Wheel-a-bration is a student-led physical fitness fundraiser raising money for new technology at Broad Meadows Middle School.

We're raising money for the Broad Meadows Middle School Wheel-a-bration fundraiser led by Broad Meadows.


42% of $6,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Friday, November 3, 2017


Broad Meadows is excited to launch this year’s Wheel-a-Bration. On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, students will be engaging in a full 50 minutes of high interest, healthy activity in an effort to raise funds that directly enhance their educational experience. Students can choose from various activities such as Biking, Hoop Shooting, Cheerleading, Soccer Scoring, Football Throw, Jogging/Walking, Jump Roping, Rollerblading, Hockey Shoot Out, an Obstacle Course or a combination of any of the above.

What I'm Raising Money For

Wheel-a-Bration has always created a lot of excitement at Meadows. Not only does it raise money for things like new technology, school activities, and field trip subsidies, it generates school spirit and promotes healthy activities. Prizes will be awarded to the top individuals and home room! We appreciate any encouragement and support you can give to this event.

Why You Should Give

Please help us enhance the academic experience of all students at Broad Meadows Middle School. We truly appreciate your support of any amount.

Activity & Updates

Isabella McDonnell gave $50.00

Amanda Liu/Dino Chou gave $10.00

Anita Chen

Lily Chan gave $20.00

Support Anita Chen

Christine gave $100.00

John Toland grade6

NiMan Liu gave $50.00

My little sister Anita Chen

Rob Dunn gave $20.00

Jessica Nguyen gave $50.00

Anthony Nguyen. Grade 6

Kerry & Daniel Hurley gave $50.00

Sofia Hurley, 6th grade Great job Sofia !!

Tina Furey gave $20.00

To support my daughter Emma Smeaton

The Fay Family gave $50.00

Caroline Beers

Anonymous gave $20.00

Andrew Smeaton gave $20.00

Emma Smeaton

Laura Lebo gave $100.00

Tom Lebo

Ed Flavin gave $100.00

Caroline Beers

Jennifer Fay gave $50.00

Caroline Beers

Cathy Katarivas and Danielle Thompson gave $10.00

Stephen Wright

Bryan and Theresa Fisher gave $25.00

Aidan Fisher

Anonymous gave $50.00

for Caroline E. Beers

Arlena O'Connor gave $25.00

Cara E. O’Connor

Jennifer Garrett gave $50.00

Fallon and Patrick Creedon gave $20.00

For Dillan Perkins!

Nicole & James Dauphinee gave $20.00

Elisa O'Malley gave $50.00

Shanyn McCann gave $100.00

Mairead Folan

Dillan Perkins gave $100.00

Destine and Scott Levine gave $50.00

Go Ruby!

Jeanine gave $50.00

Sean & Bridgit McInnis

Kara Kuntupis gave $50.00

Alex G-K

Jack Fallon gave $50.00

Help with chrome books

Kate Murphy gave $30.00

For Tommy Murphy

Erin Rodenhiser gave $20.00

Leili Mahrouk

Maureen Glynn Carroll gave $50.00

Rob and Kim Kane gave $50.00

Alex Kane

Julie Cass gave $25.00

Mairead Folan♥️

Rita Keegan Bailey gave $25.00

For Mairead Folan

Barbara❤ Dauphinee gave $20.00

Liliana Dauphinee

Christine & Erik DeBoer gave $20.00

Kyle DeBoer

Rob and Sue Rheault gave $20.00

Alex Rheault

Barbara Hill gave $50.00

For: Mairead Folan

Eileen Coombs gave $50.00

Mairead Folan

Patricia Fraser gave $50.00

Mairead Folan

Jen Lebo gave $50.00

Tommy Lebo

Christine Toler gave $25.00

To support Brynn Toler and BMMS.

Patricia Proulx gave $10.00

David Bridges

Patricia Proulx gave $10.00

Aidan Bridges

Julie and Scott Campbell gave $20.00

Caroline Campbell

Pagliarulo Family gave $25.00

Supporting Izzy Pagliarulo - and BMMS. Good luck to all!

Marion Byrne gave $40.00

For Conor Byrne

Jen Bridges gave $20.00

For Aidan Bridges

Jen Bridges gave $20.00

For David Bridges

Carolyn and Thomas Colarusso gave $100.00

Thomas Colarusso

Eileen Menz gave $20.00

NiLong Liu gave $20.00

To support my sister Anita Chen.

Linda Moosick gave $20.00

For my granddaughter Adriana Moosick

David & Marie Donohue gave $150.00

Tommy Lebo

Anonymous gave $50.00

Caroline E Donohue-Ouellette gave $20.00

Tom Lebo

Stewart Lebo gave $150.00

Tom Lebo, grade 7

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