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My name is Ethan Chang and I am a freshman at King Park High School in Kings Park NY. At the age of 10 months old I was diagnosed with a rare genetic brain disease (megaencephalic leukoencephalopathy with subcortical cysts). To say the least, life has had it’s ups and downs but it hasn’t stopped me! About 6 years ago I joined Heather and the “Splash team” from Splashes of Hope. Founded in 1996, Splashes of Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating art to transform spaces, enrich environments and facilitate healing. Heather and the team set out to paint me a one of a kind mural for my bedroom. I was so inspired by their huge hearts that I wanted to give back. I have been fundraising and volunteering with them ever since, and today I am their ambassador! In an attempt to raise funds for this project, I reached out to my favorite celebrity personality, Ellen Degeneres. I was hopeful that I would be a guest on her show to play "Dice With Ellen" and win the money for Splashes while raising awareness of my condition. I have always admired her humor and huge heart. I was contacted by the show and they invited me and my family to sit in the VIP section of the studio audience! I helped paint a unique hot air balloon just for her! This is my chance to get it to her. As exciting as this is, I still have one goal I have yet to accomplish and it is the biggest one of all!

What I'm Raising Money For

I am on a mission to raise funds to create a one of a kind mural for a child in need. 6 years ago Splashes of Hope “Splashed” my bedroom to help brighten my life. This started my journey to bring that joy to others. With your help we can bring this hope and love to another deserving young person.

Why You Should Give

I can’t do this alone! The wait list for children and hospitals that are waiting to be "splashed" is too long! Help me inspire others to give back and make the life of just one more child a little brighter.

Activity & Updates

The Sredniawski Family gave $25.00

Ethan... we love you and are so proud of your amazing strength and determination ! You inspire us and we are sure so many others ! Xoxo

Hofmayer gave $100.00

Mindy Weber gave $25.00

Ethan...Always follow your dreams!!

Michelle Snelbaker gave $100.00

Go Ethan!

Domencetti Family gave $50.00

Kim Reller gave $25.00

Ethan is an extremely caring person, always thinking about others. Way to Go Ethan!

Hannah Scaffidi gave $50.00

Ethan is one of my best friends ever and he has a huge heart in helping others!

Louise Mangan gave $50.00

Ethan and his family (including all those wonderful aunts and uncles) are an amazing team and I'm happy to support them all! ❤️

Heather j Buggée gave $500.00

Ethan is an amazing, inspiring Splash Star! Since he has scared me 500 times at the Castle I’m donating $500. Sarah’s Birthday is tomorrow when you finish this awesome campaign, what a SPLASHTASTIC way to start the new year! 😘💕

Sarah Baecher gave $127.00

Love you Etthan!

Cynthia Lehr gave $45.00

Nurse Peg gave $25.00

Because I love Ethan, and his love for Splashes & Ellen❤️

Shana Weinerman gave $20.00

Way to go Ethan!

Christine Gagnon gave $35.00

We love Ethan and Splashes!

Timothy Holmes gave $25.00

Chase your dreams Ethan!

Breezy Pulver gave $25.00

Good luck Ethan! You’re the sweetest

Karrie Kruger gave $100.00

Ethan is an amazing young man!

Andrea Adams gave $20.00

Gregory Dinin gave $250.00

Go for it Ethan! Love, The Dinin Family - Greg, Maria, Luca and Lily the Pomeranian

Julie Stanco gave $25.00

To support Evan and his dream.

Gayle Simoes gave $250.00

For Ethan!

Evangeline Kanatselis gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Make Nice Media gave $105.00

Supporting Ethan and the great work he is doing! Tony and David at Make Nice Media

Thomas Chang gave $150.00

Eileen Pinto gave $50.00

Ethan is an inspirational role model for his peers.

Jennifer gave $100.00

Because I love this boy and I love what Splashes of Hope does!

Stefanie Byrne gave $25.00

Jamae Tschinkel gave $100.00

We love you Ethan and want to support your project!!! 😘

David C. Roesch gave $50.00


Tricia DeMarzo gave $25.00

Way to go Ethan<3

Karen & Tim Lyons gave $100.00

Jacquelyn M Tuszkiewicz gave $50.00

Ethan is a great kid.

Darin Leveraus and Tina Chang gave $500.00

Supporting the amazing and committed, Ethan. (Your Aunt Tina loves watching Ellen videos with you, Ethan!)

Ryan Csoka gave $25.00

the kid deserves it!

The Walters Family gave $50.00

We have been following your journey through our friend and neighbor, a tireless volunteer with Splashes.

Anonymous gave $250.00

Ariana and James Engel gave $250.00

Anonymous gave $2,000.00

Ethan is a thoughtful, inspiring boy who deserves all the best in life. Happy Thanksgiving!

Deborah Baravik gave $25.00

Happy to support a wonderful organization that is near and dear to my friends' hearts.

Jolanta and Anthony gave $250.00

We haven’t met Ethan in person, but through social media and by watching his video we can not help, but adore him ❤️

Ginny Lee gave $50.00

To support Ethan on a great cause!!!

Wendy Saper gave $25.00

Jessica Michaels gave $20.00

Ethan is an inspiration!!!

The DeBenedittis Family gave $100.00

Great Cause and great family!

Jimmy Knapp gave $500.00

Ethan is a Great Ambassador and Inspiring Member of the Splash Family

Donna Laremore gave $30.00

Ethan is the most giving, caring, and loving person I have ever met! I am giving because Ethan gives everyday!

Arlene Holmes gave $20.00

Way to go ethan!!

Marian Holmes gave $50.00

We all love you and support you Ethan!!

Catherine Brown gave $100.00

We love Splashes of Hope and Ethan!

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