Support Lake Highlands High School Baseball

We're raising money for the Lake Highlands High School Baseball fundraiser led by Wildcat Parents.


78% of $15,000 total goal




This fundraiser concluded on Sunday, April 15, 2018


The LHHS Wildcat Baseball Program is led by new head coach Andy Parker. Coach Parker is looking to build a championship baseball program at Lake Highlands by teaching and emphasizing Character, Team Work and Effort. The goal for our players is to be Champions on and off the field.

What I'm Raising Money For

Your funds will help supplement the support of RISD and may be used to purchase additional uniforms, equipment, improvements to the facilities and other activities of the program.

Why You Should Give

Involvement in extra-curricular activities, like the baseball program, can have a very positive impact on the young men in the program. Your support will help improve the experience of these young men, enhance the program and promote a strong future for baseball at Lake Highlands High School.

Activity & Updates

Susan Hamilton gave $30.00

Go Samuel and Brady!

Erin Rosebery gave $100.00

Good luck this season, Wildcats!!!

Edward Milkie gave $250.00

I love the kids especially Noah Barton. And I love baseball.

Lisa Butler gave $25.00

So proud of Dixon !

Wildcat Parents publicly announced

Final Week of the Lake Highlands Baseball Fundraiser

As we enter the final week of our fundraiser for the baseball program, we have a lot to be excited about. The varsity team is coming off of two big wins against Richardson and we are tied for 2nd in District. Also, for the first time in several years, we have a player named as the Dallas Morning News Player of the Week. Congratulations to Evan Garcia on this great honor! Additionally the JV and Freshmen teams are having strong seasons and we are excited about the future of baseball at LH. This week is a big week for us as we face off against Jesuit. The JV and Varsity games are at 5:00 and 7:30, respectively, on Friday at the Cat, and at 11:00 and 1:30 on Saturday at Jesuit. The Freshmen team plays Jesuit at 11:00 on Saturday at the Cat. Come out and support us at one of the games and if you've been intending to provide some financial support but keep putting off, this is your last week. Go Cats!


Glenn and Colleen Garcia gave $100.00

Evan Garcia is Awsome!

Carrie and Chris Miller gave $100.00

Go get 'em, Samuel!

James Evans gave $50.00

To support Lake Highlands Baseball and our grandson, Joe Jamison, catcher, Junior Varsity.

Christine Candler gave $50.00

Tanya Potvin gave $100.00

Evan Potvin

Wildcat Parents publicly announced

Lake Highlands Baseball

The Wildcats are off to one of their best seasons in the last several years. All three teams are having good years, with both the Varsity and JV teams having strong wins over Richardson on Monday night. We play Richardson again this Friday with Varaity playing at 5:00 and JV following at 7:30. Come out and cheer on the Wildcats and if you haven’t yet had a chance to contribute to our fund raiser, we have 10 days left and would appreciate any support you can give.


Christopher Daniels gave $30.00

Brooke Adams gave $100.00

Go get’em James!!! Mom, Dad, Poppi & Boots hope this SR. Season will go down in History for the Wildcat Varsity & JV teams.

Cohorn gave $300.00

Brooks Cohorn is awesome!

Darrell and Kari Hernandez gave $100.00

Brady is the Man!

Chris and Kelly Klemme gave $100.00

Kyle Klemme Rocks!

Kim D’Angelo gave $25.00

Susan Thomson gave $25.00

Grandson - Jaycob Thomson

Gina Beebe gave $50.00

For my nephew, Noah Barton

Joe and Sandra Taylor gave $50.00

Support Josh Taylor and team

Terry Strickland gave $25.00

D.J. Pucci

Kevin and Stephanie Logan gave $25.00

Go Wildcats! Exciting season and can't wait to watch them play.

James Bartosh gave $25.00


Doug and Gina Rees gave $25.00

McMillians gave $25.00

Linda Glover gave $25.00

Supporting nephew- Kyle Klemme

Tom & Lois Theriot gave $25.00

GO Kyle & Cats!!!!

Wildcat Parents publicly announced

Lake Highlands Baseball

We have 5 days left in our fundraiser for the baseball program. Please help us reach our goal.


Dana Farr gave $25.00

I am giving hecause

Corbin Austin Rayburn gave $100.00

Steiny & boys!! We going to state this year AND leaving legacies at the same time!! I personally want this donation to go to Clare Speno Stein and Kelley Klemme for all of their hard work and making this senior season the best it can be!

Wildcat Parents publicly announced

Lake Highlands Baseball

Lake Highlans Baseball is off to a great start in district. Remember to support our team as we push for by contributing to our fundraiser through Piggybackr.


Christopher Johnson gave $50.00

Ryan Johnson is a great nephew.

John and Beverly Ankeny gave $25.00

To support my grandson, Jackson Ankeny.

Mary & Chris Barnes gave $50.00

Love LH Baseball and the lasting friends and memories made along the way! Go Josh!


Who doesn't love baseball

Tom and Linda Gavigan gave $100.00

Have a great season Kyle Klemme and the Wildcats!

Julie Hocker gave $25.00

Wayne and Linda Keatts gave $250.00

Drew Keatts Rocks!

Fred H. Speno gave $25.00

My grandson, Michael Stein is on the Wildcat baseball team.

Stacie Davis gave $25.00

Ben Stovall

Ed L Stevens Denise B Stevens gave $25.00

In support of Dino Pucci

Wildcat Parents publicly announced

Lake Highlands Wildcate Baseball

Thank you for supporting the Lake Highlands Wildcat Baseball Team. This weekend is the Jay Higgins Classic Tournament at Lake Highlands High School. We hope you will come out and cheer on the team and enjoy some great baseball! If you haven't yet had an opportunity to participate in our fund raiser, we hope you will also consider sponsoring us financially. You can contribute to the program through our fund raiser page on Piggybackr. Go Wildcats!


Jane Pucci gave $100.00

Go Cats!

Anonymous gave $25.00

Judith Talley gave $50.00

Ben Kjoller

Deidra Johnson gave $40.00

Mijo is such an sweet young man :)

Melissa Guerra gave $25.00

Support Edgar Longoria.

Jerry Bryant gave $25.00

To support LHHS Baseball, grandson Will Haskins and his team mates!

Art and Bo Arguello gave $25.00

Brendon is our cousin and plays ball...fine young man!!

Devin phillips gave $100.00

I like the young man!

Ronda Patane gave $50.00

To support Brendan Bouldin. Good luck this year Brendan!!!

Betty K Bruce gave $25.00

To help my grandson Jack Scoggin's baseball team

Jim Catlow gave $25.00

I'm giving because Kyle Guion is a stud

Jim Spurr gave $300.00

Jeffrey and Linda Jahnke gave $25.00

To support Drew and the team.

Tom & Lois Theriot gave $50.00

Wildcats- have a GREAT year!!

Kiersten Stockham gave $100.00

Go Brendan!

Anonymous Donor gave $25.00

jon kjoller gave $25.00

to keep the athletic program strong.

Kathryn Dries gave $50.00

We are happy to support Wildcat Baseball!

Anonymous gave $25.00

In support of Joe J.

Kyle Martin gave $25.00

To support Kyle and the LH Baseball Team. Have a great Senior Year!

Kyle Martin gave $25.00

to support Kyle and the Baseball team

Ben Kjoller publicly announced

Can you please help support Lake Highlands High School Baseball?

I'm Ben Kjoller and I'm working hard to raise money for the Lake Highlands High School Baseball program. Can you please help me out?

Ben Kjoller publicly announced

Lake Highlands Baseball Fundraiser

I'm Ben Kjoller and I'm working hard to raise money for the Lake Highlands High School Baseball program. Can you please help me out?


Max and Carolan Thomas gave $25.00

To support Ryan and LHHS baseball

Mark Stratton gave $75.00

Mark Stratton gave $100.00

Marc Thornton gave $50.00

To support Kyle Klemme in his last year at LHHS baseball and the team

Robert Todd gave $50.00

I believe in LHHS baseball and to support my grandson(Kyle Klemme) in his last year on the team

Tom $ Robin Broumley gave $25.00

Grandson on team

Jill Weaver gave $75.00

Because my nephew is awesome!

Kerri Stone gave $50.00

To support Drew and his team!!

Joan Porterfield gave $250.00

all athletic pursuits need help

Melanie Christian gave $35.00

Mark & Nancy Burroughs gave $50.00

We support Matt & Josh and Lake Highlands baseball/softball!

Amy Christian gave $50.00

For Ethan

Scott & Nancy Raine gave $120.00

Anonymous Donor gave $30.00

Maryjane and Dick Laurin gave $100.00

In honor of 2012 Captains Richie Laurin, Sean Guion and Trevor Curtis.

Connie Grubbs gave $25.00

Steve Grubbs gave $25.00

Allen B. Potvin gave $100.00

Big fan of Evan

Sadie Martin gave $50.00

Ryan is my great grandson and I support him.

Uncle Chad gave $50.00

Go Wildcats! Can’t wait to see this team in action!

Scott & Julie Johnson gave $100.00

Laura and Greg Lavender gave $25.00

Jess & Joann Roan gave $50.00

To support our grandson, Ryan

Jay & Carolyn Franks gave $50.00

Big fans of Ryan Roan!

David & Amy Walz gave $100.00

To support Ryan

Diane D Griffin gave $100.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Meredith McSpadden gave $25.00

Go Wildcats!

Ronald Slovacek gave $25.00

Love my nephew!

Anonymous gave $100.00

Daniel mayfield gave $50.00

To help little Ponce

Jason & Wendy Thomas gave $25.00

Zeba Ansari gave $25.00

Wildcat Parents publicly announced

Lake Highlands High School Baseball Fundraiser

Our baseball season is up and going (despite the football weather we've had the last few weeks) and we are excited about the year. Our Baseball Fundraiser is also off to a great start and we've met approximately 40% of our goal so far. Our players and coaches are working hard to bring a championship to Lake Highlands High School. Please consider supporting the Baseball Program by contributing to our fundraiser on Piggybackr. Go Wildcats!


Chris Neilson gave $25.00

Jenna & Kevin Grubbs gave $25.00

LuAnn Eichstadt gave $100.00

Elam Family gave $100.00

Love baseball and love the stovalls!

The Angry Dog gave $50.00

Patricia Bartosh gave $25.00

to support DJ and the Lake Highlands Baseball Team

Jason Thomas gave $25.00

Ernie Chavez gave $50.00

Because Evan's Cool!

Erin Threadgill gave $25.00

Deborah Janowski gave $25.00

Brittany King gave $10.00

The Gumz Family gave $25.00

Chet Potvin gave $25.00

Keeps Evan off the street

Amy & Brandon Moore gave $25.00

Go Wildcats!

Kelly Buchanan gave $100.00

Suzanne Miller gave $100.00

To support Samuel Miller and LH Wildcat Baseball G&G

Kathy Sell gave $100.00

Barbara Keatts gave $50.00

Andrew Olsan gave $75.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Parker F. Pieri gave $100.00

Sheila Sims gave $50.00

Mike Kuhlwein gave $25.00

Steven Miller gave $50.00

Diane Dercks gave $100.00

Go Wildcats!! Sam, have a great year!

Mark Darden gave $25.00

Sean Eidson gave $25.00

Go Wildcats

Jennifer Willson gave $25.00

Supper LHHS baseball!

Jo Gullette gave $50.00

Sam’s a very good athlete

Mom and Dad gave $50.00

We are giving because we are so proud of Asher and support the LHHS baseball team and the opportunities it presents for all of the players.

Kevin McGinnis gave $20.00

Because Samuel Miller is an incredible Nephew and one heck of a good baseball player. Watch out D1 schools. Samuel is kicking some butt and taking some names along the way! Go Samuel and LH Baseball!

Bethany Loftis gave $100.00

To support Drew Keatts and the Lake Highlands Baseball Teams!

Dee Ann Baggett gave $50.00

Go Wildcats!

Dianne Thompson gave $50.00

I am one of Asher's biggest fans!

Jenny Everett gave $25.00

Jenny Everett gave $20.00

Wade Griffin gave $50.00

Angie and Kyle Money gave $50.00

We support Drew and the Wildcats.

The Clelands gave $45.00

Because Big Tasty is the best nephew and cousin evah!

Sue Thompson gave $250.00

I want to support Asher Thompson, my nephew and his team.

Michele King gave $5.00

Robert & Dianne King gave $100.00

To support our grandson and the LH JV baseball program

Joy King gave $25.00

To help my nephew.

Taylor Chapel gave $100.00

John Richmpnd gave $25.00

For my buddy Steve and his wonderful family

Richard and Marilyn Mayerhoff gave $100.00

Proud of our Boys!

Ed & Jean Fraser gave $25.00

Amy and David Walls gave $25.00

Josh & Matt!!!

Rhonda Levene gave $50.00

In support of Drew Keatts and the whole LH team.

John Zacho gave $25.00

Tom & Cindy O'Brien gave $50.00

Two of my favorite baseball players

Mardi Mayerhoff gave $25.00

Matt and Josh are my nephews. I want them to reach their goal and the baseball team to succeed.

Chris Clark gave $100.00

I hope you have a great season Drew.

Eichstadt family gave $100.00

Pat Ryan gave $50.00

Sean Ryan is my favorite baseball player, and I love baseball!

Robert & Stephani Walne gave $50.00

Kathryn D Kincannon gave $50.00

We are excited for you & your team! Go Dixon! We love you, KK & Uncle Roy

Anonymous gave $25.00

I am compelled to give back to the program that helped me get some of my education paid for.

Brian Weale gave $750.00

Amy Caverlee gave $25.00

To support Jackson!

Sonny and Carol Buchanan gave $150.00

Go Wildcats !!!!!!

Erin Threadgill gave $25.00

Julie Loewen gave $25.00

In support of Brady!

Michael A. Mendoza gave $50.00

My nephew Brendan plays on the team.

Sean and Stacy Murphy gave $50.00

I like beisbol...good luck boys.

Etri Family gave $25.00

Heather & Bill Haskins gave $50.00

Go 'Cats!!

Greg & Janet Duval gave $25.00

Jerry Bryant gave $100.00

To support L.H. Wildcats Baseball!

Amy & Ric Moseley gave $25.00

Amy & Ric Moseley gave $25.00

Jon Robertson gave $25.00

I expect season tickets when you are in the majors.

Abbie DeBlank gave $25.00

We love Dixon and we will support him in any way we can!

Anonymous gave $250.00

Andy Parker and the direction he's taking this program

Vanessa Stevens gave $25.00

Shannon Gillespie gave $50.00

Ellen Bryant gave $25.00

We are vet proud of you!

D. Craig Walling, Jr. gave $25.00

Youngblood gave $25.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

We’re pretty fond of Dino Pucci.

Elaine Olges gave $25.00

Love his Mom and Dad

Bobby and Cheryl Puntes gave $50.00

Paula Richey gave $50.00

Casey Stegman gave $50.00

LH baseball

Fielding Pittman gave $100.00

Eric Rich gave $100.00

LH Alumni from 1988, supporting the program.

Mindy & Mike Bateman gave $30.00

Johnny Battle gave $100.00


Whitney Pearce gave $50.00

Craig Rich gave $250.00

Anonymous gave $25.00

Veronica Regalado gave $50.00

Diana Allred gave $60.00

hunter hannon gave $100.00

LH Baseball

Anonymous gave $100.00

We are happy to support the LH baseball program

Sean Ryan publicly announced

Lake Highlands Baseball Fundraiser

Please support the Lake Highlands Highschool Baseball team by donating to our fund raiser. thank you for your support Sean Ryan


Anonymous gave $10.00

Because Lake Highlands is a great community

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