Triangle Rowing Club Erg-A-Thon

We're raising money for the Triangle Rowing Club fundraiser led by Michelle Von Dauber.


123% of $20,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Saturday, March 17, 2018


Triangle Rowing Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities to youth in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina. The club fosters a competitive rowing environment and encourages development of good sportsmanship and teamwork.

What I'm Raising Money For

TRC is hosting our 2nd Annual Erg-A-Thon on Saturday, March 17, 2018 from 8:00am-11:30am to raise money for a NEW 8 VESPOLI VHP WORLD CLASS RACING SHELL BOAT!!! In teams of 2, our High School squad will row 20,000 meters and our Middle School squad will complete 10,000 meters per pair. This goal will push all of our members to their maximum capacity!

Why You Should Give

Success is built on community support, making expert coaching and race-class equipment available to match our rowers' skill and dedication. With your tax-deductible sponsorship, we can offer a foundation for lifelong fitness, personal discipline, commitment and teamwork to our youth. TRC was awarded WRAL Voters Choice Award 2018 as BEST Youth Sports League/Organization in the RDU area.

Activity & Updates

David Dietz gave $100.00

Support the club and Charlie's effort!

leroy goff jr gave $50.00

One should never ask one why are you giving, the question should be "why are you not giving"

Chris Nichols gave $100.00

On behalf of Eddie Larkin

Jonathan Hutchison gave $100.00

To support Charlie and the club


Ingrid Schneider gave $20.00

Peter and Mary Dell Dietz gave $50.00


NaShonda Cooke gave $10.00

Because Cody is the most amazing student I e ever had!

Denise Scollo gave $25.00

Anthony & Cinda Bass gave $25.00

We are super proud of our rower! And greatful for the fantastic rowing club that provides such a supportive and rewarding athletic environment. Go TRC!

The Pencola Family gave $50.00

Rowing is a great sport. Besides being a great exercise, it teaches valuable skills like teamwork, focus, and hard work. It also builds wonderful friendships.

Jessica Trimmer gave $30.00

So proud of you Cody!

Terri Hart gave $50.00

Kendall is so dedicated to the sport and his teammates.


Grandpa gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $50.00


Padmanaban gave $50.00

R. Gan gave $20.00

Todd & Beejal Huff gave $50.00


Chase Brady gave $50.00

Bonnie Collins gave $5.00


Lorie Lindyberg gave $25.00

My daughter loved her TRC experiences. I am a sponsor for Dan Erb in this years event.

Aydan Jordan publicly announced

Thank You - Autumn-Janine

True!!! Aydan TRC - Varsity Captain


Anonymous gave $20.00

You are awesome Christian! Love you!

Renfro Family gave $25.00

To support Charlie Engemann's enjoyment of rowing.

Renfro Family gave $25.00

Supporting Will Engemann in his enjoyment of rowing.

Anna & Barrett Roberts gave $25.00

Sarah Cate Niles

Dinesh Kachalia gave $20.00

to encourage youth

Anonymous gave $50.00

Terry Bauerlein gave $20.00

Good cause

Autumn Jordan gave $50.00

If not my little sister will yell at me for days.

Amy & Kevin Leonard gave $200.00

Go Davis!!! Can't wait to see the new boat. Go TRC!!!


Anonymous gave $75.00

Charmaine Dekker gave $50.00

To support Mattie and Oliver in rowing!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $200.00

Viola (Sis) Larkin gave $100.00

Eddie's Great Aunt

Dawn Brown gave $50.00

Donald A Hatcher gave $50.00

Mark & Jill Shanahan gave $100.00

Deb Sagerer gave $50.00

To sponsor the team so my nephew and the team members are able to continue with this activity.

Nell Reaves-Coffey gave $20.00

Nell Reaves-Coffey gave $20.00

Neal Denton gave $50.00

I know how passionate Kendall is about rowing.

Anonymous gave $500.00

Anonymous gave $500.00

Lori Dawson gave $25.00

Joshua enjoys this and we love to support our awesome nephew!

Denise Williams gave $25.00

Randy Owens gave $50.00


Laurie Watson gave $50.00

To encourage Isabelle and support a legacy for the Watson boys! Go TRC!!

Breakthrough Health gave $100.00


Jen Burch gave $25.00

Mary & John Young gave $100.00

Supporting our granddaughter's love of sports and the great outdoors.

neil ramquist gave $25.00

Bud + Valerie Piland gave $50.00

We are happily making a donation on behalf of our grandaughter, Abby Davis. : )

Alicia Haskell gave $50.00

We have supported the club for years through the sustainer program. Happy to continue to help this great team!


Linda Chandler gave $100.00

David Shub gave $30.00

Go Edina - Love you!

Ed and Carolyn Hines gave $50.00

Because our granddaughter Ella Hill really enjoys Triangle Rowing Club.

Lisa Walston gave $25.00

Joshua, we are so proud of you and I am thankful that you reached out to us so that we might be able to help you in this great endeavor. I did enjoy reading your description of how the team works together and the relationships that are formed from this great sport. Good luck in your 20,000 meter row on March 17th! Have a great time!

Ann Pflugrath gave $50.00

To support Charlotte of course!! You go girl!!

Eileen Underkoffler gave $500.00

Jeff Davis gave $200.00

I want to see that new eight!

Dennis Angelillo gave $50.00

I'm giving because my nephew, Josh Dail, is AWESOME!

Raleigh Parent and Child PLLC gave $100.00

To support Ella Hill and all the athletes at TRC!


Bridget Fogarty gave $25.00

I support the Lamb family!

Angie Cloninger gave $30.00

Jim & Karen Lewis gave $50.00

Happy Birthday Samantha! Have a blessed day! We hope your day is full of surprises and fun! We love you!

Katie & Scott gave $50.00

Happy to support a good cause!

Bill ryan gave $30.00

Jack is the best Grandson ever 😎😎

Neil Ramquist gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Michelle Judge gave $50.00

I want to support my kids who love this team and this sport!

Joe Judge gave $50.00

I want to support my kids who love this team and this sport!

Camryn Friedman gave $50.00


Parul Galloway gave $25.00

Michael Clevenger gave $50.00

Go Davis!

Stephanie Owens gave $50.00

Vicki Taylor gave $25.00

So proud of you & all your hard work!

Sue Williams gave $50.00

For Cameron Ganim

The Young Family gave $250.00

Theresa Agugliaro gave $50.00

Natalie's fundraiser to purchase a new boat for the Triangle Rowing Club.


Grammy and Poppy believe in you, Joshua!!!!!!! Teamwork, Good Sportsmanship, A Positive Attitude, A Can Do Attitude, Goal Setting and Goal Achieving ...... All of the above you will learn from being an active member of your crewing team. It will serve you well in whatever career and personal path you take.

Colleen & Alex Brannan gave $50.00

Have a great season a Hannah!!

Law Family gave $200.00


Lynne loeser gave $10.00

Support physical wellness

Angel Goodwine Batts and Family gave $25.00

Way to go Forest!!!

Anonymous gave $500.00

Go Novice Girls!

Grammy Strazzella gave $50.00

I love my grandson

Lee M. Whitman gave $100.00

Eddie is awesome

Anne Nixon gave $25.00

Amy Noel Miller gave $50.00

Because we are so proud of your hard work!

Amy Peterson gave $50.00

Anthony & Cinda Bass gave $40.00

Michael Pasztor gave $500.00

To support our wonderful nephew and cousin.


William Ryan gave $50.00

Jack is a great son and I want to help him and his team to succeed.


Etelka Pasztor gave $100.00

To raise enough money for a new boat.

Etelka Pasztor gave $100.00

My grandson joined the club 3 year's ago. Loves the sport. I hope there dream will come through to purchase a new boat.

The Ganims gave $100.00

Jess Stoop gave $50.00

The Boyacks gave $30.00

Support Torrin

Kim Williams gave $75.00

Jack Ryan publicly announced

Thank You - We're Getting Close!

Thank you all for helping Jack surpass his goal by 200% - that's amazing! As of last night, the team was just $5,000 away from being able to purchase a new shell. If you are considering donating and haven't had a chance yet, please know your contribution makes a huge difference!


Anonymous gave $50.00

Sawyer loves rowing, and it would be great for the team to have more boats so more rowers could hit the water more often!

Leatha and Bob Ritchie gave $30.00

He is a cool kid.

Cory Petcoff gave $100.00

To support my wonderful niece.

Nirav Kachalia gave $25.00

We are excited to watch Emma row!!

Kathleen Jensen gave $100.00

Nancy Newell and Betty Anne Ford gave $25.00

In honor of Scott Bass

John & Vesey Grant gave $300.00

Our granddaughter Mckenzie Nobrega enjoys the sport and we are happy to support her, in her fundraising efforts!

Jenny Shirley gave $50.00

I am giving to support Charlie in his rowing efforts

Jenny Shirley gave $50.00

I want to support Will's efforts in rowing.

Janice Saunders gave $50.00

Jeff Childress gave $50.00

Ann, Celia, and David Neter gave $50.00

Ann, Celia, and David Neter gave $50.00

Mary Morris gave $25.00

Rowing is a great sport for kids!

The Engemann Family gave $50.00

We love rowing!

Mary Morris gave $25.00

Rowing is a great sport for kids!

Andrea Marcos & Hugh Dawson gave $100.00

To support girl power

Craig Skerkis gave $100.00

Support my daughter

Rachael and Maddie gave $100.00

I love to watch Hannah row, row, row her TRC boat!!!

Teresa Fincher gave $100.00

Because we love Hannah Skerkis!

Rachael and Maddie gave $100.00

River gave $100.00

Support for our Granddaughter

John Woodall gave $100.00

Dennis G Goodwin gave $50.00

Help Myles and Harlan Brady


Michelle & Olaf braren gave $100.00

Supporting a great club!

Shawn Borror gave $70.00

Donald Pomeroy gave $50.00

To support Ellie and her team mates.

Chris Stoop gave $50.00

For Mara who’s cray cray

Mike Wiley gave $50.00

Davis Leonard


Lou and Lynn Voerman gave $50.00

Chase Pate publicly announced

Thank You!!!!

a BIG thanks to everyone who has donated so far, we are almost 75% of the way there. If you can donate, please do, the sooner we get our new boat, the faster we can medal!!!! all of your help is greatly appreciated!!


Trina Griffin gave $20.00

Good luck neighbor!

Susan Conerly gave $25.00

Show of support for this great sport.

Richard Bristol gave $30.00

Jack is my grandson, and I am very proud of his initiative and accomplishments.

Joe and Kerry Block gave $50.00

We support Charlie Engemann


Joe and Kerry Block gave $50.00

We support Will Engemann

Aydan Jordan publicly announced

Thank You Ashlen

Facts! Aydan TRC - Varsity Captain


Mary Larkin gave $100.00

Support grandson Eddie Larkin

Lisi Martinez Lotz gave $20.00

To support Eddie

Anonymous gave $50.00

margaret lewis gave $50.00

to support my grand daughter Becca Lewis and the rowing club

Mimi and Poppy gave $100.00

Madysen Clarke -to assist team with fundraiser

Zoe Lamb gave $30.00

To support my our sons team TRC

Rashmi Mehndroo gave $50.00

Best of luck Rohit!

Sally Barnes Hal Shigley gave $25.00

In support of Eddie Larkin

Ashley Engemann gave $50.00

Ambreesh Khanna gave $50.00

cuz Rohit is my boy!!

Frances allred gave $20.00

To help Jack meet his goal

Joe Von Dauber gave $100.00

Bill and Sharon Ball gave $100.00

Proud grandparents


Berry & Deborah Bass gave $25.00

To support Eddie

Laura Clarke gave $100.00

Support TRC


Adhvik Kanagala gave $25.00

Well done buddy!!

Tamara Cervenak gave $50.00

Helping our friend achieve his goal!

Jennifer Bell gave $25.00

Jennifer Bell gave $25.00

Heather Parker gave $50.00

To support our amazing niece, Mara Brinton!

Annette Grant gave $100.00

I want to support these young students who need us to encourage them towards a bright future as leaders in their society.

Chris McDowell gave $25.00

Michele Hemric gave $25.00

Because it’s a joy to see young women like Sophia kick it!!

Michele Hemric gave $25.00

Because Hannah is strong!

Christine Shaffer gave $50.00

I'm so excited Christian is rowing!!!

Lucius jordan gave $50.00

Because if I don’t my evil sister Aydan will murder me in my sleep. I love her so much.

Ron Brinton gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

I am donating for Forest Miller

Ron and Toy Harris gave $100.00


Liz McCabe gave $50.00

Kat Bottitta gave $135.00

For a new boat

Megan Ring gave $50.00

Gary and Julie Newman gave $50.00

Because we love our niece Becca very much!!!

Mom and Dad gave $150.00

Charlotte loves to row, and TRC brought that joy to her life! It's a great club- go TRC!


Holly Cannon gave $20.00

Steve and Ellen Sabin gave $40.00

Weldon Byrtus gave $25.00

To support Charlotte (Lottie) Crouse

Margaret Poff Forte gave $50.00

Support of Mattie Morris.

Anonymous gave $400.00

Jerie Clowes gave $100.00

For my grandson, Eddie Larkin.

Aydan Jordan publicly announced


Mr. Larry, Thank you very much for your generous contribution, and for your constant support. Aydan TRC Varsity Captain


CAREY HODGES gave $150.00

row...row...your boat

Lauren gave $25.00

Way to go, Cody! A great organization and great kid - nothing buy great things to come from it!

Ramu Thiruvamoor gave $25.00

Roshan gets a speedy boat. His team qualifies for the Head of the Charles. He visits me in Boston to win it. I get lifelong bragging rights.

Mary Brant gave $100.00

Supporting my granddaughter

Connelly gave $300.00

Nation Hahn gave $10.00

In honor of those we have lost and loved. Good work, Eddie!

Annabelle Dunnington publicly announced

Triangle fundraiser for Annabelle

Good morning! Annabelle is trying to raise money for TRC to buy a new boat for their team. This is her final season at TRC, and she has been rowing since she was 14! Please help her raise money if you can, or pass along to your company if you feel they can help. Thanks so much for your generosity! Warmest regards, Izzy


Anonymous gave $35.00

Donna vonDauber gave $50.00

Support the NC rowers In the family😬

David Haymond gave $50.00

To support TRC

Shayne & Kari gave $75.00

Laine loves rowing and this team has become a second family to her! We are thrilled to be able to support her and her passion!


To support a great organization

Larry Ellis gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $200.00

Edna Ellis gave $50.00

Joe Von Dauber gave $100.00

Ellie, keep up the hard work. We're very proud of you! Love Mom and Dad

Sherrie Mahan gave $50.00

Kendra Daw gave $300.00

Sonya Watson gave $50.00

We are donating to support Maddy. We are very proud of her and her dedication to rowing and being a great team member ! Love, Uncle O & Aunt Sonya

Trish Hensley gave $50.00

Gamma gave $20.00

Gamma gave $20.00

Morris Hank Hayes gave $100.00

My niece Maggie is the best woman in the club.


Patrice Roesler gave $50.00

Because I support DAVIS!

Anonymous gave $9.00

Anonymous gave $2.00

Ron Vann gave $200.00

Believe in my granddaughters!

Franklin A Poff gave $50.00

Support Mattie Morris.


Anonymous gave $25.00

Isabel Rojas request donation

Dwight & Karen Leonard gave $50.00

Proud grandparents!

Esmeralda Piscatoula gave $200.34

To support the Royal sport

The Greig Family gave $30.00

The Greig Family gave $250.00

We know how much Erin loves this sport, happy to help the club.

Carey Phelps gave $25.00

For Davis Leonard

Larry Silver gave $100.00

Congratulations Aydan, Larry

Karen Byrd cpa pc gave $50.00

Happy to support Chase and her team!


Kevin F ORourke gave $100.00

Good luck, Owen!

Brian Jennings gave $100.00

Rashi Asthana gave $25.00

Go Rohit!

Dellno & Betty Lewis gave $50.00

Happy 15th Birthday Samantha! Love, Nana & Granpy

Wayne Grudem gave $100.00

Quail Hill Construction, Inc - David & Kimberly Dail gave $200.00

We love being part of the TRC family and are excited how much Josh has enjoyed rowing! Go TRC!


JSV Group Inc. gave $200.00

Support TRC - doing a great service for the Triangle


Paula Stapleton gave $20.00

Love this family 💕

Valeri M gave $20.00

Lisa Wright gave $50.00

Kristan & Derek Brown gave $300.00

Our kids Nick and Megan Brown love this team and the coaches. We are so proud of them all and thankful for such a great group!


Mark Framstad gave $50.00


Denise Grant gave $100.00

I’m donating because my niece Mckenzie Nobrega told me about what TRC was raising money for, and I thought it was a great idea for a fundraiser! Go TRC!

Aidan gave $20.00

Aidan gave $20.00

Hannah is ausome

Aidan gave $20.00

Ellie is just ausome

Aidan gave $20.00

Because Sophia's just ausome

Anonymous gave $50.00

I work with Christian.

Sam Bolduc gave $100.11

I just had to prove that I’m better than Nick and Joe

Nick Bolduc gave $100.10

Spite is one heck of a motivator. I would like to point out that I donated more than Joe and Riley too. Also, rowing is cool.

Anonymous gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Marc Dewalle gave $34.00

Zack attack!

Kate Butz gave $20.00

To support my girl, Edina!

Anonymous gave $20.00

To support Eddie Larkin

Peak City CPA gave $50.00

Aydan Jordan publicly announced

Thank You

Malissa, Thank you for your contribution and your words of encouragement. And “Thanks Again” for the “scrubs”! Aydan TRC Varsity Captain


Benjamin and Beth Atkeson gave $500.00

Support the club

Mel Black gave $15.55

Zack is the bomb.

Michelle Chopp gave $40.00

Helping support my awesome friend Christine Shaffer & her rowing kids!

Riley James gave $100.00

To prove my Grandpa Mike wrong, and to have Emma do my trash duty for a month. Oh, and to support the team:)

McClure Orthodontics gave $300.00

Dr. McClure rowed crew at Villanova University, has or is treating a number of TRC rowers and would love to help encourage more young men and women to consider such a great sport! (Not to mention we were asked so nicely to help by one of our favorite patients Hannah Davis!!)


Zaytoun Orthodontics gave $50.00

Cheering on our patients!


Anonymous gave $150.00

Rowing has helped make my son the young man he is today.


Caroline and Marvin Pate gave $25.00

To Support our Granddaughter Chase! Love CC & PaPa

Malissa gave $25.00

Congratulations Aydan! You have achieved so much success during your time at TRC! And I know you will do even more as you head off to college!! Best of luck to you!

Edith and Edward Dixon gave $30.00

We Love You Chase - YaYa & Granddaddy

Jonathan Beavers gave $200.00

I am trying to give to both Sophia and Ellie. Thanks. Beavers Family Dentistry of Apex


Jonathan Beavers gave $100.00

the Hemrics gave $35.00

We LOVE Ellie and love to see her strength!

the Hemrics gave $25.00

Supporting strong women like Isabella is awesome!

Joe Bolduc gave $100.00

Prove Grampa Mike wrong....and support of course

Suzanne Saunders Gordon gave $100.00

Because Sierra is my grand niece!

Megan & Ryan Ball gave $50.00

Sierra Clark is incredible!

bill gallagher gave $50.00

These boys need exercise!

bill gallagher gave $50.00

These boys need lots of exercise

bill gallagher gave $50.00

These boys need exercise!

Aydan Jordan publicly announced


Thank you Lauren, Nancy, and Diane for your contributions and good wishes. They are both greatly appreciated. Aydan TRC - Varsity Captain


Financial Symmetry gave $300.00

Supporting Chase Pate's rowing team


Anonymous gave $100.00

Mott House gave $25.00

Easy to support something Chase believes will get her into Yale. :) !!

Stephanie Williard gave $50.00

To support TRC

Diane Padgett gave $25.00

To help support Ayden's goals and dreams.

Gover & Gover, DMD, PA gave $200.00

We are excited for Chase and are happy to support her efforts! Good luck, Chase!!


Bernadette Manalastas gave $20.00

Nancy Shelton gave $25.00

Aydan, You hae put your heart and soul into rowing! I am SUPER proud of your hard work and dedication!! Wishing you only the best!!! Nancy

Lauren Riley gave $25.00

Benestad Family gave $50.00

Rachel Pohlman gave $20.00

Because Sierra is awesome and she loves this program.

Sam Kolesar gave $250.00

These kids deserve it. They've earned it! So proud of them all and all that they've achieved!!

Sam Kolesar gave $250.00

These kids deserve it. They've earned it! So proud of them all and all they have achieved!!

Grandpa & Grandma Przytulski gave $50.00

To help get the boat!

Anonymous gave $50.00

To support our nephew

Sophie and Roxie gave $100.00

Sherry Skinner gave $25.00

Bernadette Manalastas gave $20.00

Ready Set Row gave $300.00

A rising tide raises all boats - rowing programs need to support each other to impact as many youth as possible.


Kristen Steffen gave $50.00

Mona and Adam Schuman gave $100.00

Because Isabella rocks!

Mark Atkeson gave $100.00

Root for rowing niece

Ed Gellenbeck gave $50.00

Ed Gellenbeck gave $50.00

Nicholas Atkeson gave $100.00

I love Jane

Jon and Amy Atkeson gave $100.00

For Jane Atkeson

Bovenizer and Baker Orthodontics gave $100.00

Supporting our patient, Emma James!

Nossira Grlabert gave $100.00

Love this team and so does our son!

Erica Carere gave $50.00

Go Jane and Team!

Paula GrangerAtkeson gave $300.00

I love the sport, especially being on the water. It also is a great way to learn about team work.

Ian Schuman gave $500.00

I love my niece, Isabella — and she’s a monster in the boat. Go team!!

Dona and Harvey Schuman gave $250.00

Support for Isabella and team

Eli Scollo publicly announced

Please help me raise funds for Triangle Rowing Club! Go TRC!

I am helping to raise funds for my rowing team, Triangle Rowing Club (TRC). We are raising funds for a new 8 seat boat, to keep our team competetive on the water! We are having an Erg-a-thon on March 17, 2018 at Lake Wheeler park to support our fundraiser.. each high school rower will row a 10k ( that’s right,10,000 meters!) on rowing machines, middle schoolers will row a 5k. Pancake breakfast to follow. Feel free to join us! Triangle Rowing Club is one of the largest Competetive Youth Rowing Clubs in NC! Open to Middle and High School boys and girls. Please consider donating, any amount helps! Thank you! Eli Scollo

Chase Pate publicly announced

Triangle Rowing Club Donations

Dear Friends and Family, Thank you so much to everyone thats donated. But there is still time! March 3rd is the last day you can donate to have your family name/business logo printed on the Erg-A-Thon T-Shirts. Rowing is so important to my teammates and me. This sport is our lives, we give so much of ourselves to the boat, every practice, and every race it changes who we are. We have become better people because of this sport. Growing lifelong friendships and trust in people you couldn't find elsewhere. Our goal is to purchase a Vespoli HP8+, which is one of the nicest boat we could row in. It would be a great investment for you to donate to help us become faster and more competitive as the years progress. Thank you!!!! Chase Pate

Ellie Vondauber publicly announced

Ellie's erg-a-thon

Family and friends, as you know I am a rower for Triangle Rowing Club, but what you don't probably know is that our racing equipment is extremely expensive. So I am participating in a erg-a-thon to help raise money for a new boat. We need a boat to help us row faster in our races. I love rowing because I love the major competition it comes with, also I made some of my best friends at rowing and got closer to some old friends. Thank your for thinking of me and I appreciate you considering this opportunity for me. Love Ellie

Default avatar

Mahone family gave $50.00

TRC rocks!

Lorna Briganti DeWalle gave $50.00

Because Zack has worked so hard! Go Zack!


Carey F Lathrop gave $100.00

In support of Edina

Katie Morey gave $100.00

To support our granddaughter and her team members. They are a determined and strong group of athletes working together towards their goals.


Anonymous gave $100.00

Michael L Schoonover gave $100.00

Daryl Huffman gave $100.00

To recognize Chase's passion and hardwork

Carole Rourke gave $100.00

to support leadership and teamwork

Kenneth Carroll gave $50.00

Good luck Owen!

Brenda Singer gave $50.00

Owen is family and I wish to support his passion.

Pete and Melissa Zorn gave $50.00

owenorourke publicly announced

Help Owen buy a boat

Hello Friends and Family, Owen is loving rowing with the Triangle Rowing Club. We actually, he loves being the boss fo the boat, as the coxswain. In either case, he is excited to be back on the water this Spring. But spring rowing means Erg-a-thon, a fundraising event the club puts on to buy a new equipment. This year their goals is to raise $20,000 to buy a new boat for the club as well as some other items. An erg is the real name for the rowing machine they use to practice. To be successful in the Erg-a-thon Owen has to row 5,000 kilometers, or about 3.1 miles. If that doesn't sound like a lot, you've never sat in an erg. While he may not be looking forward to it, we've told him it'll build character and bring him closer to his teammates. Oh what parents will tell their children. Anyway, if you'd like to support Owen, any donation would be greatly appreciated.


Amy Bason gave $25.00

Rick Lusher gave $50.00

Best of Luck!

Dana Hall gave $20.00

We love Edina!

grady dixon gave $50.00

Chase is my niece and I want to support what see loves to do.

Lysa Fulbright gave $25.00

Go Chase!

Andy and Donna Freeman gave $30.00

Chase Pate is our neighbor.

Cindy & Bill Moore gave $50.00

To send love and support to Chase & her folks!

Karen Opdahl gave $18.00

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Sponsor

SPONSOR AN ERG!!! Your family/business logo sign will hang on an erg for our event. Following the event, sign will hang in our oar shed for 1 year. In addition to erg sign, your logo/name printed on our Erg-A-Thon t-shirts and logo/name on our website for 1 year. We are also offering you a vendor table at our EAT, please confirm if you would like us to reserve you a table. {Deadline for t-shirt printing is 3/3/18}

Ready Set Row
McClure Orthodontics
Kristan & Derek Brown
MCP Property Management LLC
Financial Symmetry
Gold Sponsor

Your family/business logo printed on Erg-A-Thon t-shirts AND listed on our website for 1 year. {Deadline for t-shirt logo/name is 3/3/18}

Gover & Gover, DMD, PA
JSV Group Inc.
Quail Hill Construction, Inc - David & Kimberly Dail
Jonathan Beavers
Whole Milk Navy
Silver Sponsor

Your family/business logo listed on our website for 1 year.

Katie Morey
Proud Rowing Parents
Hank Hayes
Helen and Bob Crouse
Laura Clarke
Laura Clarke
Bill and Sharon Ball
Breakthrough Health
Raleigh Parent and Child PLLC
Jonathan Hutchison
Bronze Sponsor

Your family/business logo printed on Erg-A-Thon t-shirts {Deadline for t-shirt logo/name 3/3/18}

Lorna Briganti DeWalle
Zaytoun Orthodontics
Karen Byrd cpa pc
Franklin A Poff
Joe and Kerry Block
Joe and Kerry Block
Dennis G Goodwin
Mike Wiley
William R. Ryan
Camryn Friedman
Alicia Haskell
The Owens Family
Huff And Huff Family Dentistry
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Michelle Von Dauber
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Chase Pate
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Michelle Von Dauber
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Valura Vann
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Aydan Jordan
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Eli Scollo
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Ellie Vondauber
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Sarah Cate Niles
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Zack DeWalle
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Sophia VonDauber
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Kees Koopman
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Charlotte (Lottie) Crouse
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Hannah Davis
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Rohit Narasimhan
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Chase Pate
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James Kolesar
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Savana Vann
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Annabelle Dunnington
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Stephen McGuinness
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Brooke Benestad
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Emma James
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Sierra Clark
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Andrew Coleman
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Connor Pencola
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Cody Boone
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Charlie Ramquist
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Edina Shub
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Isabella Humbert
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Bernardo Gelabert
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Libby Gascoigne
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Hannah Grudem
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Madysen Clarke
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Victoria Conklin
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McKenzie Nobrega
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Sawyer Dixon
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Eleanor Hill
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Johnna Owens
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Kendall Hart
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Harlan Brady
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Grace McCoy
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Richard Daw
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Ethan Haymond
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Olivia Williams
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Kat Bottitta
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Henry Kolesar
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Jack Ryan
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Torrin Lamb
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Becca Lewis
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Zaylie Ball
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Ellie Stocking
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Quinn Mahone
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Alecsander Braren
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Luke Law
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Davis Leonard
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Zach Judge
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Forest Miller
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Jonathan Underkoffler
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Joshua Dail
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Hannah Skerkis
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Abby Davis
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Christian Shaffer
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Isabelle McGimsey
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Jessica Judge
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Cameron Ganim
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Erin Greig
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Tegan Tsaousis
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Will White
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Oliver M.
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Halle McMath
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Mark Shanahan
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Ailish Borror
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Jada Ward
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Caleb Henderson
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Megan Brown
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Joshua Mehrer
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