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Vanderbilt Robotics was founded last year with the goal of giving students from all backgrounds the opportunity to work on an interdisciplinary project and to teach engineering skills that cannot be learned in the classroom. Vanderbilt Robotics is the only student-led robotics organization on campus. Our organization began with seven undergraduate students and now has over thirty dedicated team members, with several other students attending our university-wide robotics workshops. This year, we are competing in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We are designing, fabricating, and programming a robot that will autonomously mine gravel from under a foot of BP-1, a dusty material with physical properties similar to sand on Mars. We also participate in community outreach to extend our love of robotics and STEM to kids and help them pursue these interests. We have served as judges and referees for middle school and high school VEX competitions in the Nashville community. We also host robotics workshops for first time and experienced engineers in Nashville. While this is our first year competing in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition, all our members have worked incredibly hard over the past semester to make a competitive robot, and to have a lasting impact on future Mars excavation technology.

What I'm Raising Money For

As a second-year club competing for the first time in a challenging NASA competition, we do not have enough funds to build our robot and take our 30 team members to competition without paying a considerable amount out-of-pocket. We hope to raise $5000, which will be enough to finish our robot and send the entire team to competition without member fees. Donations would also help fund our workshops. With more tools and supplies, we can host frequent and in-depth workshops to promote robotics in the Vanderbilt and Nashville communities.

Why You Should Give

Our team is open to anyone interested in robotics, no matter the experience, major, or background. However, some students have greater financial restrictions that limit their involvement on the team. We are trying to send 30 students to Florida for 10 days and pay for travel, living, and robot transportation expenses so that all interested students have the opportunity to compete. Every team member has put in 10 or more hours every week since the beginning of the school year, despite having busy class schedules, and we want everyone to witness the culmination of their hard work. With your support, we will be able to finish our robot, send every team member to competition, and help build the foundation for a strong robotics community at Vanderbilt and in Nashville.

Activity & Updates

Anonymous gave $50.00

Because this team needs the power of anime on it's side as well.


Danielle Petrin gave $25.00

because i love you


Omarea Terry II gave $30.00

To help with the success of the robotics team and uncle Furichous who I shall look up to in the future.


Paula and Richard Barnett gave $100.00


Rich Miller gave $25.00

I want to support them doing amazing things with robotics just like they support local middle and high school students doing amazing things with robotics


Jason Mayer gave $110.37

Every individual I know in this organization is incredibly intelligent, passionate, and hardworking.


Anonymous gave $30.00


Lalwaneys gave $25.00

We believe in STEM.


Abhijit & Abhilasha Punje gave $100.00

Why not?


Kelkars gave $25.00

All the best dear Swapnil Pande!


MICHAEL FINE gave $100.00

To support our son, Jacob Fine


Kelly Webster gave $50.00

I'm giving because I respect Josh Petrin and I know that he is a hard-working young man. I pray that you glorify God in this competition and that you work heartily unto Him.


Anonymous gave $100.00

I know first hand how hard some have worked on this project and have volunteered their time in supporting local schools and their teams as well. We are in full support of your efforts!


John Holliday gave $100.00

To support the team


Jenny Broeder gave $10.00

Thank you volunteering your time at the White House Vex Competiton! The kids at Oliver Middle School appreciate you! Best of luck in your future endeavors!


Sponsorship Levels

Level 5 - Mars

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Level 4 - Satellite

Small logo on robot, Medium logo on t-shirt, Website mention, Thank you message on Facebook page

Level 3 - Stratosphere

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Level 2 - Rocket

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Level 1 - Launch Pad

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