5th Annual Erg-A-Thon Rowing Competition !!!

We're raising money for the West Potomac Crew Team fundraiser led by WEPO Crew Boosters.


83% of $17,500 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Monday, February 12, 2018


West Potomac Crew Club promotes, supports, and operates the rowing program at West Potomac High School (WPHS). We teach endurance, focus, discipline, teamwork, individual fitness and school spirit. WPHS Crew has been a part of the Fort Hunt/Mount Vernon community for over 48 years. We are a co-ed, varsity sport with 80 dedicated athletes, freshmen through seniors, competing each year against 40+ schools in the NCR. Our student athletes excel on the water and in the classroom; the team boasts the highest grade point average of any athletic team. West Potomac Crew requires immense dedication from both athletes and their families.

What I'm Raising Money For

We hold a club "Erg-a-thon" (a team race on rowing machines) to raise money for maintenance of our racing shells and trailer, seats, dock, and chase boats. Your money goes directly toward keeping our equipment in shape for practice and racing competitions. Go West Potomac Crew! The 5th annual Crew Ergathon 3 Feb 2018 @ West Potomac High School Polar Bear Regatta 24 March @ Occoquan

Why You Should Give

Your sponsorship makes our season possible year after year! We proudly display our sponsors logos to advertise your business and support. Since we are a "club" sport, we receive NO financial support from the school or Fairfax County. All funds are raised through athlete fees, fundraisers and donations. Non-Profit --> Your Donations are TAX-deductible.

Activity & Updates

Grampa gave $45.00

To support my grandson and his team.

Ann-Marie Chappell gave $25.00

debbie brinley gave $50.00

Support Alex Brinley’s team

Anonymous gave $25.00

Patty Dorgan gave $50.00

WEPO Crew Boosters publicly announced


Today is the LAST DAY to donate to our Ergathon! We are about $3000 away from our goal of raising $17,500. This is money we need for our budgeted expenses to pay our wonderful coaches, regatta fees, boat repairs, equipment, storage containers, fuel, port-a-potty rentals, etc. ALL these things that we have to pay for as a club team because we receive NO money from the county or school to support our team. Please take a moment today and support these wonderful student athletes!!! Thank you!


Aileen Lagura gave $50.00

John Zimmer gave $20.00

Supporting my nephew, TJ Godbout, and the WP Crew Team

Anonymous gave $50.00

Darcy schalk gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $250.00

To support T.J. Godbout and the entire team at WPCT

Tammy Lafley gave $50.00

In support of T.J. Godbout, and for my HS team!

Dennis & Betty Mueth gave $25.00

Michael Vonk gave $150.00

Punctuate Systems, Inc. gave $150.00

We are happy to support a great sport and West Potomac Team!


Aunt Fran gave $50.00

To support Grace Calogero

Aunt Kellie gave $25.00

In support of Grace Calogero

Reidy Lawn Care & Landscaping gave $20.00

Eldridge Herrington gave $50.00

Support my grandson

Anonymous gave $80.00

Good Luck Celia! From Aunt C

Margaret Chappell gave $50.00

We want to support our great niece Grace and her crew team.

Barbara Kennedy gave $50.00

...because I love Molly!

Daniel Fullenkamp gave $25.00

For Grace Calogero

Daniel Walczuk gave $50.00

in honor of Joshua Breining

Alex Beede gave $25.00

Legs Back Arms Arms Back Legs

Norma Slattery gave $25.00

To support Malaika Biwott

Warren & Joann gave $25.00

Grandson Warren Herrington

Warren & Joann gave $25.00

Grandson Eddie Herrington

Nicole Breining gave $50.00

On behalf of Joshua's grandparents in Oklahoma

Joseph Hammer gave $100.00

Way to go Clara!! The best stroke on the team!

James Davis gave $25.00

WEPO Crew Boosters publicly announced

Final week

You're so close... This is the last week of the Fundraiser for West Potomac Crew. We are at 72% of our goal and we have six athletes in the running for top three fundraisers and another four just behind with another dozen who just leapt out and started strong just this week. Help us finish strong and meet our fundraising goal for CREW! If you already gave a donation THANK YOU for supporting WEPO crew, if you haven't yet, please don't forget.


Joseph L Hammer gave $150.00

Kirsten Bush gave $25.00

Supporting my amazing Nephew! Love you kiddo! :)

Carolyn Powers gave $50.00

Maeve Gilmartin - the best!!!

Maxine Drewry gave $25.00

To support my grandson's first year in crew

Emily Herrup gave $50.00

Go West Po Crew!

The Diaz Family gave $50.00

To support the Forsythe family and the entire WPHS Crew Team!

Daria G Lepisko gave $50.00

Support Grandson TJ Godbout

Matt Bondurant gave $20.00

Mount Vernon Majors Rule

Jody gave $25.00

Go Sam!

Frank and Maureen Consiglio gave $50.00

To support family.

Megan, Shannon. Sam and Exie gave $25.00

I’m giving because my niece is awesome and I ❤️ Rowing

Anonymous gave $150.00

We're very Proud of you Shelby!

Anonymous gave $100.00

Very proud of you Julian!

Breining family gave $50.00

Joshua - hope you have another great year on Crew! Love, Aunt Lynette

Anonymous gave $15.00

Go Joshua Breining and the West Potomac Crew team!

Jean Warner gave $50.00

I am giving to support the West Potomac Crew Team so they can purchase the items they need.

Daniel Sanders gave $50.00

Let's Go WestPo!



Olympia Moving & Storage gave $500.00

Good luck with your season, ladies!!

elizabeth b davis gave $100.00

I love Natalie

Kelly Oakeley gave $100.00

Kelly Oakeley gave $100.00

This is a great organization!

Kelly Oakeley gave $100.00

This is a great organization!

Anonymous gave $50.00

To support Kiki Lapan

Kathryn Murray gave $100.00

My grand daughter is on the team. This is a wonderful team.

Larissa Coyle gave $50.00

To support our niece Victoria!


Anonymous gave $100.00

Lisa Paige gave $40.00

Kate Cassidy gave $100.00


Kerry MacIntyre gave $50.00

Alex Brinley

WEPO Crew Boosters publicly announced

WPHS Crew Ergathon-Please Help Us Meet Our Goal!

What an exciting morning for West Potomac Crew! 53 of our team members joined together for some tough but friendly competition. It was an exciting exhibition of the effort they have put into their Winter Conditioning program as they get ready to begin on-the-water practices in two weeks. In two hours they erg-ed 643,744 meters!!! That's 400 miles --- all the way to Boston! The fundraising portion of our event continues for one more week. We are 57% of the way to our goal. The team receives NO funds or support from the school or county, we rely completely on fees and donations to pay for our wonderful coaches, regatta fees, equipment and repairs. These kids are working SO hard on their strength and conditioning so that they can be competitive this season, please support them with a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation today!!


Kent Osborn gave $25.00

Proud uncle

Sue & Tom Saloio gave $50.00

To support my talented, hardworking niece raise money for her team.


Robert Gilmartin gave $100.00

For my niece Maeve

Emma Calogero gave $25.00

Go Gracie!!

Sew ‘N Luv gave $100.00


Erin Rynne gave $30.00

Christina Swartz gave $100.00

To support a great team and coaches!

Anonymous gave $25.00

Staci Powers gave $50.00

Because Maeve Gilmartin is the best!!!!!!!

Lana Africano gave $100.00

Because I like the Gilmartin’s

Ron Bates gave $100.00

WE love that BOY!!

Eldridge Herrington gave $50.00

Support my grandson

Andrea F. Dynes gave $30.00

Supporting Kiki Lapan!

Alex LeBlanc gave $10.00

Go Ravens

Jeff Crowley gave $25.00

Melanee Kate Thomas gave $10.00

Reidy Lawn Care & Landscaping gave $100.00

Uncle Ray gave $150.00

Go West Po!

Bob & Marie Calogero gave $50.00

So you can row row row your boat, gently to the "gold"

Anonymous gave $25.00

See See gave $250.00

To help the best there is.

Emily Herrup gave $25.00

YAYAY!!!!! Go Andrew!

Bill Osborn gave $25.00

To support Jackson and his teammates.

Susan Vitorovich gave $50.00

He's my kid!

Katie Papa gave $50.00

John D Worth gave $50.00


BallPoint Solutions gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $150.00

Carrie Trimble gave $25.00

Because a crew member asked so nicely

April Kell gave $50.00

Megan Herrup gave $25.00

Go Andrew! Love you!!!

Helen Mulhern Halasz gave $50.00

If you can smile while erg-ing, you must be on the crew team! Happy to support another cousin who rows

Elizabeth Tilton gave $25.00

Go WP Crew!!

Debby Good gave $25.00

This is a great cause-the kids work so hard, and had so much fun!

Bob & Bev Good gave $50.00

We're glad to help Briana meet her goal Grandma & Papa

Anne Doherty gave $25.00

Proud of Andrew and Team

Lisa Rogers gave $25.00

Go Andrew Herrup!

Grammy gave $100.00

For my dedicated grandson, Joshua, who loves crew and works hard to always give his best.

Gram and Pops MacIntyre gave $100.00

My grand daughter

Erin Rupprecht Aylor gave $50.00

To thank WePo crew for four fantastic years of rowing way back when!

Pilar Jimenez gave $20.00

Go for gold Gracie!!! #painismoney

Lynn M Ward gave $100.00

Rowing-Towing & Support, LLC gave $250.00

Always happy to support Wepo Crew and the Rowing Wolverines. Have a great 2018 season.


Katherine Baker gave $25.00

I am supporting my nephew John.

Julie Wiley gave $100.00

In honor of Molly Kennedy


Anonymous gave $100.00

Have a Great Crew Season Matthew !

Anonymous gave $150.00

GO Emma!!

Barb Niepert gave $25.00

We fully support all that our niece is involved in!

Phyllis Paige gave $100.00

Binnie Trimble gave $50.00

To support our grand daughter and her team mates.


Robin Woolsey gave $25.00

I am proud of you Natalie! Love you so much!

Amy Trimble gave $25.00

I look forward to all of the cold, rainy Saturdays we will spend together during Regatta season. 😉

Sandi Biales gave $50.00

I want my favorite youngest grandson to be big and strong


Bob & Nnacy Ball gave $50.00

Because I love my grandchild


Ellen Meyer gave $100.00

As the parent of 3 children that did crew at WPHS, I believe in this program and the strength and determination that it builds.

Emily Gibbons gave $25.00

Dana Fallon gave $25.00

Go Adam!

Anonymous gave $400.00

Auntie Jen Jen gave $25.00

I'm giving in support of Sam and his team.

Alice Davis gave $25.00

Can't wait to come watch!

Heather Blake gave $75.00

We have loved seeing you grow through crew!

Sandra Seroskie gave $50.00

Evelyn Mulhern


Sabrina Waiss gave $10.00

Alex Till publicly announced

Ergathon Fundraiser for West Potomac Crew team

Hello: Please consider donating to our ergathon fundraiser which will support our crew team at West Potomac. Sincerely, Alex Till Class of 2021

Default avatar

Julie John and Milo Soule gave $25.00

To support fabulous Magno!

Colleen Privette gave $25.00

Go Maeve !!

Sarah Pratt gave $20.00

reedbeggs publicly announced

Crew Season is Starting!!! And I'm training hard!

Hi, I am rowing for the West Potomac Crew for the third year in a row. It has been such a great experience despite those March and April afternoons rowing on the Potomac River in the cold! We represent West Potomac High School, but do not receive any funding from the school or county - it is all up to us rowers and our parents! We have an "ergathon" coming up in the few weeks, which is one of our major fundraising events for the year. The entire team (60+ high schoolers) spend a Saturday rowing as fast as we can, competing on sprints and longer distances. It is a tough day, but great to be with the team and challenging ourselves. Please consider sponsoring me for the Ergathon - any donation would be appreciated and very helpful! Thanks, Reed

Default avatar

James gilmartin gave $100.00

For Maeve Gilmartin

Terry Gilmartin gave $20.00

to support the crew team.

Mary Kay OToole gave $50.00

Liam is a great grandson


Dana G Laake gave $50.00

To support my nephew TJs efforts and West Potomac Crew Team.

Stefan Waiss gave $25.00

To support me nephew, Sam Radhidfaroky.

Austin and Carol Breining gave $50.00

We are giving to support our grandson, Joshua.


Nana gave $25.00

To support Grace and her Team!!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Tiffany Himes gave $50.00

I have the best memories of racing down the Potomac and I’m so excited that my niece is going to experience all of it!

Mr.& Mrs. James Himes gave $30.00

Sydney Himes is our awesome granddaughter and is on the CREW team

Kristin Marceau gave $50.00

Schrage Family gave $25.00

Go Kiki!

James Glenn Drewry gave $25.00

This team is worthy.

Ginger Moffitt gave $50.00

BC I love my niece and wish the WePo crew team all the best this season!

Terry Hill gave $100.00

Supporting my grandsons

Terry Hill gave $100.00

Supporting my grandsons

Mason Reidy gave $20.00

Go Calla!!!

Margaret Morris gave $50.00

To support my grandson, Kent May

the Totaros gave $50.00

Bill Edwards gave $10.00

The Michigan Brinleys gave $100.00

support my niece

Sheri Robey Lapan gave $500.00

Best team! Best girl!


Strittmatter Family gave $25.00

I am so happy you participated in crew all 4 years!

Sara L. Tilton gave $25.00

Because I love my Grandchildren and want to support them in any way I can.

Geri Graham gave $25.00

Dave McCullough gave $50.00

Proud to be max's Grandpa

Catharin Dalpino gave $25.00

Go Natalie - we’re all rooting (rowing?!!) for you! Aunt Catharin and Ted

Christine Tilton gave $25.00

Go Natalie!!

caroline kiggins gave $50.00

In support of students doing great things and taking on challenges that make them stronger. Have a great season!

Anonymous gave $200.00

Kevin - Fly High!!

Mary Walsh gave $25.00

Dollar Brinley gave $25.00

in memorium of Granpa Jack

Dollar Brinley gave $50.00

For Granddaughter Alex

Mary Lou Lucas gave $50.00

Go Alex Brinley and the West Po crew team!

Phyllis Trotta gave $50.00

To support my great niece!

Kay and Don Dwan gave $50.00

To support the team, especially because my grandson Jacques is a member.

Linda, Georgie, and Ellie Keyser gave $50.00

V, you are such a go-getter! I'm proud to support you. Love and Hugs.


JILL McCullough gave $30.00

Leigh and Tim Long gave $25.00

Michelle Balzanto gave $25.00

Sharon Garvey gave $25.00

Kay Roberts gave $75.00

Supporting athletics is the best, especially for a wonderful nephew.

Anonymous gave $25.00

Amy Roberts gave $30.00

Kelly Brinley gave $75.00

Mocha gave $50.00


Drew McCullough gave $50.00

Mary Ann Karau, DDS gave $50.00

Lynne T. Dalpino gave $25.00

Natalie is the best!

Laura Strickler gave $25.00

Laura J Hein gave $20.00

Because Ava is my favorite niece. Granted, she is my only niece, but still.

Katie Kenyon gave $25.00

For my niece Hannah who is AWESOME!!!

Katie Kenyon gave $25.00

For my niece Lily who is AWSOME!!!

Andy and Dawn Petitti gave $100.00

Because we love to see young adults working together to reach goals!


Bryan D. Wood D.D.S. gave $100.00

Sponsoring Juliette Flowers so she and the team can row there way to victory!


Anonymous gave $10.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Joseph Fanone gave $200.00

In support of Caitlin Fanone

Barb Walsh gave $50.00

Because Caitlin is awesome and she loves Crew!

Brian McKenna gave $50.00

Caitlin Fanone


Kilbride Public Affairs. gave $200.00

To support TJ Godbout and the West Po Crew. Go West Po!

Molly Kennedy publicly announced

Making Progress

Hi everyone, Thank you to those who have donated so far. It's very much appreciated. Despite this, I'm only a third of the way to my goal, and every donation matters. Please take time out of your day to make a donation to my page, it's a simple process. Thank you again! Don't forget to donate! Molly Kennedy


Trigg Family gave $150.00

Brian - Congrats on acceptance to Johns Hopkins

Jean Warner gave $50.00

To help out the West Potomac Crew Team

Judy and Burt Totaro gave $50.00

To support the impressive efforts of our granddaughter, Magnolia Totaro, as she works to advance the fortunes of the WestPo crew team.

Hollin Hall Shell gave $25.00

Celia is awesome and West Potomac Crew rocks!

Bodners gave $150.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

Go WestPo!

Anonymous gave $100.00

Go WestPo!

Veronique Autphenne gave $50.00


The Queally Family gave $25.00

Apeiron Stone Care gave $200.00

John Fleming gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

Go Grace!!!

Kalyn Chaby gave $50.00

Hannah and Lil are my nieces. From Aunt Kay


Kalyn Chaby gave $50.00

My nieces Hannah and Lil are on the team.


The Pug gave $50.00

cause you're awesome


Al and Lala Lamb gave $100.00

To support our grandson Robert and West Potomic Crew

James Glenn Drewry gave $25.00

Stephanie Schalk-Zaitsev gave $50.00

Stephanie Jane Gallagher gave $50.00

Stephanie Jane Gallagher gave $50.00

Katie Kenyon gave $25.00

WP is the greatest!

Rebecca Kenyon gave $25.00

Tammy Marinucci gave $50.00


Mary Kay OToole gave $50.00

Love the sport & those who participate in it.

Maria Leibowitz gave $50.00

Scott Smith gave $25.00

Mark McEuen gave $25.00

Jo Ann and Phil Leibowitz gave $100.00

We support our granddaughter Caroline Leibowitz & her crew teams.

Enlighten Solutions gave $250.00

Supporting Caroline Leibowitz and the great student athletes at West Potomac Crew.

Anonymous gave $75.00

Andrei Zaitsev is my grandson!

Darcy schalk gave $25.00

Tom Warner gave $50.00

Lesa Aylward gave $50.00

Joyce Neverov gave $50.00

To Support West Po Crew!

Paige Pinson gave $50.00

Mary Kincaid gave $50.00

Enjoy the water!!

Anonymous gave $50.00

In memory of Zoe. Go West Po.

The Mulhern Family gave $100.00

Go Evie! Proud to support you and the West Potomac Crew Team!

James May gave $100.00

Ray and Sharon Scott gave $100.00

We love Kent, our grandson, and want to support him.

Kevin Trigg publicly announced

5th Annual Erg-a-thon

I challenge everyone - work hard at winter conditioning and beat your personal best on a 2K


Sponsorship Levels


Platinum: Your Logo added to Crew featured page, sponsor list, large logo on Erg-a-thon T-shirts, T-shirt gift if donation before 19 Jan, shout out on our Facebook and Twitter.

Rowing-Towing & Support, LLC
Sue Bernstein

Gold: Your Logo added to Crew featured pages,Crew sponsor list page, Logo on Erg-a-thon T-shirts, t-shirt gift if donation before 19 Jan, shout out on our Facebook and Twitter.

Kilbride Public Affairs

Silver: Your Logo added to Crew sponsor pages, logo on Erg-a-thon T-shirt

Andy and Dawn Petitti
Bryan D. Wood D.D.S. and Associates
Julie Wiley
Sew ‘N Luv
Kate Cassidy
Punctuate Systems, Inc.

Bronze : Your Logo added to Crew sponsor pages, logo on Erg-a-thon tshirt

Scene 1
Kalyn Chaby
Mary Kay OToole
Austin and Carol Breining
Binnie Trimble
Sandra Seroskie
Sandi Biales
Bob & Nancy Ball
Linda, Georgie, and Ellie Keyser
Sue & Tom Saloio
Larissa and Tom Coyle
Daniel Sanders
Brian McKenna
Kalyn Chaby
Veronique Autphenne
Marinucci Family

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Caroline Leibowitz
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Alex Till
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Maeve Gilmartin
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Andrew Herrup
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John Phipps
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molly Bougie
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