riya in all her constructive efforts!

Anonymous gave $11.34

Kathleen Ebert gave $100.00

Ravi and Kamal Khaira gave $75.00

Good luck, Nicholas!

Derek Johnson gave $50.00

Just keep rowing, just keep rowing....

Raghu Shandilya gave $25.00

Good Job Nitin!!

Angelie gave $50.00

DAD gave $50.00

Uncle Marty and Aunt Ann gave $50.00

Proud of Serena Gertner and her team

Anonymous gave $100.00

Shelly Schroth gave $25.00

I am so proud of my niece, Juliette Dignum, and want to support her and all the other young women who work so hard day in and day out!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Ariana, We are proud of you & your accomplishments and your pursuit of excellence in all you do. Love, Auntie Jennie & Uuncle Tom

Nancy Bromberg gave $250.00

Go Norcal!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Great work !

Anonymous gave $100.00

We are impressed with your dedication and passion to this sport. Keep it up !

Anonymous gave $200.00

Andrew & Lori Mackenzie gave $100.00

Dylan loves crew

Steve and Craig Barnard gave $50.00

To support our awesome Sofia!

Jeff Huber gave $100.00

Jack is awesome.

Maria Frantz gave $250.00

Love ya, Cai. So proud of you!! xo

Grammy and Poppy gave $150.00

As Sydneys grandparents we are thrilled to see her take such a serious interest in the sport of rowing with such a fine organization. We look forward to seeing her row in person.

Fred Smith gave $80.00

Good luck Jack!

Tyler Needman gave $50.00

Marie and Michael gave $40.00

Kerry Meyer & Sheri Novack gave $100.00

Keep up the hard work. We are proud of you.

Matthew Bromberg gave $250.00

Go Norcal!

Eleanor Bromberg gave $100.00

Go Norcal!

Anonymous gave $100.00

Andrew, I am thrilled to hear about your developing passion for rowing and support you in that pursuit! Cheers, Bruce

Anonymous gave $40.00

Have fun Norcal!!!

Anonymous gave $200.00

Bridgett Collins gave $20.00

Paul, Sandi, Hailey, Marlee and Russell Mandel gave $36.00

We are so impressed with your dedication to your rowing and your rowing team. Good luck! We love you xoxo

Jim Neesen gave $250.00

Susie Hornbeek gave $50.00

Great job!

Daniel Eggen gave $20.00

Great kid

Michael Strambi gave $100.00

Great job, Emily!

Richard and Lesle Robertson gave $50.00

Go, Andrea! Injured or not, you always go for it. So proud of you.

Elizabeth Olson gave $200.00

Go Will and Go NorCal Crew!

Anonymous gave $50.00

We love our grandson, his goals, dedication, and achievements.

Caroline gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $40.00

Good job NorCal!!

Anonymous gave $250.00

Alix Barry gave $250.00

Anonymous gave $55.00

Best coxswain ever!

Roberto Romero gave $75.00

So proud of our grandson.

Anonymous gave $250.00

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Susan gave $100.00

Go Sydney! We are so proud of you!

Ilya Klebaner gave $50.00

Keep going Nor Cal!

Grammy Diane and Papa Hal gave $500.00

Go Mike!!

McSweeney Family gave $40.00

Susie Wise Peterson gave $70.00

An honor to support Nate and the NorCal crew.

John Love gave $100.00

This gift is from Grammy!

Shelly Li gave $25.00

Best wishes to you, Ariana!

Greg E. Mills gave $40.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Keep up the great work Michal!!

Kenneth Steadman gave $50.00

Go Liner!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Ron and Paula gave $250.00

To help Anna achieve her goals and to support a fellow sailor.

Bonnie Vail Carlson gave $100.00

Row Mike Row!!! I am proud of you. Lots of hugs and love.

Bonnie Vail Carlson gave $75.00

Row Mike Row I am proud of you. Lots of hugs and love.

The Ljunggren Family gave $250.00

Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go! We love you, Mom, Dad and Filippa

Paul Carlson gave $50.00

Marnelle and Lou Fox gave $100.00

Love to hear you are doing crew. A great sport. Have fun with it!

Barbara & Scott Sullinger gave $200.00

Happy to support Mariana Buxton and NorCal Crew!

Arlene Brockman gave $250.00

To support my granddaughter Emma Brockman.

Anil Chakravarthy gave $40.00

Great to see your enthusiasm, Nitin!

Aunt Suzie, Zibby and Catherine gave $15.00

I loved watching you row in Sacramento--very exciting!

Anonymous gave $20.00

To encourage the young man participating in this program.

Eleanor Bromberg gave $100.00

Eric Sabelman gave $50.00


Eric Sabelman gave $50.00

Happy to be supporting Irene

Ellen & Joseph Chin gave $50.00

We are so proud of you Kimmi. Good luck to the Norcal Team!

Stan Goldberg gave $250.00

The Burgos Family gave $30.00

For Sophia and team- Go long and strong!

Peter Barovich gave $200.00

Suzanne & Eric O'Brien gave $20.00

Go Ariana!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Rowing is awesome and Sean is a beast!

Pamela Sargent gave $250.00

In honor of Ariana Park.

Anonymous gave $10.00

The Wigod Family gave $40.00

We give because we are proud of Mike!

Susanna Klebaner gave $50.00

to support Emma Klebaner

Anonymous gave $250.00

Mariana Buxton!

AK3 gave $50.00

ryan atkinson gave $50.00

Row Row Row

Desire' Smith gave $100.00

Cindy Barker is a wonderful young lady with a passion for the sport.

Emily & Kevin gave $100.00

to support Sarah Hope & the NORCAL Crew!

ChanHwe Lee gave $500.00

I am a proud NorCal crew parents

Lavinia gave $50.00

Rachel and Tom Bakker gave $50.00

Kris Doherty gave $20.00

Ready All . . .Row!

Anonymous gave $25.00


Jon Bone gave $100.00

Row on Ryan!

Andersen Family gave $35.00

Mulpuri gave $50.00

Maryanne & Dana Lipken gave $50.00

Keep up the great work

Angelina McCleod gave $100.00

Are you kidding! Because Misha is great :)

Jacob Klebaner gave $50.00

Emma Klebaner's request

Schafer Family gave $25.00

Rowing is awesome!

Ilya Klebaner gave $50.00

Go NorCal!

Holden Fam gave $30.00

Hannah loves to row!!!!! And we love Hannah!!!!!!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Go Dude!

Carl Shan gave $40.00

From what I've heard, crew is clearly a huge and positive part of your life. It's something you're willing to make tremendous sacrifices for, and seems to have positively shaped your character and mindset. I'm happy to support you and this activity!

Marge Finlay gave $100.00

Your family inspired us to encourage our son to try out the sport.

Anonymous gave $25.00

Kennon States gave $250.00

Support for my grandson, JJ Hilbert-Go Norcal!

Anonymous gave $10.00

David and Kathy Utley gave $500.00

We would like to dedicate the seat in honor of Donald Boscher (Emma's grandfather)

Carleton Baler gave $100.00

This is a great program.

Christie and Steve Tonsfeldt gave $500.00

Norcal is awesome and has been a great place for our daughter to row!

Blanchebaler,md gave $100.00

I'm so proud of you, Clark. Love, Obaasano

Anonymous gave $25.00

Mima & Pop gave $25.00

Elley is awesome

Edward Taylor gave $50.00

NorCal rocks!

Melanie Janin gave $25.00

So glad you found this new passion!!! Row hard!

Hinda Sack gave $50.00

To support Trevor Kelly

Ellie Fitton gave $25.00

Go Kiana!

Favorite Godmother gave $100.00

because it's hard to row up the creek without a paddle...Go Maxwell!

Jeanine and Chris Tonas gave $50.00

Go Nicholas! Proud of you!

Grammy & Grampy gave $250.00

We admire and enjoy Courtney's passion for rowing and NorCal crew.

Finn Anderson gave $200.00

Go NorCal!

B. & L. Gibbs gave $100.00

Happy days Liam from Grandad and Nana.

Mom and Dad gave $250.00

Gutheil Family gave $25.00

Good luck Misha

Susie, Jean, Kenny and Grammy gave $100.00

Because Caroline Rocks!

Steve Anderson gave $250.00

Get Fat Ergos!

Susie, Jean, Kenny and Grammy gave $200.00

Because she's awesome

Finn Anderson gave $250.00

Keep pulling!

Laura Gordon gave $25.00

Yay, Misha! Love, Grandma

Miles McCormick gave $100.00

Congratulations on another year!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Cindy Peterson gave $50.00

Go Eliana!

Aunt Kari & Bob gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Row hard, Trey!

Andree charonis gave $30.00

Supporting our nephew

Sydney Barada gave $20.00

David and Maria Lau gave $200.00


Martin O'Malley gave $250.00

Go Nor Cal!

Alexandra Strambi gave $250.00

Crew has been such a great experience for Emily. We are proud of your accomplishments!

Anonymous gave $100.00

David and Maria Lau gave $100.00


David and Maria Lau gave $100.00


Dien Rentmeester gave $100.00

Miles McCormick gave $150.00

It's such a worthwhile cause! Great team building!

Ashley G Honerkamp gave $25.00

Good job Juliet! I would have given more but it looks like you've now reached your goal! Yay!

Peggy Goldsmith gave $100.00

Anil Jain gave $100.00

Velva & Allan Jones gave $100.00


Robert Parish gave $250.00

To support Lander and the Great NorCal programs.

Anonymous gave $100.00

Mike Beck gave $20.00

In honor of Rosie Goity!

Bubie Fagel gave $50.00

I love my grandchildren!!

Tony & Jan Taylor gave $250.00

Go, JJ, Go! Row, Norcal, row! We're proud of you, JJ.

Glenda Stewart gave $100.00

Mattie is super duper. She's my hero!

John and cira bauer gave $250.00

Dad and I are so proud of you. STAY FIERCE!

Lauren Buchholz gave $50.00

Jenny gave $15.00

Emily's an awesome person and I want to support her!

The Miller Family gave $25.00

Good luck to all! Emily we are so proud of your dedication and hard work.

Samantha Ness gave $450.00

Stanley Glaser gave $100.00

I love Sydney Ann!

Vanessa C gave $100.00

Go Anika! Great job on taking up rowing and congratulations on your hard work and commitment day after day!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

To be supportive of my niece.

Anonymous gave $50.00

Courtney Biggs gave $25.00

Mark Pomotov gave $50.00

Good luck w your fundraising.

Carolyn A Bastian gave $50.00

I gave in support of my awesome Grandson August

Maggie barovich gave $50.00

Great sport

John and Erika Ammirati gave $50.00

Clark is a great kid.

Rusti Baker gave $250.00

Lane markers are dangerous. Thank goodness all we need is a few replacement oars. Please make sure the boys are safe!

Tensie Coassin gave $100.00

Go Caroline!

Rich & Roni Holeton gave $100.00

Go Gabriel and team, and enjoy!

The Rodrick Family gave $500.00

To support my son's rowing efforts and the great work that NorCal does to promote the sport in Northern California.

Stern Family gave $180.00

The Frenkel Family gave $50.00

So happy to support you!

Lucy gave $40.00

Go Caroline!

Jing Li gave $300.00

Support Norcal crew team

David Sklansky & Deborah Lambe gave $500.00

We're happy to support our wonderful son Joe and his Norcal teammates!

Grandma & Grandpa gave $250.00

Love that you love to row!

Grandma & Grandpa gave $250.00

To support you and rowing. Go Norcal!

Matlin-Cramer Clan gave $54.00

The StanClan gave $50.00

Because we love Caroline so much. I stole this from Kiki's wallet. Don't tell.

Lindsay Lammersen gave $200.00

Kennon States gave $250.00

I am happy to support my grandson, JJ Hilbert. Go NorCal!

McGreivy Family gave $250.00

Grandpa Mike gave $50.00

Fantastic rowing, FANTASTIC

Karen Hilbert gave $75.00

Happy to support JJ Hilbert

Kenneth Gottschlich gave $100.00

erin gave $50.00

I love my niece.

Christina Diggins gave $25.00

You are my hero, Emily!

Chris Statham gave $10.00

Keep on rowing!

Charles Statham gave $10.00

Great Job Emily!

Gisela Diggins gave $10.00

Way to go Emily! Love, Uncle Tom

Gisela Diggins gave $100.00

I'm so happy for you and your achievements! Congratulations for your latest win! Keep up the good work. Lots of love, Oma.

Suvia gave $200.00

Diane Green gave $50.00

Herb Bull gave $100.00

darling picture on your page. love pretty you.

Shinn Family gave $25.00

Way to go Trevor and Team!

sally c young gave $250.00

for my granddaughter who loves to row.

Steve Orlowski gave $50.00

My niece asked me.

CJ gave $100.00

Make rowing great again!

Ellen Hackman Ziegler gave $250.00

I want to dedicate an oar in honor of Kevin Hackman's deceased grandfather, George M. Hackman, Sr.

Cathy an Mike Brogan gave $75.00

Maria Runge gave $100.00

W ar sooo proud of you, Sofia. You are our "Sparkle Girl."

Mom gave $100.00

Row hard!

ellen hope gave $100.00

Jasper Malcolmson gave $100.00

Excited to support the joy of rowing!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Go Trey!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Go Trey!

Noreen L King gave $500.00

April and John King gave $1,000.00

Neela Gentile gave $40.00

Hope your team raises enough $ to keep all your teams rowing!

Matt Runge gave $100.00

Good Luck Sofia!!

Emily Steinmetz gave $100.00

Giving your all is winning

Anonymous gave $50.00

Isabelle, our family loves your tenacity and dedication to your sport. Keep up the amazing work!

Michael Wright gave $100.00

I am donating because Bryce is such a fine young man! Anything I can do for him is a pleasure to do.

Freda & Allan Brender gave $100.00

We love our grandchildren. Danielle and Harrison are the best!

Robbie and Mary Finlay gave $500.00

Fontana's gave $50.00

Go Norcal!!

Anonymous gave $15.00

Robert Hinckley gave $250.00

Anonymous gave $250.00

Good luck Ryan!!

Diann Lawson gave $50.00

Go Ryan!

Emily Matthews gave $100.00

Jeff Westsmith gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Go, Ryan!

Dennis and Barbara Curtin gave $100.00

Love everything about this program, especially that it's open to everyone. Isabelle, you ROCK!!

Carolina Veenstra gave $100.00

Wishing you love & encouragement. ~Your shell auntie

Anonymous gave $500.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

We gave because we want to support exercise, independence, diligence and commitment and, because we love our niece, Isabelle Boynton

Kumi & Frank Nishiura gave $250.00

For a great grandson

roz schlesinger gave $18.00

A great cause and a great experience for dearest Harrison and Danielle. Good luck! Much love!

Kathie Heap gave $50.00

Awesome Andrea - go row.

Nathan and Grace gave $50.00

Go Denali - you're the man!

Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom gave $50.00

We give to support our amazing nephew, Joe Sklansky!

Anonymous gave $450.00

To support the team!

Moni Schlotter gave $50.00

Tara Wright gave $100.00

To support Kiana and her awesome teammates!

Jill Hartley gave $25.00

Hunter - Good luck on December 11! Happy to support you and your team. Xoxo The Hartley Family

Mark Sear gave $250.00

I love rowing and Ryan is a stud!

The Gurtner Family gave $100.00

Great work Max!

Gabrielle Higgins and Bill Steinmetz gave $1,000.00

We gave because Norcal has given our daughter the physical and mental strength to not only "move the boat" but to face anything challenge.

Krakow Family gave $50.00

Go Isabelle!

Anonymous gave $25.00

Good luck!

Virginia & Tom Steuber gave $100.00

Row hard, Mike! XO Virginia & Tom

Anonymous gave $500.00

Jo gave $20.00

Good luck rowing!

Anonymous gave $100.00

Go Norcal Crew!!

Kathie Heap gave $100.00

Encourage and Support Kaeli in her quest.

Amaral gave $20.00

Cheering for you all way from Houston!

Paul Diggins gave $100.00

Support Emily's Team.

Kathleen Kelly gave $100.00

love watching Jacq race

Anonymous gave $35.00

Good Luck Misha !!

Gma Sylvia Garcia & Gpa Jim Garcia gave $250.00

Semper Fidelis, Maxwell Anthony, send that photo of you sailor & your oar, use vigorously & emotionally it will inspire you in future. You, mates inspire us with your commitment & dedication. 4AM? Wow. We marvel at the spirit of those that support you.

Susan McGreivy gave $100.00

Kit & Craig Gibbs gave $100.00

Go Lander!

Rohini Rewari gave $25.00

Good luck!

david harrison gave $250.00

ryan's a stud

Kit & Craig Gibbs gave $400.00

Go Liam, Go!

Kit & Craig Gibbs gave $100.00

Jonathan gave $100.00

Olivia is a most awesome cousin.

Anonymous gave $150.00

We're giving you an extra push, Summer! Grandma and Grandpa

Katie Kelly gave $50.00

Go Norcal!! Go Jaq!! So proud of you!!

Trevor Kelly gave $250.00

David Evans and Juliette Searight gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $75.00

Sherri Schmidt gave $50.00

For Gabriel Goldberg, In memory of Diana Real Goldberg

Anonymous gave $500.00

Jenn and Steve Miller gave $1,000.00

To support the awesome program at Norcal :)

The Lemus Family gave $150.00

Company match on behalf of the Lemus Family for Max Granoski-donated to Norcal Rowing for the training program they provide to the youth of the Bay Area.

The Halabe Family gave $50.00

Good Luck Ryan!

Rosalind Lee & Family gave $20.00

Rosie is an awesome friend, and I know that she loves being a part of Norcal crew!

Rob & Lori Krolik gave $50.00

Ian Linford gave $25.00

Dolores florian gave $40.00

Enjoy this journey. Mimi and Pito

Archer Family gave $100.00

Go Max!

Marge Finlay gave $100.00

Nice job!

Anonymous gave $450.00

Go Norcal!!!

Buxton family gave $25.00

G.W. Miller gave $1,000.00

To support NorCal crew

Anne M Gray gave $50.00

Because of our love for Sophia and our wanting her and her teammates to have meaningful friendships, wholesome fun and accomplishment, while also experiencing great physical health and vitality.

Anonymous gave $50.00

As former PARC parents, we get it . Row on!

Anonymous gave $250.00


Veronica Pratt gave $25.00

The Lemus Family gave $150.00

We love you Max! We will always support you. Row on Max - you got this! Love Cuzzin Sophia, Tia Christy and Unkle Eddie =)

Kylie Harrison gave $15.00

I am just going to keep adding more because I love you :)

Mori Family gave $50.00

Go Andrea!

Shea Browne gave $25.00

Keep up the great work!

Conor Flannery gave $250.00

Keep working hard Caroline! You're a rock star.

Blechermans gave $100.00

Norcal Crew Rocks!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Contributing for Andrea Avillez.

Anonymous gave $10.00

Love Max~

The Ginsbergs gave $36.00

Row Row Row Your Boat...Good luck! xoxo Love, Jeffy, Boppy, Hannah, Sammy and Rosie!

Kylie Harrison gave $15.00

I am so proud of my baby bro for working so hard and never complaining :)

Jessica Lacroix gave $20.00

Go Max!

Special Gardens - Maia & Gabriel gave $100.00

We are happy to support a great sport and a good organization. Row on Max!

Garret Giglia gave $25.00

Go Ryan!

The Popp's gave $50.00

We continue to be impressed with your dedication and hard work! Good luck!

The Mins gave $75.00

Go Sydney!

Sid & Ann Glaser gave $50.00

We strongly support any endeavor like this that encourages young people to work as a team and share whatever accolades befall them as a group. We wish them success in all their endeavors. As they say in my Louisiana, "Reau, reau, reau, your boat."

Joan Baker gave $100.00

My best to you and NorCal!

Anonymous gave $65.00

Blecherman family gave $36.00

The Blecherman family is happy to support and wish you both a great season !!

Miriam McKinney gave $30.00

Rooting for you Sean! Woo!!

Bouchard Family gave $60.00

Sophia, We are so excited that you discovered and have committed yourself to rowing. NorCal is very lucky to have you on their team! xoxo, Jenn, Andre and Nic

Kenneth Oestreich gave $36.00

Good luck from the Oestreich family. I didn't even last one season on my Freshman Crew team. You both will be better prepared.

Nancy Rudin gave $100.00

Rowers are amazing!

Anonymous gave $100.00

For my grand daughter, Kaeli Nielsen.

The Hodges Family gave $20.00

We'll do anything for cookies (and a good cause) ;-)

Jennifer & Ken Rosenberg gave $36.00

It's wonderful to hear about your participation in this exciting sport!

The Twichell Family gave $150.00

Go Max! We support you and Norcal Crew! Keep up the hard work.

Anonymous gave $40.00

Good Luck NorCal! Rowing is an awesome sport!

Donna Ferrier gave $25.00

I support my nephew Max and his choice to join the Norcal Junior Rowing team ...and row 1 million meters!

John O'Grady gave $75.00

Sean: Proud of your Team's effort. Row steady, row hard. J.O.

ellen hope gave $100.00

Di Gow gave $25.00

I'm proud of Sean and his hard work with NOrCal Crew.

Annie McGinnis gave $100.00

Keep it up!

inghie kwik gave $500.00

Because I 'd like to see Kimmi win in whatever she does.

Anna Sakkis gave $100.00

To support Lykourgos's efforts

Jerry/Cindy Giroux gave $20.00

Good luck with your crew team. Love, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Cindy

Jen Lutton gave $200.00

"Go, Trey!!!" From, Liam and Maria

Julie Allen gave $50.00

To support my amazing niece Olivia!

Jessi Sohn and family gave $250.00

Go Andrea!!! We are rooting for you!

Anna & Jay Keller gave $50.00

Good luck Denali and team!

Mark Klein gave $50.00

Way to go, Denali!

Robert Skinner gave $250.00

Anonymous gave $200.00

I love Summer's dedication to this sport!

Sydney Cheek gave $60.00

Go Norcal!

Anonymous gave $20.00

Go NorCal!


Because Rose is a tough cookie and makes great cookies.

Aunt Min & Uncle Jeff gave $50.00

Julie Pang gave $35.00

John, Jennie, Cam, Jack gave $250.00

Go Ryan!

Ken & Dianne Spindola gave $50.00

Denise Aptekar gave $250.00

I support Jared Strober and NorCal!

james pleasants gave $50.00

max rocks!

Tom & Patti Brennan gave $50.00

Sophia, we are so proud of your commitment to being the best that you can be. You are unstoppable! We love you!!!! Uncle Tootie and Auntie Patti

The Granoski's gave $250.00

Go Norcal! Keep rowing Max!!

Prep Daskalakis gave $50.00

Lykourgo, best of luck to you and your team from Theio Prep and family!

Harry Yoon gave $50.00

Ariana Park is awesome!

Heather Cowans gave $25.00

Roshan Chandna gave $25.00

Good Luck Hunter!

Kit & Craig Gibbs gave $100.00

Anna, We are so impressed that you went out and have stuck with crew! We look forward to seeing you out there. The Gibbs' Family

Kim Ip gave $250.00

Go team!!

Tsung-Jen Chou gave $30.00

Good job, Hunterr!

Bradley Nishiura gave $100.00

Dylan is a hard worker and deserves newer equipment! Go Dylan!!!

Kit & Craig Gibbs gave $100.00

Ryan, Congrats to you for going out for crew! It's nice to see you out there, we are all "pulling" for you! Kit, Craig, Liam & Amelia

Bob Wood gave $500.00

Brandi Walters gave $30.00

Good luck, Ryan!

Alan Zafran gave $250.00

The Poppink Family gave $100.00


Steffen Kammerer gave $50.00

Great work! Go Norcal!

Leo, Teri, Mark Vershel gave $40.00

Go Ryan! Love that you are rowing...super cool.

Elizabeth Phillips gave $100.00

Dean Horwitz gave $100.00

B/C Ryan is the man!

Michael Charney gave $250.00

Jennifer Johnson gave $20.00

Go Andrea! So proud of you.

Mike Martin gave $20.00

Go Olivia!

Danielle Guard gave $100.00

We gave because Caroline is one of our most favorite people in the world. We love you!

Linda Allen gave $25.00

I chose to donate because NorCal rowing has provided a powerful and positive opportunity for my granddaughter, Olivia, to challenge herself and to set goals.I love you. Liv! Grandma

Marcia Harrison gave $50.00

I love the fact that my Grandson is participating in crew. Way to go Ryan.

Iliessa Kimura gave $20.00

I gave because Rosie is an amazing friend and I wanted to support all of the hard work she does for her sport!

Anonymous gave $100.00

The Olsons gave $20.00

Because Rosie works really hard at crew and deserves lots of support. Plus, she's just awesome!

Christine Orlowski gave $100.00

The Holman Family gave $25.00

Row away Trevor! Good luck on meeting your goal.

Papo and Popa from Switzerland gave $50.00

Stephanie Swanson gave $25.00

The Holman Family gave $25.00

Way to go Juliette!

Rory and Dorith Dooley gave $50.00

Francine Noda gave $50.00

Papo and Popa from Switzerland gave $50.00

Papo and Popa from Switzerland gave $50.00

Papo and Popa from Switzerland gave $50.00

Papo and Popa from Switzerland gave $50.00

Rory and Dorith Dooley gave $250.00

We are very proud of you and your investment in such a demanding sport. Good luck for the spring season and GO NORCAL

Elinor P. Goldsmith gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $20.00

Go Andrea!!!

Rory and Dorith Dooley gave $50.00

Rory and Dorith Dooley gave $50.00

Rory and Dorith Dooley gave $50.00

Rory and Dorith Dooley gave $50.00

Rory and Dorith Dooley gave $250.00

We love you and we are happy to support you and your team.

Louisa and Jeff Hilbert gave $250.00

Our son JJ is a novice rower. Go Norcal!

Mike and Brenda gave $100.00

Mattie is the best!

Robert gave $25.00

Coach Skaliotis rocks.

Robert gave $25.00

Coach Skaliotis is very patient.

van der Wals gave $50.00

Go Summer!

Sharon John Balero gave $100.00

To surport out grandson in all he does.

David Andrews gave $250.00

Go Max go! Look forward to the invite to see you row at Henley! Dave A

Sarah-Jane Tarr gave $250.00

Just keep Rowing! Cheers SJ

Vicky Hoover gave $500.00

Denali my grandson is really passionate about rowing and I am eager to help support him and his teammates.

Kimberly Moore gave $25.00

Go Trey!

Frobenius Hoover gave $50.00

It seemed like a good idea at the time :-)

Karen and Thomas Ivey gave $1,000.00

Go Norcal! Love, the Iveys

Uncle Darren gave $50.00

You are going to be extraOARdinary!!!

Shelley & Rick Obwald gave $50.00

Lauren, Good Luck Next Stop Oxford

The Great Daddini gave $100.00

Row row row that boat son!

Emily & Kevin gave $100.00

Good Luck with rowing Nicholas!

Carolyn Calhoon gave $100.00

Row like the wind, girls!

Missy and David Jones gave $100.00

Because we are proud of Louisa and want other kids to have a chance to row, too!

Jim and Noreen Gunning gave $75.00

Because we're so proud of our granddaughter!

Michael and Mary Dawn gave $25.00

The Palmers gave $150.00

Because Will is a fantastic guy and we are always here to help him pursue his goals.

Sandy Stewart gave $100.00

Because Mattie is Super Duper, and I am thankful that she is my niece. Love and Hugs! ^ ^ ( ' o ' ) ''' ' '''

Ken McConnell gave $1,000.00

What a fantastic sport for kids of all ages. Thanks to NorCal for working so hard to keep this program running so successfully and developing a strong bond with the kids.

The Lammersen Family gave $50.00

The Lammersen Family gave $50.00

Go Nor-Cal!

Connor McGinley gave $10.00

Thanks for the paddle designs Kat!

Megan Burrows gave $50.00

Best of luck with your fundraising goal! Love, Megan

Anonymous gave $75.00

Go Caroline!

The Lammersen Family gave $50.00

Annette Elizabeth gave $25.00

Margaret A. King gave $50.00

To help raise funds for new equipment and boats for my grandson Max's rowing club.

Kevin Miller gave $100.00

Herb Bull gave $100.00

I bet you're a beautiful rower, Nicholas, like your mother and father.

Marla Becker & Daniel Lipton gave $50.00

We are so proud of all of your hard work & commitment, Sophia, & happy to support you in this!

Gary Winter gave $75.00

I believe when an individual gives their heart and soal to a physically demanding team sport the lessons learned are priceless.

Denise Geschke gave $100.00

Because I love Caroline Lammersen!

Grandpa Dave and Kathy gave $100.00

We give because we love and support our grandson.

angeles estelles gave $50.00

support Sophia with her passion

Dara and Bruce Knoblock gave $35.00

Supporting a great athlete as he works to support his rowing club

Mom gave $100.00

Because Mattie is amazing! <3

Nanci Gunning gave $100.00

Because we are proud of Sophia's accomplishments, and believe that rowing changes lives. Go Norcal!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Inspired by your email.

Fakrai Family gave $50.00

Aparajit Raghavan gave $25.00

Meagen Eisenberg gave $50.00

Monal & Vatsal Sonecha gave $25.00

Congrats Nitin on joining and doing well in rowing! It's a wonderful sport and we wish you the best.

Rohini Chakravarthy gave $100.00

Nitin just loves this sport, we are happy to support.

Kara Woods gave $50.00

Hope you and your team have a great season, Juliette!

shari and jerry wenker gave $50.00

Juliette-Row away! Good luck. Love, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Shari

Anonymous gave $25.00

Go NorCal !!

Bob Demos gave $50.00

Myra Strober and Jay Jackman gave $250.00

Jared Strober, our grandson, is wonderfully enthusiastic about NorCal and we want to support him.

Diana Eaton gave $44.00

Trey rocks!

Celeste Baranski gave $50.00

Good luck Misha & crew team!

Nikhil Kant Kulshrestha gave $25.00

Elizabeth Ouren gave $50.00

Way to go Trevor!

vishnu kant kulshrestha gave $15.00


Sarah and John Whittle gave $250.00

Henry is awesome, and we are so proud of him! We love Norcal.

Scott Pelichoff gave $2,500.00

Steve & Jessica Hope gave $50.00

We are so proud of you, Hope, for your determination, tenacity, and good attitude. We also want to support Norcal because it's a great organization who doesn't have the money for more than one indoor bathroom.

Nancy Wright gave $25.00

Go Misha!

Hazard Family gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Proud of your accomplishments this season!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Maxwell is a good kid and a great nephew.

Anonymous gave $150.00

Ms. Shaffer gave $50.00

Stay focused! You've got grit!

Howard & Leona Harrenstien gave $200.00

We want to show our pride and support of Maxwell in his dedication to this sport of rowing.

Anonymous gave $50.00

Robert gave $25.00

Robert gave $25.00

Scott Pelichoff gave $500.00

Marcel Dignum gave $25.00

Go NorCal!!

Robert & Judy Aptekar gave $500.00

Stephen Chan gave $25.00

barbara & david mcmaster gave $250.00

we are excited about Michael's participation in crewing

Prabh Kaur gave $50.00

Good Luck Drew!!!

William Lee gave $100.00

Mark and Donna McMaster gave $100.00

Susan and Eric Lier gave $500.00

Go Lauren. We are very proud of your accomplishments.

Anonymous gave $450.00

Robert gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Go Norcal!

Steve & Jessica Hope gave $50.00

We're really proud of how hard you've been working at crew, Nicholas. Also, Norcal is a great organization who spends money on training, not fancy facilities; they only have one indoor bathroom for hundreds of rowers.

Anonymous gave $50.00

Go Norcal!

Eric Sabelman gave $50.00


Sponsorship Levels

Sponsor a new engine for a coaching launch

In order to instruct, train, and keep their crews safe, coaches need launches with working engines. We are replacing old engines, and bringing in new launches to to be able to handle more coaches and more athletes.

Sponsor a new set of oars

Allow us to purchase a new set of cutting edge racing oars from Concept II, the leading oar manufacturer in the US. A full set of oars allows us to pass our current oars down the ranks, so that all of our athletes benefit. A full set contains 8 built-to-order oars. Each will be permanently dedicated to a name of your choosing, and a picture will be provided of your athletes with the new oars.

Support a squad lead coaching position

Support the position of one of our hard working squad leads, who are directing and developing the structure to bring our program and out athletes to the next level. We will provide a picture of your athlete with the coach you helping to make available to them.

Support an assistant coaching position

Support the position of one of the many assistant coaches that help make our program possible. We will provide a picture of your athlete with the coach you helping to make available to them.

Dedicate a Seat

Have a seat in our racing shells dedicated to a person of your choice. We will have the seat dedicated, and provide a picture.

Dedicate an Oar

Have a oar dedicated to a person of your choice. We will have the oar dedicated, and provide a picture.

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