Sometimes life hits the best people the hardest. We are taking donations for someone who has few friends who can help her financially.

We're raising money for the Helping out Liver Transplant & Cancer Survivor Maggie Rodriguez fundraiser led by Joisse and Valerie.


15% of $5,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Sunday, December 31, 2017


Maggie had a masters degree, a full time career with decades of service, is a fellow biker and Hawkeye Alumni. She fell into a coma and woke up unable to talk, walk... the world had changed forever. Over 100 days in the hospital and now in a rehab facility that is not fully covered by insurance.

What I'm Raising Money For

Your donations will help supplement her care with more therapies, quality and dignity of life essentials like assistants to help her stay safe in a nursig settig, keep her company while she feels alone, confused and frightened, provide pain relieving massage and a hair cut every now and then, a reader to stimulate her once avid desire for novels, and much more... If you can not give financially right now please consider supporting Maggie by joining the Team. (Click on TEAM or request to be added)

Why You Should Give

Friends have given all they can. She needs to make more friends and we hope you will be one. Small, big, once, ongoing... We won't try to sell this to you, she just needs some assistance.

Activity & Updates

Anonymous gave $100.00

I care.


Marc Bona gave $25.00

For my Hawkeye pal


Anonymous gave $25.00

She’s my riding friend


Susan bates gave $100.00


Jill Dwyer gave $25.00

Supporting my Hawkeye friend!


Joisse Gilliland gave $500.00

I am giving because a friend needs it more than me.


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Joisse and Valerie