Help us expand our technology resources and STEM activities for all students!

We're raising money for the Race for Education fundraiser led by School of the Incarnation.


33% of $50,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Sunday, December 31, 2017


School of the Incarnation is a fully-accredited Catholic school that educates 800 students from PreK through Grade 8 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The school is dedicated to cultivating and promoting academic excellence in an environment immersed in Gospel values. Technology is a cornerstone of our academic program and the reason for our Race for Education. We rock.

What I'm Raising Money For

At School of the Incarnation, we recognize that the use of technology in the 21st century is integral to preparing students for college and career success. Our school has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to insuring that our graduates are technically proficient. This commitment is evidenced by the integration of iPads, 3D Printers, Sphero robots, and our new makerspace in our technology education program. However, technology changes rapidly and maintaining students' access to state-of-the-art devices and software is a challenge. Every other year, we host a Race for Education in which we ask our families and other stakeholders to partner with us to expand the technology that benefits every student in the building!

Why You Should Give

Ask any Incarnation student about coding, 3D printers, robots, or our makerspace and you'll hear the excitement in their voice. We believe technology makes learning more meaning and more fun! Please consider becoming a partner in our commitment to technology by sponsoring an Incarnation Knight in this important fundraiser!

Activity & Updates

Andrea Louth gave $100.00

In support of growing STEM programs at SOTI, access to technology for all SOTI students and my niece and nephew, Madeleine and Connor Shahady!

Mom and Dad gave $100.00

So proud of you! Love you!

Michael J Gilsdorf gave $50.00

To help my Grandchildren

Brendan Gardner publicly announced

Race for Education

Hi We are having a fundraiser at SOTI to raise money for STEM activities for the school. Please support us. Not only does the money go towards the school but it will help me to be more comfortable in school in what I'm wearing becauseI get to wear my regular clothes and not the winter uniform. Thank you. Love, Brendan


Kerri and Jeff Clark gave $20.00

Maureen & Lee Skros gave $25.00

To Support Landon O'Hara

Kimberly Slater gave $20.00

To support Resa and friends!

Anonymous gave $25.00

I am giving because every child, no matter who deserves a good education

Barry and Peggy Portch gave $100.00

To support our grandson, Tyler Portch and SOTI.

Elizabeth Knerr gave $20.00

Gina Pecoraro gave $50.00

Thomas Carpenter gave $50.00

Proud of my grandson!

Nancy Mulligan gave $20.00

Eikenberg gave $40.00

Because we are thankful for and believe in Catholic education!

John & Margie Hammond gave $100.00

Norma maldonafo gave $20.00

Bob and Louanne Lemke gave $25.00

support grandchildren

Anonymous gave $15.00


Brian Gilsdorf gave $50.00

for Cody/Kira Oshenska

Bob and Carol Kropkowski gave $100.00

Frank and Kathy Powers gave $30.00

Because Sean Hanson rules!

Marc Feld gave $100.00

Grand-kids rock.

Mary Ruth Walker gave $20.00

School fundraiser activity

Nathan Carpenter gave $50.00

To support the love of learning!

Mary A. Clark gave $50.00

My grandson (Anthony Clark) attends your school and I always like to support the school he attends

Donald & Elizabeth Rottman gave $50.00

Laura Gardner gave $200.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

Katie O'Toole gave $200.00

Amy Yost gave $100.00

Lisa & Phil gave $50.00


Karen Johnson gave $250.00

Lori Ruff gave $100.00

Want to see the technology continue to grow at the school.

Janet Root gave $100.00

To support Christa Cass' efforts in the race for education

Nancy and Dario Galoppo gave $100.00

Lily’s school

sandra hall gave $100.00

To support SOTI's technology goals.

Anonymous gave $50.00

Love Resa and love supporting school related fundraising.

Mom and Dad gave $100.00

Our kids rock and this is a worthwhile cause.

Heather G Sheehan gave $20.00

We love you B-dan and will support you in anything you do but mostly just want you to get out of that hot uniform!

Mary Beth Baucia gave $100.00

Lincoln Smith gave $100.00

I believe this is a great cause.

Christian Lee Daigle gave $30.00

Kristina & Chalie gave $25.00

Good Luck Sean!! <3

Cheryl & Christian Miller gave $100.00

To support our awesome nephew, Grayson!!!

Anonymous gave $25.00

Joseph,Anna and Sophia Boretti

Joyce and Ken McAvoy gave $100.00

To support the education of our grandchildren - Luke Walker, Alex Walker and Gwen Walker

Carrada Stewart gave $50.00

Support Mila Reese

Karen Daigle gave $100.00

In honor of my daughter Kaylee Daigle (5th grader (SOTI).

Anonymous gave $10.00

For girls learning to be leaders at SOTI.

Susan and Rick Bodane gave $50.00

Rose pinder gave $50.00

Daniel Cummins gave $50.00

To support Broinninn Cummins effort to expand the STEM program!

Phil and Norma Howland gave $25.00

For Spencer Riess

Emily Mehler gave $50.00

Suzanne Vesotski gave $25.00

Sean Hanson is my Grandson. He is very happy at your school.

Jackie White gave $50.00

To support Lindsey & Madeline Washburn in their fundraising efforts.

Eileen Wells gave $30.00

DONALD W PINDER gave $50.00

Cherlynn & John Venit gave $50.00

Melissa Gilmore gave $100.00

For Nick and Riley Gilmore

Michael Ratajczak Jr gave $40.00

For my Grandchildren.

Pam Copeland gave $20.00

for Nicholas & Riley Gilmore

Marie Craig gave $50.00

In appreciation to my daughter Teresa Dinsmore for her love and dedication to her students.

Bridget Gallagher gave $25.00

to help STEM and Broinninn

Sheri Damico gave $25.00

Go Nick Damico go!

Friel Family gave $50.00

For Matthew and Kaitlyn Friel

Anonymous gave $100.00

Betty Finamore gave $50.00

Race for Education for Charles Parker Harman

Betty Finamore gave $50.00

Race for Education for Charles Parker Harman

Anonymous gave $50.00

Denise Hochscheid gave $100.00

My two grandchildren go to this school and I want the best for them.

Wes and Monica Metheny gave $300.00

In honor of our three SOTI Knights Madison '14, Brandon '16 and Kate '20

Cindy Pozdol gave $30.00

Pam Bayles gave $50.00

For my grandsons

Christine Vorsteg gave $100.00

Tim Mierzwicki gave $50.00

Investing in faith-filled, values-based educationnal environments that are academically challenging will ensure tomorrow's learners and leaders are successful! We are happy our daughter Aliciana "Ali" is a SOTI knight!

Sara Baron gave $20.00

Cathy and John Trancucci gave $50.00

Jeanne Browning gave $50.00

Supporting Christa Cass

Krystal and Johnny Vargas gave $50.00

For Isabel and Jaxon, 2 awesome kids that are loving their new school.

Mary Rutt gave $20.00

Charlotte and Caroline Stites

Michaela and Chuck Cass gave $100.00

Hey Christa, have a great run but most of all have fun. Raising money for STEM is a great cause. SCIENCE is awesome! and we use it everyday in normal life.

Jane and Jose Martinez gave $50.00

Madeline Martinez our sweet second grader

Noelle and Troy Wainwright gave $25.00

Son is student at SOTI

Anonymous gave $100.00

Keith Kauffman gave $500.00

Jessica & Patrick Flynn gave $50.00

Patricia and Gary Felder gave $50.00

Casey and Jack Gunther gave $100.00

In support of Grace and Aidan and all SOTI students.

Michael Hayes,Sr gave $100.00

Richard & Anna Smith gave $50.00


Richard Willis Family gave $50.00

To support our grandsons -The Mases

Anonymous gave $50.00

On behalf of my daughter.

Suzanne Hartigan gave $100.00

For Gabby Hartigan

Rosemarie and Tony Elenbaas gave $40.00

For our 4 Phillips grandchildren.

Christine Cattaneo gave $250.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Improve internet connection and recess supplies.

Michael D Mixter gave $50.00

Why not?

John Wise gave $20.00

Matthew and Loren Dlugos gave $50.00

Adriana p Salazar gomez gave $100.00

For education

Luke Wilson gave $50.00

I want to help the school keep their technology up to date.

Anonymous gave $100.00

Deborah Phillips gave $500.00

We are happy to watch our 4th incarnation knight grow into a wonderful young man. So proud of SOTI.



Kaylee Daigle publicly announced

Race for Education

Help us expand our technology resources and STEM activities for all students! I'm Kaylee Daigle I'm working hard to raise money for the Race for Education fundraiser led by School of the Incarnation

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Brian and Michele Stites gave $100.00

For Caroline and Charlotte Stites

Lindsey and Madeline Washburn publicly announced

Lindsey and Madeline are racing tomorrow!

Lindsey and Madeline are racing tomorrow to help their school, School of the Incarnation, raise funds solely for technology. If you wish, please help them raise funds to advance technology in the school. We would appreciate any and all donations. Thank you very much!

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Tina Anthis gave $25.00

Susan Dobrzykowski gave $25.00

My Grandkids! ❤️

Cynthia Wiggins gave $100.00

William and Heather Salb gave $100.00

Jamie and Veronica Bisher gave $250.00

SOTI has done so much for our family!

Dontrell & Rick Murray gave $50.00

Morrison Family gave $25.00

Joseph and Lisa Shipley gave $250.00

We are happy to donate to Race for Education because we believe in School of the Incarnation and Catholic education. Congratulations to the students, teachers and staff on their hard work to make School of the Incarnation such a special place!

Brooke Beard gave $25.00

For my daughter Kendall !

Linda & Wilbur Torreyson gave $100.00

For my grandchildren!

Carolyn Zerhusen gave $10.00

The Richardson Family gave $50.00

For Grace and Trey

Christopher L Howard gave $500.00

My daughter Devyn is in kindergarten

Nancy Smith gave $25.00

The Elmore’s gave $20.00

Supporting our nephews - The Mase’s

Nick & Melissa Badalian gave $100.00

We are giving to support our daughter Avery Badalian and her 1st grade class

Chris & Craig Williams gave $100.00

To support our son Benjamin and all the other SOTI students

Anonymous gave $40.00

Maggie Cerria gave $10.00

The use of technology in the classroom allows students to receive new and innovative instruction for their education!

Gregory O’Hara gave $50.00

Kristine Mase gave $50.00

We will support our school!

Patricia & George Green gave $100.00

To support my grand children's school.

Dennis and Nancy O'Leary gave $50.00

Hillary Sages gave $50.00

Jen Schaeffer gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $200.00

Judy Schaeffer gave $50.00

Frannie and Pete Schneider gave $100.00

Catherine Harman gave $100.00

Don Wiggins gave $100.00

Tricia and Dave Nyberg gave $100.00

For Luke and Alex Stefan

Anonymous gave $50.00

Bove Family gave $30.00

David and Elaine Hebert gave $100.00

Nothing is more important than the education of our future generations!!

Anonymous gave $25.00

Elizabeth Urbanas gave $250.00

Support my son's school.

Julie fedorchak gave $100.00

For Stephen and Sophie Fedorchak

Michelle Kuk gave $25.00

Anne Hayes gave $25.00

To support Broinninn Cummins

Migdalia F. Scully gave $50.00

Proud to see my grandson Gray join others in such a worthy school activity and at a young age

Chuck Bost gave $40.00

Christine Meads gave $150.00

Shelley Vargas gave $100.00

M/M Michael Kates gave $20.00

Max and Charlie, Have fun at Race For Education! We love you! Grandmom and G-dad

Mark & Lori Russo gave $100.00

.Rebekah and Tim Lemke gave $20.00

To support our sons, Max and Charlie, in the Race for Education at School of the Incarnation.

Andrea Dantinne gave $25.00

Ashlynn and Madelynn

Kimberly Ledford gave $25.00

: )

Anonymous gave $25.00

Caroline Moore gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

Dave Galoppo gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $150.00

Supporting my son who truly loves his school

Jackie Gumtow gave $50.00

A fabulous school!! Excited to support this STEM initiative!!

Dayja Perry gave $10.00

Janice McClellan gave $25.00

Sharon and Ed Joy gave $25.00

William Wilder gave $50.00

Donation to help my grandkids

Dana Barile gave $50.00

I heart Resa Barile!!!

Grandmom & Grandpop Hennelly gave $20.00

Jennifer and Jay Salazar gave $25.00

long time friends:)

James Mazzie gave $25.00

This is to support my granddaughter Resa Barile.

Mr. & Mrs. William Broadaway gave $150.00

It is a worthy cause.

Linda and Ron Langlois gave $25.00

Support our grandson, Gray

Carla Avelleyra gave $50.00

For my grandchildren, Dutch and Marisol and students at SOTI!

Chris & Heather O'Hara gave $25.00

To support our son and our school!

Jeff and Kathy Gingera gave $50.00

For our grandchildren - Philip and Julia Lichtenwalner

Robert and Kathy Montemorra gave $50.00

Because I don't want Morgan to have to ask our family or friends.

Brendan Gardner publicly announced

SOTI Race for Education

Hi We are having a fundraiser at SOTI to raise money for STEM activities for the school. Please support us. Not only does the money go towards the school but it will help me to be more comfortable in school in what I'm wearing becauseI get to wear my regular clothes and not the winter uniform. Thank you. Love, Brendan November 8, 2017

Brendan Gardner publicly announced

SOTI Race for Education

Hi We are having a fundraiser at SOTI to raise money for STEM activities for the school. Please support us. Not only does the money go towards the school but it will help me to be more comfortable in school in what I'm wearing becauseI get to wear my regular clothes and not the winter uniform. Thank you. Love, Brendan


Nanette Seven gave $50.00

Mary Ellen Cooper gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $20.00

Anonymous gave $50.00

To increase the use of technology throughout the school.

Marybel Kasten gave $20.00

I love my nephews and want to help in reaching their goals!

The Morton Family gave $250.00

In appreciation of the excellent Catholic education received by Kevin ('08), Geoffrey ('10) and Kyle ('12).

Candy Howerton gave $25.00

School of the incarnation is near and dear to my heart ❤️

Owen & Susan Lichtenwalner gave $50.00

Philip & Julia Lichtenwalner

Marianne McGuire gave $50.00

Bethany Green gave $25.00

To support my nephew and niece Philip and Julia!

David Dietrich gave $500.00

To support both the school and my grandchildren.


Bonnie M Werre gave $50.00

To support Xander and Gerrit Schinkel

Andy and Anne Biebl gave $100.00

Jahmel DeVerger gave $10.00

Michael Nolte gave $50.00

John & Corinne Trancucci gave $25.00

Katherine Green gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

Best Grandkids ever

Zitarra and Olanna Irechukwu gave $100.00

Rick and Debbie Morgan gave $50.00

To support Xander Morgan

Jennifer Stowe gave $30.00

My neice attends this school and eventually her siblings will join her there.

Anonymous gave $250.00

Supporting amazing students at School of the Incarnation

Jonathan Illuzzi gave $10.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

John Vargas gave $250.00

Isabel and Jaxon Vargas

Barb and Rom Riel gave $50.00

For Spencer Ronald Riess

Anonymous gave $20.00

For Joseph Miller

Brian T Elliott gave $15.00

Proud of Nephew's effort to participate.

Katie Riess gave $25.00

Erin Cancienne gave $50.00

To invest in my children's future.

Diane McBee gave $30.00

For Tommy - Love you!!!

Rich Metz gave $25.00

Office of Risk Management- Archdiocese of Baltimore gave $50.00

Carla j sims gave $50.00

Katherine A. McBee gave $50.00

To support my grandson and computer education.

Pat Ciarlone gave $100.00

I have two fantastic granddaughters, Josie and Sophia

Megan Sims gave $50.00

Anthony & Janet Ciarlone gave $50.00

So happy to support the Trancucci Girls... Great cause!!

Katie & Ray Glasgow gave $50.00

Melissa Morgan gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $10.00

I believe in the values that our school instills in our students.

DiUlio family gave $25.00

To help the Incarnation team make money for technology and stem program in school

Crystal Perry gave $10.00

Paula Wichmann gave $10.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

T Junta gave $50.00

Support my school

Linda Marll gave $100.00

Elizabeth Lally gave $100.00

Steve and Becky Schneider gave $75.00

Because we support catholic education and their needs for our grandchildren Fritz and Otto Schneider!

Christine Tupino gave $50.00

pkfriel20 publicly announced

Help Matthew and Kaitlyn raise money for technology at their school.

This Friday our school is doing a Race for Education. The money raised will help purchase new technology for the school. If you are able to help we would love your support.

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Jack & Sharon Daniels gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $15.00

Aunty and Uncle Dean gave $25.00

Education is very important to us

jamila reese-perry gave $10.00

Jennifer de Frees gave $50.00

Elizabeth gave $50.00

To support this great cause!

Anonymous gave $100.00

Michelle Boretti gave $50.00

P.D. & LaDonna Motley gave $50.00

We love our grandson.

Jennifer Shylanski gave $20.00

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