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We're raising money for the MAC Junior Rowing fundraiser led by Zohar Abramovitz.


83% of $60,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Saturday, December 16, 2017


MAC Rowing is a nationally prominent club rowing team serving 120+ high school boys and girls from over 25 Los Angeles area high schools. MAC is committed to promoting the physical conditioning, personal commitment, self-discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship that are the characteristics not just of good athletes, but of exceptional people.

What I'm Raising Money For

Though not as important as the athletes who row them, our fleet of racing shells and associated equipment are a vital component of our operation. The substantial cost of the boats, oars, rowing machines and other gear are not covered by the team fees paid by our athletes' families. Instead, we rely on the generosity of our member families above and beyond what they're paying in dues to keep us afloat. This year, we are seeking to purchase a new 8-oared racing shell to replace our oldest boat.

Why You Should Give

The beneficiaries of your donation will be the young men and women of this team, who cannot help but be marked by this tremendously powerful and worthwhile endeavor. Your gift then, while given physical expression in the form of a graceful carbon and aluminum racing shell, will find its true manifestation in the strengthened bodies and sharpened minds of our athletes. On their behalf, I thank you in advance. Go MAC!

Activity & Updates

Anonymous gave $100.00

To support my niece Tattianna and MAC.....

Jennifer McNulty gave $200.00

We're proud of our nephew JP Francis, and his team. Go MAC!

Hoda and Naeim Tadross gave $200.00

We love you Lilu!

Shahira Tadross & Shanon Marks gave $500.00

We Love you Lilu. GO MAC!

Julianna Arnold gave $150.00

MAC has had an amazing impact on my daughter's life in a very short period of time. Thank you!

Neal and Nora Gervais gave $50.00

To support Mac!

Alexandra Esquivel gave $50.00

For my baby sister Tattianna Sidhom

SIDHOM FAMILY gave $50.00

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn this great sport and support our daughter.

Terry, Dick & Hayley Harris gave $100.00

Barb Molloy gave $300.00

MAC coxswain Will Whelan

Patty Fry gave $750.00

MAC is awesome - the athletes, coached and families! We are fortunate that Sarah found this sport at this club! Go MAC!!

Janson Family gave $250.00

MAC is a great program!

Anonymous gave $100.00

MAC is the best thing that ever happened to my daughter.

Andrew & Amelia Chick gave $500.00

Go MAC! Go Alex!

Tish & Patrick Tighe gave $500.00

Love MAC!

William Murray gave $100.00

I am having a great time rowing. Thanks Coaches! Go MAC!

Nina and Dan Galanti gave $100.00

We love MAC! Go, Catherine. So glad you found this new passion.

The Frederck family gave $500.00

Lisa Liese gave $75.00

Dylan loves MAC - go cox’ns!!

Lisa and Andrew Goldman gave $500.00


Debi and Neal Harris gave $250.00


Anonymous gave $5,000.00

Love supporting all athletes

Karen and Robert Haas-Goldberg gave $250.00

MAC is an amazing program!!!

The Grutzik Family gave $250.00

Thank you to Zohar for all of your hard work.

Grace Dzubak gave $200.00

Beck Taylor and Ted Winterer gave $200.00

Floriza and Daniel King gave $425.00

Love of MACMACo

Kim and Andreas Neumann gave $125.00

Supporting MAC and its strong athletes! Go Casey!

Anonymous gave $13,000.00

Thank you for 8 fantastic years. What you and your coaches do for our kids is life changing. GO MAC

Kristine and Steve Shannon gave $500.00

Shannon Family <3 MAC!

Charles Kaplan gave $250.00

Support MAC and Izzy

Kevin Daly and Dana Cuff gave $500.00

Because our son Julian had such an amazing MAC experience!

Clementi Family gave $500.00

Knight-Millar Family gave $300.00

Mac is the best!!

Barbara Keiller gave $50.00

I want to support Lucas Childers in his rowing sport... Very special. Aunt Barbara

Anonymous gave $200.00


McCollough Family gave $500.00


Abraham Family gave $250.00

Misha loves MAC! A huge THANK YOU to the program and wonderful coaches!!

Diane and Troy Elander gave $500.00

William loves MAC and so do we!

The Brown Family gave $250.00

Anonymous gave $50.00


Anonymous gave $300.00

MAC is awesome. Caitlin loves every minute of it and the coaches are amazing.

Julia Gandelsman gave $250.00

Andrew Ross gave $100.00

The Ungar Family gave $500.00

In support of MAC and Jamie Ungar-Varsity Boys Cox.

Mom & Dad gave $250.00

We love MAC!

Baskin family gave $250.00

Michelle Drandell gave $500.00

Platt Family gave $250.00

jonathan watts gave $500.00

Georgina loves MAC!!

Beverly Childers gave $250.00

My grandson, Lucas is in a rowing program.

Lucas Childers gave $10.00

I am giving because i would like to help MAC become a better team and for everyone to improve.

Susan Lenzini gave $50.00

We love the sport of rowing, and fully support Elle rowing with the MAC team!

Pete & Joycelyn Fuqua gave $100.00

Cuneo Family gave $1,000.00

To support the dedicated MAC athletes and amazing coaches so that they can get that new 8-oared racing shell. Rowing is the best sport ever. Go MAC!

Joe Falzarano gave $250.00

Because Will LOVES crew. Go MAC!

Anonymous gave $100.00

To support our grandson, Jameson Brau

Kimberly Burger gave $1,000.00

Appreciate MAC

Anonymous gave $500.00


del Valle Family gave $500.00

We LOVE MAC!!!!!

Matt and Nicole McGuinness gave $250.00

We love MAC!!

Julie Levy gave $300.00

We love MAC!

Marni and Roland Wieshofer gave $100.00


Rob Blair gave $150.00

Because MAC is Awesome.

Katie Shoenberger gave $50.00

John and Marianna Linfesty gave $1,000.00


Jessica Hendra-Fuller gave $250.00

I am giving to support the great coaching at MAC!

Jan Turner Colburn gave $250.00

great sport

Elizabeth Lippincott gave $1,000.00

We are fully indebted to MAC for giving Lydia the experience of a lifetime, on and off the water. One-of-a-kind community!

Anonymous gave $50.00

Stella Jeong gave $1,000.00

In support of MAC & its fabulous coaches!

Damon and Lindy Fisher gave $1,000.00

Sherolyn & Mike Duckworth gave $500.00

Colleen McCormick gave $2,000.00

The MAC athletes and coaches are inspirational. They embody the beauty of teamwork, dedication, perseverance, and sportsmanship. To the amazing parents who feed, schlepp, remind about sunscreen, and provide moral support for all. Thanks to all of you, we love being part of the MAC family. And certainly extra points for Zohar, who wins the award for Most Entertaining Email by a Coach. GO MAC!

Michael + Becca Hartmeier gave $500.00

Chris and Chester Griffiths gave $1,500.00

Because Mac rocks!

Sasa Milosevic gave $500.00


Karen Silagi and Jeffrey Freedman gave $1,000.00

Supporting Ethan and Aidan Freedman - and everyone on the MAC Rowing Team. GO MAC!

Anonymous gave $500.00

Tim Silvestre gave $500.00

MAC enriches the lives of our high school athletes like no other sport I've experienced. CC is so fortunate to be part of such a great team. Go MAC!

Terri Mestas gave $50.00

because Olivia loves MAC

Jennifer Sudarsky gave $250.00

Because MAC rocks!

Craig Webster gave $100.00

Jodi and Ian Weingarten gave $1,500.00

Salvador Brau gave $500.00

On behalf of Jameson Brau, my grandson.

The Brau Family gave $250.00


Sponsorship Levels

Name the new four!

For every $500 donated, you will receive a chance to name the new four. $500 gets one ticket in the naming lottery, $1,000 gets two tickets, etc.

Name a pair!

For every $250 donated, you will receive a chance to name one of our three unnamed pairs! $250 gets 1 ticket in the lottery, $500 gets 2 tickets, etc.


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Zohar Abramovitz