Support HPHS Student-Athletes as they fundraise for a trip to Costa Rica!

We're raising money for the HPHS Soccer Costa Rica 2018 fundraiser led by Blake Novotny.


45% of $10,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Saturday, February 10, 2018


HPHS Soccer is a diverse and inclusive soccer program that has a history of success, international travel, and inclusiveness. In order for all participants to be able to take this amazing soccer & cultural trip to Costa Rica we need to raise funds to support them. Please give a little in order to make this possible!

What I'm Raising Money For

A 9-day trip filled with soccer, adventure, camaraderie and teamwork in Costa Rica for a group of high school student-athletes.

Why You Should Give

Perhaps you love soccer Perhaps you love travel Perhaps you love someone traveling in this group Perhaps you played soccer for HPHS Perhaps you traveled with HPHS soccer in the past Perhaps you are just an awesome person!

Activity & Updates

Anonymous gave $100.00

I graduated from HPHS decades ago and think the Kellogg Family are great community members. Happy to support Maximo ! Anonymous in Mundelein.

Kathryn & Jeffrey Bryk gave $50.00

Kathryn & Jeffrey Bryk gave $40.00

Good luck HPHS!

Anonymous gave $100.00

Clean the up in Costa Rica!

Nick Effler gave $50.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Sherry and Joe Droll gave $80.00

Enjoy! Good luck Henry and team!

Anonymous gave $70.00

Anonymous gave $40.00

Anthony Garippo gave $50.00

To support Maximo

Eugenio perrier gave $25.00

Robert Lidov gave $25.00

Andy Butler gave $20.00

Giants Soccer Fan

Rosemary Jacobson gave $25.00

Great opportunity to grow in many ways!

Mark Knabb gave $100.00

Soccer is a magical game. I want Maximo to pursue soccer and other cultures - win win!

Dan Olswang gave $100.00

To support Maximo and HPHS. Good luck in Costa Rica

Anonymous gave $250.00

Happy to support this fantastic group of kids as they expand their horizons and learn to think globally and expand their cultural understanding. .

Massimiliana gave $10.00

Drew Eder gave $20.00

Bill Marmitt gave $25.00

Help Giulio!

Pablo Alvarez gave $100.00

Go GIANTS! Enjoy this amazing trip to Costa Rica!

Catherine Beck gave $20.00

So proud of you, Henry! Have a greet trip and exciting adventure. Love you!

Silvia Strazzarino gave $25.00

Best of luck guys, bravo Giulio!

simona acquasaliente gave $10.00

susan simon gave $20.00

Good luck to the HPHS soccer team!

Franco & Lissa Moretti gave $30.00

To support Giulio and the HPHS team. Memorable experience!

Pierpaolo De Caro gave $10.00

Silvia Pettenati gave $150.00

Giulia Comar gave $35.00

I have a friend in the team.

Joe & Joy Droll gave $100.00

Papa & Nonnie are so proud of you knowing how hard you worked to achieve this goal. We are certain this trip will expand your life’s experiences. Enjoy the trip.

Nancy & Jack Woolley gave $50.00

Henry Droll is a super young man, that deserves to enjoy this great opportunity to travel with his great team.

Bernard J. Frenzer gave $100.00

Henry Droll. Enjoy the trip! - Uncle Beny

Jim Brandonisio gave $100.00

Support team and Jerry to pursue this trip

Michael and RuthAnn Mulyck gave $250.00

This will be a great learning experience for Max and his teammates

Amy Keys gave $25.00

Blake has always been one of the best humans on the planet. Happy to support him in supporting others.

Grandpa Dale and Nana Ardie gave $100.00

We are proud of you Ethan. Have a great trip!

Melissa Beck gave $25.00

Have fun, Henry! Costa Rica is awesome!

Jon Gaskill gave $25.00

Perhaps I’m Blake’s uncle. Represent!!

Annette Lidawer & Rob Rubin gave $100.00

Great program, great players and always a wonderful experience! Do us proud!

Ethan Feinberg gave $10.00

Supporting a great trip

Ari Rubin gave $100.00

Robert and Mary Caselli gave $50.00

Great job Henry! Have a fabulous time.

Once Upon A Bagel- Highland Park gave $150.00

Good luck!

Joseph Valerio gave $100.00

Great cause.

William Turner gave $25.00

Randall Mattheis gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $100.00

Murray & Barbara Fineman gave $50.00

To support our grandson’s ability to go to Costa Rica to compete and have a great time.

Louis F Ray gave $100.00

Robert Frenzer gave $25.00

Enjoy Henry !

Karen Price gave $100.00

Love that Blake is organizing such a quality experience for the HPHS soccer team!!! One of the best decisions in hiring him so many years ago!! ⚽️

Marla J Wolf gave $25.00

Love that coach.

Rebecca J Vanderbeek gave $50.00

Support the team trip

Matthew Frisch gave $10.00

This is a great tradition! Italy was amazing and I'm sure this will be too

Judy Bramson gave $200.00

HPHS soccer alumni family- GO GIANTS!

Matt Tier gave $200.00

Always happy to support the HPHS soccer family and Coach Novotny! Go have an amazing time in Costa Rica and take care of business next season!!

Laura Berkaw gave $75.00

Happy to support Blake. He has always been someone who makes a difference in the lives of those around him. Truly one of the ‘good guys’ in this crazy world.

Anonymous gave $25.00

I’m a HPHS Soccer alum and think this is awesome! Keep it up, Coach!

Madre de Rojo Nino gave $50.00

Personally to support Coach Novotny and the opportunity he is providing these young men. I feel he goes above and beyond in giving of his time and knowledge to his students. I hope you reach your goal, and have a wonderful trip.

Daniel Nedoss gave $250.00

Giving back to the Giant program and Blake for what was the experience of a lifetime to GermanyHolland and Italy for my boys. Go Giants!

Bobbie Monroe gave $100.00

Glad to help out a quality program with a great coach!

Anonymous gave $100.00

I want to support Chris and his team!

Emily Breen gave $15.00

To support my cousin.

Anonymous gave $50.00

Have a great trip Ethan!

Liz Schulz gave $40.00

Julie Kellogg gave $25.00

Maximo is a great nephew. I think he'll go pro with soccer. A trip like this is once in a lifetime.

Sponsorship Levels

Mano de Dios!

Become a sponsor angel and pay for the entire trip for one player. X-Large Chest placement on T-shirt. Large Team Thanks You photo for business/office

Hat Trick

Large T-shirt Logo. Large Team Thanks You photo for business/office.


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Thanks for your support!

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