Help Us Bring a Collaborative, Inclusive, Safe Library Experience for All Students to Druid Hills Middle School!

I'm working hard to raise money for the Druid Hills Middle School Library Bucks for Books fundraiser led by Anna Benefield.


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This library plan is not for the present. It's for the future.Our dream is to provide our students with the highest quality learning experiences. Of a collaborative learning space where students and teachers work together to solve problems and think deeply. We hope for a space where students can read and learn in groups or individually as well a hub of creativity and a center of technology. The current library furniture is over fifty years old and in desperate need of an upgrade to fulfill the needs and demands of a growing student-body of active learners and readers.

What I'm Raising Money For

We are raising money to transform our library into a Collaborative Learning Commons complete with café tables, comfortable seating, makerspace tables, and Hokki stools for active learners.

Why You Should Give

Our 50-year-old library is in need of a makeover and your donations will directly benefit our 950 diverse learners as well as hundreds of students who will attend DHMS in the coming years. Your donation is an investment in the future of countless children.

Sponsorship Levels

Fire Breather

Did you know hundreds of children visit the library daily? Before and after school is a flurry of activity, as well as constant traffic during the school day. Many come for a quiet spot to study, read or work with groups. We need seventeen $500 Dragon Gold Level Sponsors to purchase comfortable chairs and ottomans. Join in with others to help meet this goal!

Dragon Gold

Part of the overall vision of the new library is finding furniture, seating and tables that are functional, moveable and space-saving. Ms. Kochel has found amazing "nesting" style ottomans, chairs and couches that can be used in a variety of settings from book club, to class instruction, to just finding a quiet corner to read. Help fund this purchase! We need sixteen amazing donations of $250 to accomplish this goal!

Dragon Wings

Purchase one Hokki stool for the media center! These ergonomic and stackable stools are perfect for ease and comfort in the library!

Dragon Tooth

Thirty-two donations of $50 will help us get one of our clover-leaf tables! These tables will be used for creative activities including STEM and IB principals.

Dragon Egg

Every Donation Counts! Each dollar contributed will go directly to purchasing seating, tables and shelving for the library!

Dragon Scales

Smaller contributions will go directly to purchases for the library.

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